Soul Cannon Sucks

It is a super rain morning here in Oklahoma, and I am shocked and amazed I am as cognitive as I am.  The storms over night made the cats fairly crazy… and as a result they kept waking me up.  I am sure at some point today the lack of solid sleep will hit me like a truck… but for now apparently I am mostly functional.  At the very least I am “fixing to” get some coffee in me, which should stave off the eventual shutdown.

Laptop Redux

Most of yesterday, I had been reaching out to the community for feedback on the Lenovo y500 laptop, and I had gotten a few answers from folks that were actively using it.  I began trying to figure out which site I would order it from, and had pretty much narrowed it down to Tiger Direct.  They seemed to be able to get me the laptop quickest and for the cheapest.  The absolute best deal is directly from, however the estimated ship time…  not arrival time… is 7/3/2013 which is way too long a wait for me.  I am taking a trip in early July and really need a functional laptop by then.

After all this machination and preparation to just order the damned thing… about 7:00 pm last night I get a text back from the craigslist guy.  He is rather apologetic and says that he has been dealing with trying to sell his car, and did not have his phone with him.  He then proceeds to explain that email is the best means of contact for him, and gives me his address.  This is one of those things that I wished he had put in the ad, because I would have preferred to have been dealing over email in the first place.

Ultimately after a few emails back and forth, we have agreed to meet today over the lunch hour and make the exchange.  He will have the laptop back to factory specs as I requested, and for the price we originally agreed upon.  So here is hoping this all actually happens as intended, and tonight I have a spiffy new laptop.  I may seriously go postal if for whatever reason the guy flakes on me again.  As of now I am just hoping everything goes as expected and I can get the swap and get back to work in a timely manner.

Soul Cannon Sucks


Yesterday I really did not play many games other than Final Fantasy Five as part of the Four Job Fiesta charity event.  This whole thing kicked off Saturday, and there are already two people with confirmed kills of ExDeath.  As for me I have just arrived on the second world, and am working my way to the Chocobo forest.  The gods of randomization were really not smiling upon me as I hit each crystal and tweeted to get the next job.  My originally doled out party was Black Mage, Red Mage, Geomancer, and Dragoon.  But I decided that this was for charity anyways…  so I exercised the “Job Fair” functionality to swap the Geomancer for Ranger and Dragoon for Samurai.

I decided that donating $9 to charity was so worth not hating my life for the rest of this game.  I finally hit the first real stumbling block yesterday in the Soul Cannon fight.  Please note…  I was way too frustrated by the encounter to remember to take a picture… so I have subbed in some Google image search.  I was attempting to tackle it with Black Mage, Red Mage, Ranger and Freelancer.  Additionally I had somehow gotten confused since this is my first year doing the Fiesta… I mixed up Normal game from Natural game…  in that I thought I could only use the job assigned to a specific crystal.

This meant I didn’t realize I could train everyone up in !Black so that I could have an army of Thundara firing badasses.  This made the encounter super difficult, since Faris my freelancer was essentially dead weight.  I managed to push through the fight by equipping my ranger with a lightning bow, and breaking thunder rods with my mages.  But even at that… it was super close… and I managed to get down the cannon moments before the second beam attack.  Once defeating it I honestly had a pretty easy time getting up to where I am right now, in the second world.  Even the Gilgamesh fight was relatively simple to get through, but by that time I had my fourth job and had learned I could mix and match among those four jobs.


I will probably play a bit tonight as well, but since I hope to have a new laptop to set up… I am sure I will be also playing various sundry things to test it out.  However, Final Fantasy Five will be the perfect “waiting on shit to download and install” activity.  I am really amped about getting the laptop, and again I really hope it does not fall through again.  I have hated not being able to chill out on our new sofa and game this past week.  Here is hoping this ends up as an awesome birthday present, since I am taking Tuesday off for my birthday and to pick my wife up from the airport.

I have to say that alone will be enough of a birthday present.  For whatever reason I have really had a hard time with her being gone over a week this time.  As I said yesterday, I think it is that always in the past I had so much guild based activity going on, trying to manage raids and grouping and various drama.  I didn’t really have enough time to be lonely.  This time… has definitely hit with a vengeance and I’ve not really known what to do with myself.  The protracted drama with the laptop and my desktop misbehaving has definitely not helped the frustration.

Wrapping Up

I hope you all have a great day out there, and I hope that we all do not float away here in Oklahoma.  The rain is still coming down furiously, and as a result the drive in will be very “hydro-planey”.  That’s right… I totally invented that word.  I hope the laptop guy does not flake out on me again, and that tonight I have a spiffy new machine to install stuff on.  I am sure you all are more than happy to stop hearing about my laptop.  Other positive news is I am done with another segment of NDA theatre… and can actually talk about whatever I end up playing this week!

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