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Not As Bad As Could Be


So yesterday was my first day back from vacation, and I have to say it was nowhere near as painful as I had imagined.  Sure over the last few days I had set an alarm for 7 am to start getting my body back in the swing of things, however there is still a large difference between that at the normal 5:30 am I wake up each day.  Sure the morning itself sucked, and I think I grumbled a bit about it yesterday, but as the day moved on I found myself doing mostly okay.  Of course it is still absolutely silly cold outside, but then again so is the rest of the country.  In the grand scheme of things our near zero temperatures are “mild” compared to the areas that are legitimately in the negatives.

The drive in was surprisingly tame, sure there were a few slick spots here and there but as the northerners say… snow is actually not that bad to drive on.  I feel as though I could deal with snow being on the road, and not our normal inch or two of ice.  Granted supposedly there is some ice under the snow, so if you start losing traction there is absolutely nothing to gain footing on… but if you drive rationally it seems to be just fine.  The problem is I live in Oklahoma… and we are not known for driving rationally.  I watched a redneck on the way home purposefully spinning his tires and fishtailing all over the street outside of my house.  I halfway expected him to end up hitting a house or something the amount of movement he was making around out there.  Here is hoping I can get out on the roads and have a similar safe driving experience this morning.

Bucket Update

WoW-64 2013-12-27 08-24-56-75

Yesterday I finished leveling Archaeology to 600, and I knew without a doubt that was something on my wow bucket list.  So this morning I thought I would take a moment to cross a few things off.  I have actually made quite a bit more progress than I had originally thought.  Seems as thought I have knocked the following things off the list.

  • Level Gloam to 90
  • Level Alchemy to 600 on Gloam
  • Level Tailoring to 600 on Belglorian
  • Get Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth
  • Level Archeology to 600 on Belgrave

To be truthful I have not really worked that hard on knocking things off I just piddled around or as @AlternativeChat says “Faffed”.  I have to say hands down the best money I have ever spent in any game is the 14,000 gold to purchase the Traveler’s mount.  I use the thing constantly, especially when I am out farming resources.  On my lowbies, like my Horde Warrior it has made leveling him so much easier as I am always near a vendor… and it seems like the Barrens now drops a truly silly number of patterns.

As of last night we have tentative plans to start working on some of the old world mount achievements.  Here is hoping with that I can start knocking out various other bits from my list.  I have to say I am still very much enjoying the game and keep finding new things I want to do.  Right now I am running a truly silly amount of LFR as I have 6 characters that could use gear.  However when I need a break from LFR I am slowly working my way to 90 on my Disc Priest Belglorian.  I really want to get him up to the cap so I can start doing the daily tailoring cooldown.  Currently 81 is a bit too low to be able to survive Pandaria.

Slow News Day

I honestly do not have a lot going on this morning to talk about other than these few updates.  I am woefully behind on reading my RSS feed, since I really did not keep up with it at all while I was off work.  Why would I be reading webpages when I could be playing games?  I feel bad that I am this far behind.  I know there is a lot of gaming news that I am missing out on, so hopefully I can spend some time to day catching myself back up.  In the meantime I will leave you with this awesome fan trailer by Qelric.  There has been a thread going around the community requesting a Diablo universe version of Hearthstone, called Soulstone.  I fully support this notion, and I really should be playing more hearthstone myself.

One thought on “Bucket Update

  1. I finished a bucket list item on Sunday, get to 90 for the first time ever. Yesterday I spent the whole day on the TI. I made it to iLevel 491. I’m working on getting the staff that costs 20,000 coins. I made it to 13,000 farming rares.

    Next on my list is to get Panda flying. I thought it was 2000g but when I went to the vendor it was 2500. Then I went to an elite that I could beat but the mobs around him had a ridiculously fast spawn rate. Lost me 107g in repair cost. I got pissed and logged off for the night. Not really interested in playing tonight either because I’m a bit mad at that encounter.

    Since I haven’t really played WoW since WotLK I have no idea about things like archeology. Shoot when I hit 90 I actually felt more lost in the game because so many quests opened up. That and I’m afraid to use the LFG because nobody runs normal dungeons anymore. I feel lost and figure TI is easiest way to gear out even tho I feel like I’ve missed a huge chunk of the game.

    OK I’m done lol great post have nice day 🙂

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