Gadgetzan Bound

Obligatory Update

Yesterday while I was in training I got a text from my mother.  It seems as though the lasix is doing what it is supposed to do and my grandmothers kidney function is improved.  At this point they are talking about maybe taking her off the ventilator today, and trying to wake her up completely.  For the last several days they have kept her sedated with propofol aka “the Michael Jackson drug”.  This has been allowing her to rest and hopefully heal.  As always I want to thank you all for the support.  I am not sure if I want to hope that things are turning around yet or not, because I really don’t want to jinx things.  If they can take her off the ventilator that means she moves out of ICU and up to something called a telemetrics floor.  Which I believe means all the monitoring of ICU, just without the critical nature.  I of course will report in with what has happened one way or the other tomorrow.

Gadgetzan Bound

Wow-64 2014-03-20 06-27-59-97 Last night I did not get a ton of playtime but the time I did get I continued working on my Night Elf Mage.  At this point I am 45 and sitting in Gadgetzan, having more or less completed Thousand Needles.  Tanaris feels much the same, even though it has changed massively since when I was first out here leveling my Hunter back in 2005.  The flavor of the zone is still there… namely the conflict between the goblins of Gadgetzan and the south seas pirates.  While not as hard hit as thousand needles, the zone has lost a significant amount of dry land during the Cataclysm.  In many ways this has made some of the places more enjoyable.  I especially liked the shallow lake full of sea giants.

Back in Everquest, the iconic “dangerous” mob was the Sand Giant, and Sea Giants have that same sort of feeling.  I remember the first time I encountered one, and I also remember it completely kicking my ass.  So while it feels odd that I am openly hunting them during a kill quest, it also feels cool to know that I can now take them down.  Additionally you might notice that I finally got off my duff and made some glyphs.  I have to say the “unbound” elemental is so much cooler than the stock frost elemental.  On top of that it has a much more soothing sound as opposed to the default “water boiling” noise.

I only managed to put on a few levels last night, but mostly because I was not feeling up to pugging.  There are days I can deal with the frustration and stress and there are other days I cannot.  Last night I just wanted to wrap up in my cocoon on the sofa and vege out for a bit.  I ended up going to bed fairly early, which I am sure is something my body needed.  I still feel like I am half coming down with something, half allergies going haywire.  According to fitbit I managed to get over six hours of sleep last night, which is pretty damned good for me.  Traditionally I barely get five hours on the best night.

Out of Touch

The oddest thing about being in a serious training class, or at least one with the word “bootcamp” in the title means that I really am disconnected from the world while doing it.  This has been odd, I am so used to knowing about everything happening within minutes thanks to twitter and google plus.  Being disconnected has created this sense that I am missing something important.  Yet instead of trying to catch up last night, I mostly just kept ignoring it.  I guess my mind is going into weekend mode when I really don’t check into stuff much at all.  Training has been good, but it was one of those situations where I did not realize quite how much I already knew about the software.  Day one was pretty much just a review of concepts we already knew.

Hopefully today we will get into the hardcore nuts and bolts of tearing stuff apart and reassembling it in a fashion we want.  The instructor is pretty hardcore, in that I guess at one point he was over the hardware division at Microsoft, as well as other things.  Nice guy, seems to know what he is talking about.  The time has gone extremely quickly, and I think it helps that I am taking it with two other co-workers.  I guess right now it just feels like I am in this bubble that is not entirely “the real world”, but instead some odd “training world”.  Oh well just today and tomorrow and then we are back to normality.

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