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Hipster Glasses

hipsterglasses Living in Oklahoma is absolutely insane sometimes.  We have been having a string of 80 degree days lately, and it has been fairly glorious.  When we went for our walk in the evening it would be in the high 70s and absolutely wonderful outside.  Last night the temperature dropped again and this morning it is 48 degrees outside.  I don’t like turning the AC and Heater off and on, especially for a short cold snap like this, so instead last night we simply piled the blankets on.  I am so thankful for our cats , because Chloe our fattest and fuzziest cat somehow managed to squeeze between us and under the covers keeping us both nice and toasty through the night.

Yesterday I happened to snap the photo on the side on a whim.  The previous day I had gotten some new glasses, so I snapped a photo to send to my wife to show her.  Well yesterday morning we had some absolutely amazing looking skies.  When I went to snap a photo I noticed that the camera was still turned the wrong way, and using the front facing one.  At which point I noticed that it looked pretty cool to see my head surrounded by the halo of clouds.  This is the first photo I have seen of myself in years that I actually kinda like.  I have had a lot of issues with the way I look and in part it has been due to the weight issues I have had.  Just like I am starting to get used to my own voice through all the podcasting I have been doing… I am starting to become more comfortable in my own skin.

The willingness to try something new as far as glasses go is probably just a side effect of this.  I have literally work the same hair cut, and same glasses for damned near two decades.  While they aren’t always the same frames they are as close to the same thing as I can get at the time.  I like to keep things simple, and I have always reasoned with myself that this is in part because I am trying to not have to think about things.  In part I think it is this lack of comfort in my own skin that had lead me to simply think it didn’t matter what I wore or what I looked like.  I kind of dig the new glasses, my friends have been giving me shit about them.  When I like something they say it is because I am being “ironic” or if I dislike something they claim it is “too mainstream”.  That however will fade, and each of them has begrudgingly said that they like them as well.

Nerd on Nerd Violence

stillabetterlovestory Since getting my fitbit I have done all sorts of little things to hack my life and try and add in more exercise where I could.  While I have always parked on the roof, I’ve begun walking up and down the ramps from the 6th floor to the 4th floor where the skywalk is.  As a result I have started noticing various vehicles and one of them has stood out.  There is a green Honda “something” that has a cute little demon skull and cross bones on it and a “twilight girl” sticker.  My feelings about that sticker have evolved over the last few weeks as I have passed it.  I think we can universally agree that the Twilight series is pretty horrible.  My wife had been given the books by a student, and she read them… then when the first movie came out we struggled through it.  We both agreed it was a horrible idea and one we would never repeat again.

Thing is… somewhere along the line this morphed in culture from “twilight is horrible” to “people who like twilight are horrible”.  As I have spent the last weeks walking past this car I had a revelation.  This person is a geek, and they have proudly emblazoned their vehicle with something they obviously care about.  While we might not like it, we have to respect the fact that they stepped up and announced that they loved something… anything.  This is no different than my Doctor Who lanyard, or my co-workers collection of my little ponies, those things are just “socially acceptable” geekdom.  At one point or another throughout our lives we have been picked on for those same geeky traits, and if you have not… then you’ve lived a truly charmed life.  It just feels like picking on someone for liking a horrible novel, is fairly hypocritical.

The other night I friends and I ended up having a fairly epic discussion after I had stopped recording the podcast about the decision to completely jettison everything in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  As we started discussing it, the initial reaction was “how dare they” and it faded more into a “makes sense” as we started to recount the various aspects of the Expanded Universe.  For each thing that we loved we managed to pull out five or six fairly horrible and badly written constructs from the comics, novels or video games.  Most of it was no less “horrible fan service” than the Twilight novels.  As much as I loved Dark Empire for example… you have to admit it is a pretty dumb story arc when it involves the fact that there are millions of clone emperors hidden throughout the galaxy.  Not to mention the fact that while Luke spent an entire series of movies fighting the Dark Side, he decides to give in within a couple of comic books.

