AARP: Loved by Children Everywhere

Star Trek Fashions


TNGDress I am getting a far later start this morning in blogging.  I warned my twitter followers that my morning post would end up being an afternoon post, but since this gets syndicated on all the platforms… apologies to the rest of you who were expecting a post early.  Why did it get delayed you might ask?  Well we had to get up and around and get some last minute things done.  Thankfully the activities gave me what I refer to as “blog fodder”.  Be warned I am not exactly going on chronological order here, but bear with me.

Firstly… I know that geeks are sexy, or at least that is what the media keeps telling me.  That said… when did it become cool for women to look like Star Trek: The Next Generation?  I realize that the recent movies were blockbusters of serious magnitude.  I did now however expect Star Trek fashion to trickle out into the mainstream.  The above shirts are from Cato, one of the places we stopped this morning looking for various sundry items.  Actually we went there to buy an item they no longer have… but that isn’t really important.  What is important is I cannot get the image of a Star Trek uniform out of my head when looking at these shirts.

BobaFettTop To the right is a similar dress that I found earlier in the season at Target.  If you follow me on twitter or G+ I am sure you saw me post it.  If not here it is in all of its TNG glory.  If Data were female she would totally be sporting this dress.  Then again the more I think about it… none of the women on TNG wore dresses at all, but instead got the unisex jumpsuits everyone else wore.  I guess you would have to go back to the classic series or the reboot movies to find dresses at all.  The trend however may not be entirely limited to Star Trek.  I cannot see the t-shirt on the right without thinking Boba Fett.

Granted these could just be hallucinations as I have spent more time of late in clothing stores than I would ever care to.  My wife has been on this mission to look “more put together”, and she has gone through a similar physical transition as I have losing almost 50 lbs.  I completely support whatever goals she happens to have, but I find myself extremely bored most of the time and when I get bored my mind wanders.  As a result I am probably just trying to make these things into something more palatable.  I have been having to draw on my art school background in helping her pick out things that “go together” without strictly matching.  I keep having to remind my wife that the experience is not nearly as exciting for me as it is for her.

AARP:  Loved by Children Everywhere


Another jaunt of this morning while we were out and about was to go by and get our hair cut.  For me it had been extremely long and I was looking rather scruffy.  To be truthful I cannot tell you exactly when I last got it cut.  We went to our normal place and signed up on the list, waiting for a friend of ours to get free.  Personally it is worth the wait for Mandy, who is extremely popular… in part because I can simply say “make me look presentable” and that means something to her.  She translates well, and I find the ability invaluable… and since I tend to go extremely late I always feel like I need to leave her an extremely good tip.

While waiting there, I got to watch an entire family getting their hair cut.  The parents didn’t really look old enough to have three kids, but honestly that was the least of my worries.  You would think if one parent was getting their hair cut, the other one would be in the waiting room corralling the kids.  This however was not on their radar at all.  They sat back talking to the beautician and bellowing command rather ineffectually at their offspring that were roaming around the waiting room and generally running amok.

I don’t remember exactly which of the kids began this, but they found their way to the basket of magazines sitting beside my wife and I.  Each of them picked out a magazine carefully, and when it came time for the youngest girl she took extra care.  She rifled through the basket tossing aside several magazines before arriving at her prize.  When she took up she held lovingly clasped in her hands a copy of AARP Magazine.  The look of beaming pride on her face only made the scene all that more hilarious.  It was all I could do to keep from laughing. 

The magazines however didn’t hold their attention long.  It was only a matter of minutes until they were back running around the waiting room in a big circle.  I am not sure what exactly happened but next time I looked up the littlest one was sitting in the floor crying.  I am guessing that she could not keep up with the rough housing and got knocked down.  It was only when there were tears flowing that the absentee parents finally paid enough attention to bark additional orders at their kinder.  I realize I am a non-parent, and I am that way by choice… but I would like to think that if I did have kids I would actually pay some manner of attention to them.

Home At Last

I am finally back home and wrapped back up in my cocoon.  Since the weight loss I have been inordinately colder natured, and as a result I now have a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my backside and another fuzzy blanket laid over top of me.  It makes it a pain in the ass to get up off the couch but man is it nice and toasty warm.  This of course is along with my flanel pants. and thermal henley…  I am maybe overdressed for the fact that we do have heat.  I am not sure what is on the radar today.  I have various sundry betas that I could be playing, or I could just hop into World of Warcraft once the servers come back up.  I am assuming they did maintenance today, however since it is Christmas Eve I am not sure if that would be the case.

Speaking of Christmas… I will be posting tomorrow like normal, but if you are too busy with your own family to read my blog… I want to take the time right now to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself here, but I am constantly surprised at just how many loyal readers I have.  You all mean the world to me, and while I would probably keep blogging even if I had no audience at all…  you make me feel far less crazy in this endeavor.  I hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow, and that you are blanketed by loved ones.  We will be travelling a bit, but will not be terribly far from home.    Here is hoping the next few days are joyous… or at the very least tolerable.