Can’t Brain… has the dumb

Sitting here at home today sick and as of yet unable to think of anything worthy of actually posting.  I had promised myself that I would be posting something everyday even if completely silly.  So here I am confronted with the process of making good on that threat. 

I’ve been to the doctor and several powerful meds to remove this debuff from me.  Luckily thusfar however my evil Asthma has yet to rear its ugly head.  In the absence of real content I thought a good compromise would be to post a few links to things I found good this week.

It’s Just a Game

There is a great guest post up on Larisa’s Pink Pigtail Inn, a great blog for those not currently reading it, talking about the dissatisfaction with players excusing actions with the denial of “It’s Just a Game”.  It’s a great read, but left me with the realization that we the bloggers are the cheerleaders that wow needs.   That statement will make a lot more sense once you have read the post.

When to Use Shield Wall

Spinks over at Spinksville presents a nice concise guide to some of the thinking surrounding how best to determine when is the right time for you as a warrior to blow your most powerful cooldown;  Shield Wall.

Should you Gear, Gem and Enchant for Defense

A good discussion on the Tanking Tips blog regarding whether or not the process of specifically gearing and gemming for defense is a good idea or not.  Good read for warriors and asks some good questions.

Saying No To Cookie Cutter Builds

Sylly over at Rolling Hots has a good post from a druid perspective on how the cookie cutter build is not always the best for your playstyle.  Includes some great discussion on how to arrive at the build that is going to work for you best.


Real content will return soon

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