We are all guilty of loving something completely moronic that has no literary merit.  So I say to the “Twilight Girls” out there… rock that shit and ignore the people who will hate you for it.  To the rest of us…  we need to realize that this person is a geek just like we are, they just happen to like different things.  Geekdom is not a thing we own, there are no rules of entry.  While I might rage on “Brogamers” and what they have done to my beloved gaming community… they have no less right to be there than I do.  For us 30 and 40 something’s, who spent our lives getting excluded from pop culture…  it really is not cool that we try and do the same thing to others.  I am proud when I see anyone let their geek flag fly… even if it is not something that I particularly care about.

Prophet Loves Jewelry

Screenshot_20140429_204839 I was all over the place last night gaming wise.  I popped into Trove for a bit and streamed it, and I decided to do the same for Rift and show off our awesome guild hall.  When I finally settled on a game and played for a bit it was once again Elder Scrolls Online.  Over the course of leveling I seem to have completely ignored the main story.  This is in part because you keep having to go back the harborage to keep accepting the next step, and for whatever reason I have simply not taken the time to do this.  As a result I spent a good chunk of last night trying to play catch up and do both the level 35 and 40 main storyline quests.  My big takeaway… is that at some point during his history The Prophet managed to knock over a jewelry store.  He seems to have this endless supply of necklaces and rings.

At this point I am a stones throw away from 44 and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of Bangkorai.  Normally I do a pretty bad job of following quest chains through the zones in Elder Scrolls, but this zone… I have done worse than normal.  I have objectives scattered all over the place some of them completed, others still dark and unfinished.  I am getting cursed quite a lot because I cannot stop myself from charging packs of werewolves and vampires.  I’ve had the “Sanies Lupinus” curse more times than I can count, but it seems to just go away on its own rather rapidly if you do nothing about it.  I had one guy rather mad at me the other night named “Raper of Souls”, which was convenient since I had already paused to report his name.  Yes I am one of those people… I report bad names, and do so on a nightly basis.  I am not going out of my way to troll people who are trying to turn into a werewolf or a vampire… I am simply playing the game as I always do.  Namely I charge first and ask questions later.

Thankfully we have plenty of werewolves and vampires in guild if someone needs to get bitten.  Personally I would far rather choose neither and be a hunter.  In fact I have already morphed my silver bolts attack to also effect werewolves.  I’ve always had a love of werewolves, so in theory I would totally become one were it not gimped.  Right now werewolf seems a bit underwhelming, considering all of its buffs only actually take place when you are in Crinos form.  Yes I just called it Crinos form…  I played a lot of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, so it will always be known as Crinos to me.  Vampire on the other hand has all sorts of passive benefits that are active all the time, but the weakness to fire seems far more problematic than the werewolf weakness to poison.  As a result… I am just walking the line between and hunting both equally.  Though oddly… I seem to be going out of my way to save both werewolves and vampires in the storyline.

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  1. I tried watching one of the Twilight movies and came to the conclusion that it was probably one of the most horrific movies to ever be made and if it could be unmade and erased from the entire history, then I would make it so.

    None the less.. announcing your geekdom to the world is worth props unless the only reason she’s a Twilight girl is because of the romance and not because of the cool vampires and werewolves. Because sometimes, people just read books for the subtext and not for the cool geek part.

    I have no opinion about vampires vs Werewolf in TESO because I’m not playing, however, if I was playing, I would have to say.. walk the line. Its better not to be part of the trend and instead go your own path.. be.. the normal one. Besides, you can always get bitten later I’m sure.

  2. I’m with you! Like what you like, and don’t be afraid to let other people know!

    My only beef is with the people that try to convert you to their tastes, forcefully. But I rarely encounter that.

    Although, I have to share a “fangirl” story that still make me giggle. Back in 2001 I was at an anime convention in Arlington, VA I think. Somewhere close to DC. I was browsing some posters in the dealer’s room, and listening to a girl gush over a character on a poster. As I loved the series too, I was half listening in case I could interject (because conventions are great for these conversations), until I realized she was gushing over the wrong character. She was proclaiming her unswaying love for character A, while swooning over a poster of character B, telling her friend about how she had to buy this poster of him.

    It still makes me laugh when I recall it.

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