A Wild Podcast Appears!

The Birth of AggroChat

aggrochat_obnoxious_placeholder This mornings blog post is going to be heavily related to what we did yesterday.  Firstly… I have long thought that some of the conversations we had on the House Stalwart mumble sounded pretty damned close to many of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.    While I did not think we would ever be as polished as Alternative Chat, or as awesomely thematically focused as the Battle Bards…  I thought our people had something interesting to add to the mix.  This is happening super fast to be honest, but that is probably a good thing.  I was afraid that this would end up being yet another idea we had, that we never quite capitalized on.

We first talked about doing this on April 9th, and here it is the 13th and we have our first show up.  I am sure at this point it is somewhat awkward of a recording but we will get better.  Additionally at some point I will lean how the hell to use audacity and make a better sounding introduction.  We have a super ghetto libsyn page up right now, and that will also be changing hopefully over the coming weeks.  Rae is working on some really awesome chibi versions of the co-hosts and she would likely kill me if I posted the pencil versions before she has time to pretty them up.  If you guys did not know it was Rae that drew the original Belghast chibi that adorns this blog, so the new ones are truly awesome.  Since libsyn needed a 1400×1400 square image I threw together a truly obnoxious placeholder image.

A Wild Podcast Appears!

As I alluded to above… last night at 8pm EST we did our very first recording.  It was a little awkward starting out, but as the night went on things felt more natural.  There was a point at the end where I finally looked at the clock and noticed we had been rambling on for an hour and decided to cut things off.  In truth we hang out on mumble damned near every night, so I knew that once we got over the hump of doing this “for real” things would begin to flow again.  We covered a pretty wide gamut of topics from ESO Craglorn Adventure Zone, to Heroes of the Storm, to My Little Pony Card game and many many stops in-between.  I will leave it up to you guys to determine if it is a worthy pursuit.  I am pretty happy with the way things turned out, for it being our very first podcast… and none of us really know what the hell we are doing.  Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the end result.

Right now we are very much in a “finding our format” mode.  Functionally we have been keeping things really simple.  We all share access to a google doc that is a running show topics of sorts.  In this first episode we barely scratched the surface of all the things we ended up brainstorming.  Mostly I would like to see us keep things pretty lose, but we might start doing a section for news after the what we are playing bit.  While the “what everyone is playing” thing is pretty generic, it seems to work really well to break the ice and get things rolling.  I’ve seen numerous podcasts and video casts do that one… so I felt not shame in blatantly stealing it.

Rivenspire is Serious Business

eso 2014-04-13 11-41-51-01 Yesterday morning pretty early I finished up the content in Stormhaven and moved up into the Rivenspire area.  The transition between Glenumbra and Stormhaven was pretty extreme, but there seems to be an equally steep divide between Stormhaven and Rivenspire.  Single pulls are pretty much a thing of the past, and it is very unlikely that I now find smaller than a three pull when I am running around.  As a result of this and a result of the fact that I have a really awesome onehander right now… I am back to mostly playing as sword and shield instead of two hander.  I am still really enjoying the content, and if you played through SWTOR at all…  Rivenspire feels a lot like Alderaan.

You have these competing families vying for control of the land, with one of them having gone completely off the deep end.  Additionally there is a very “Castlevania” feel to the zone, which tells me as I get deeper in I will like the content even more.  Few things make me happier than slaying Werewolves and Vampires….  and the zone also has a pretty heavy contingent of Daedra to boot.  In fact one of the public dungeons I ventured into thinking I could solo it… and ended up getting bailed out by my friend Warenwolf.  It easily had to have a dozen different bosses in it including the ones associated with the quest chain.  It is truly insane the amount of loot you get in a group public dungeon like that.   We both had to resort to “mail banking” where we mail the items to a friend and they return it back to us later.

Tag Team Farming

Landmark64 2014-04-13 11-50-04-84 While recording the podcast last night, Rae and I spend most of it faffing about in Landmark.  The thing that has had me high center in my building project is a complete and total lack of stone.  My structure is almost entirely made of stone and it took over 200,000 to get to the point at which it is today.  Last night I went out into the desert and dug down, as underneath sand is generally a solid bed of stone as far as you can possibly dig.  Before I knew it Rae had joined me and we were carving out a massive swath of stone beneath the ground.  While recording we managed to harvest up over 300,000 and as a result I went back and added in floors/ceilings to my stone superstructure.  This makes me happy as I was getting tired of seeing the grass growing up in the middle of my keep.  From here I am not quite sure where I am going next but I have a few ideas.

Landmark64 2014-04-13 11-52-59-18 If you are in game you should totally swing by Liberation/Levee and check out Rae’s adjoining claims.  They are located on a hill southeast of the spire, and the low settings I have to run the game on for my laptop to not completely die… are not doing it justice.  She has this really awesome garden area, and then down the hill she has a guest house.  Her main house is carved out of the hillside and a subterranean area.  If you are in need of a crafting hub she also has pretty much all of the machines.  She has another super secret project, but I won’t be showing it since i think she is going to try and enter it in the “Landmark’s Landmarks” contest.  Here is hoping she does well because it is looking really cool.

5 thoughts on “A Wild Podcast Appears!

    • Not on itunes because honestly I have not figured out how to do that yet. I don’t personally use iTunes at all, so not sure what the submission process is. Would love to have you on as a guest Jaedia 🙂

  1. Yay, another new podcast to listen to! Don’t worry too much about format. The best shows are driven by real conversations, IMHO and that often means going off the rails. Feel free to get in touch if you ever need some advice. I realized today that I have done somewhere near 120 episodes, so I am happy to share anything you might want to pick my brain about. One word of advice to keep your costs down: if Libsyn gets too expensive, 1and1 has unlimited bandwidth plans on the cheap with good download speeds 🙂

    Great first effort, though. You guys are very natural together which puts you ahead of the game from the start.

    • Of course man, probably wont do guests for a bit until we figure out exactly what our format is. I think it is going to be in flux for a few shows.

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