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Weekly Routines

Wow-64 2014-02-11 23-20-48-41 With yesterday being server reset day in World of Warcraft, I opted to take a break from my Landmark madness to do my weekly boss farming for mounts.  Out of my stable of six level 90 characters, there are three that can solo Onyxia in a manner that makes me not want to pull out my hair.  The very first time I tried doing Ony as a Blood Deathknight for example it took at least 30 minutes of diseases/deathcoil/icy touch to finally bring her down to the ground.  However I have figured out that as Frost Deathknight, Retribution Paladin, and Enhancement Shaman I can make short work of her.  As a result every Tuesday it has become a thing, for me to run those three characters through the fight in an attempt to get the ever illusive reins of the onyxian drake.

Of course like expected the kills went quickly but I had no better luck than any of the previous weeks getting the drop.  It was at this point that I decided while I was farming content, I might as well take a few stabs at Kael’thas and his Ashes of Al’ar.  The funny thing is… I don’t even like that mount, but it has become a point of pride for me to farm one up.  So while I do at least one attempt every week, it is not like I would ever ride it.  So far I have managed to solo the instance as Blood and Frost Deathknight and as Retribution Paladin…  and I am wondering if I will be able to do it as Enhancement Shaman.  Of course once again this week nothing of any interest dropped.

Finally while I was wallowing in my bitterness I opted to run all six of my characters through the holiday event instance.  This year around it drops 480 necklaces, which unfortunately all of my characters have better.  However I did manage to pick up a tanky necklace upgrade for my Paladin.  Once again I am chasing a mount, but more than anything for total numbers… because there is no way in hell I would ever ride the Big Love Rocket around, but I would consider riding the Love Bird.  More than anything I would be after the handful of pets.  I normally don’t mess with the holiday events.  Once I completed my violet proto drake, I have mostly ignored them.  They are however pretty fast to run, since no queue last night lasted longer than 7 minutes as dps.

We Were Playing It Wrong

image Over the last few days I have been complaining about the lack of Sapphire and Ruby or at least the difficulty of gathering it up.  Yesterday I noticed the above tweet from Dave Georgeson, it seems like maybe we as a community was overlooking the intended way to get these.  I had piddled around early in the game with a +1 discovery ring and didn’t see much difference, but at the suggestion of the tweet I crafted the Assessor’s Band and managed to get a +4 one.  With it equipped alongside the existing +1 I am seeing a massive difference in the number of veins open to me as I wander through the world.  I am sure you have been through the frustrating case of seeing a huge vein in the distance, but when you get up there finally there is nothing there.  Well apparently that is what discovery is for.


After equipping the two rings, for the most part those veins stay in place as I get closer to them.  Additionally the discovery trait also seems to interact with how often I get the rare drop from each item.  This means I am getting more elementals, burled wood and as a result seeing more veins that have sapphire and ruby in them.  They are still frustratingly rare, but less so.  I did not play for extremely long last night, but I did manage to get a couple dozen gems of each type.  Supposedly we are getting a patch today or tomorrow that will fix the issues that have arisen with boulders and trees spawning again on claims, with no real way to remove them.  I am mostly waiting for this before I do much more building as I can’t really see my keep as a whole until I can remove some trees.

The Mafioso’s Daughter

Before I met my wonderful wife, there were plenty of missteps along the way.  Most of them are not really entertaining in any fashion, but one I always felt like I dodged a bullet with…  potentially literally.  While I was still attending a junior college I met a really nice ballet major attending a nearby college.  She seemed great, but early on I could tell that she was used to operating in a much higher tax bracket than I was.  It wasn’t anything major, but her expectations of what “going out” meant were far different than that of my small town upbringing.  After a few dates she pulled me aside and told me that she was starting to get serious about me…  but there was something I needed to know.

It turns out that her family was connected to the mafia.  She kind of brushed this off as no big deal or as something “I would get used to”.  Her father ran some large electronics store, and they lived down the street from the Gotti clan in Long Island.  We didn’t have Google back then, but over the course of a few online searches and some mapquest usage… it seemed like her story checked out.  I’m a boy scout literally…  I am not the type of person that “high crime” has ever appealed to.  While I love watching shows like Boardwalk Empire, I have never once romanticized that lifestyle.  It had become very clear over the course of the dates that she was “daddy’s little girl”, so I felt it was probably bad for my health if I did not let her down gently.

I did my best to be “less interesting” that I would hopefully make her lose interest in me, and over the course of a few weeks it worked.  I wanted no part of the “family business”, but at the same time I didn’t want to break her heart… and have mine shot in the process.  Sure I am probably over exaggerating the danger here, but it definitely freaked me the hell out.  Looking back now I can regale you with the tale of the time I dated the Mafioso’s Daughter, but when I was going through it, nothing about it seemed funny.  I doubt there was every a time where I would have just “gotten used to it”.  Thankfully not terribly long after that I met my awesome wife, and everything before is now just a humorous footnote.

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  1. Another sapphire hunting tip I read was that its only found at the end of a very straight vein of cobalt. If you see a big splotch of cobalt don’t bother with it, and if you follow a vein and it starts getting chaotic, stop digging and move on. This person said to only look for veins that were small is diameter and more often than not go straight down. Angela tried following this advice and didn’t have a lot of luck, but she had some.

    I worked all night so didn’t get to try it myself.

    It never dawned on me that discovery rings had random stats too. Mine is only +2 and I only have one of them. I’ll have to make another!
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