Call of Nanowrimo

Call of Nanowrimo


A few months ago I announced that I would be participating in this years NaNoWriMo… or at the banner above states… National Novel Writing Month.  This is a process I have been enamored with for some time, but never really was at a point where I was prepared to start it.  As a result this year is my very first time… and I am nervous as hell about it, and what it means for my time commitments.  Luckily I have a lot of friends that do this as well… so hopefully I can lean on them for moral support.  Technically I have not begun the process… as it is 6 am and I have yet to start writing anything.

In part this whole blogging every morning thing has been much like a runner doing stamina training before a big race.  In a way this was my way of proving to myself that I could write regularly, and not at the whim of inspiration.  I have always wanted to write a novel but I seem to lack the focus to start with one idea and see it through to its end.  I always end off on a rabbit trail and leave a few chapters worth of content to sit there moldering.  Here is hoping that being part of something larger than myself will help me push forward across the finish line.

What this Means for Aggronaut

I have no clue if I will have the stamina to keep doing daily posts on  Right now it is my intent, but I have no clue if I will have anything much to write about.  During the month of November this blog may just turn into my progress indicator of how far through the overall mission I am.  Right now I am at zero words and the final goal is to cross the 50,000 word finish line.  As verbose as I tend to be… I am assuming this will not be a huge deal.  However it will mean that I have to offset my gaming quite a bit to write some each night.  Since my gaming is the inspiration for this blog… just not sure how much fuel I will have for my morning posts.

Mainly I just wanted to warn folks that November might be a dull month.  I am going to try my best to do both, but if one is going to suffer I want it to be the blog not the novel.

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