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A Light Dusting

I have been struggling to try and get my sleep pattern under control.  Last night I had all intent to go to sleep early.  However when I got laid down around 10 pm I just could not keep my eyes closed.  It is like the act of laying down gave me a second wind.  Additionally while I didn’t have breathing difficulties sitting up, the moment I stretched out in bed my lungs started bothering me.  Had I gotten up and taken a breathing treatment right then I probably would have been fine and gotten to bed at a decent hour.  Instead I piddled around talking with my wife and finally coming to that same decision about midnight.

All the while we were laying in bed we kept making comments about the moon being really right.  When I got up to go upstairs I noticed that the entire world was blanketed in a thin veneer of snow.  I find it completely insane that our icestorm from a few weeks back could coat everything in ice, but not cover the roads… whereas this tiny snow managed to stick.  I guess the temperature has been low enough to bring the radiant ground temperature down just enough.  It did however serve to make the world nice and bright last night.  While taking my breathing treatment I got to piddling around online… and wound up falling asleep at the keyboard.  When I woke up it was 2 am and I once again troddled off to bed later than I had intended.

Bronze Rhino


Earlier in the week we had talked about going to Muskogee, but I am not sure if that will still happen with the over night snow and the obvious cold and windy climate.  Tuesday we went out junking for a bit again, or more so we went to pay my wife’s car tag and happened to hit a couple of places in the same town.  One of the stores we had been to before long ago when we used to go junking for fun.  I didn’t remember it being the claustrophobic place that it apparently is today however.  I have no clue how anyone would find anything in it.  It has what appears to be booths, but each and every one is crammed with so much completely random stuff that I was afraid I would cause an avalanche.

The gem of the day however was a bin of Barbie dolls that looked like a scene from Law and Order SVU.  My wife has made me promise not to post the picture of it, but all I will say is I felt bad for the Ken doll.  Obviously someone was very curious about what was under Ken’s pants.  The other thing I snapped was this large bronzed rhino… because seriously who doesn’t need a giant bronze rhino for their house?  I am having trouble pulling together the situation that would have led someone to actually purchase this for their home.  Even more so, I struggle with the logic that would have lead someone to purchase this for resale.  I remember the junk store being run by a nice old woman, and this time it was by a much younger man.  I am wondering if maybe the woman has passed and left him the store… and he simply no longer cares about it the way she once did.

Like I said before I had talked about going to Muskogee today.  If you remember way back that is where I found all the great deals on LEGO sets, and they also have a large number of these antique malls along Highway 69.  No I am not making up the name of that highway, we have to be adults here… no snickering allowed.  Additionally my wife has found some good deals at the various shops in town so if we don’t go today I think at some point before next Monday we will end up going there.  I find it hard to believe that my long vacation is almost over.  I guess that is why I am most concerned about trying to fix my sleep patterns, because I know next Monday is going to be a massive pain.

No Love For Rogue

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Yesterday I did my big years retrospective post, but another thing I would have written about had I not done that was that on New Years Eve I managed to ding 90 on my rogue.  Within a few minutes of dinging I had equipped a whole slew of Timeless Isle gear.  The funny thing is… each and every character I have gotten to 90 has been short a single item from completing a full set of gear.  On my shaman he was missing shoulders, and on the rogue he was missing boots.  However upon reaching the isle and doing the various onetime and weekly chests I quickly got a set.  I am still missing a trinket, but hopefully I will get one from LFR.  I managed to boost my gear score high enough to be able to do throne of thunder, so off and on throughout the day yesterday that is exactly what I did.

For some reason this game hates giving me weapons.  So I managed to get four pieces of gear to drop, two of which were set pieces, and the other two were the exact same pieces as the set.  So functionally all I gained was a two piece bonus.  I did however manage to get enough motes on my paladin to craft one of the 463 weapons.  I have bumped that up to 471 so it is at least “almost epic”.  I feel bad in LFR because quite frankly until I get better weapons I will not really be of much use.  Rogue is so weapon dependant, and quite honestly all of the classes I play tend to be.  There is very little you can do to be of use with a complete crap weapon.  I still feel this is a massive shortcoming with pandaria… it is extremely difficult to get weapons if you do not like PVP.

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