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Protect the Nest

As a rule my two favorite times of the year as Spring and Fall, in part because I love how alive the world is during these times of transition.  This morning I got up, threw on some clothes and a beanie to disguise my cowlick and get breakfast.  On the way back I stopped in the drive way for a bit as I listened to something on NPR wind down.  I noticed out in the lawn there were a couple of bunnies and two robin parents out foraging.  Our house has an external shell of rock that has been painted white over the years.  This leaves huge shelves and little nooks, and apparently this year a pair or robin parents have decided to nest there.  Were a proper home owner… I would probably be concerned about this, but for me… I think it is pretty awesome.  Robins have always been one of my favorite birds, so the fact that I get to see them on a daily basis makes me happy.

I’ve noticed they have a little chick beak sticking up from the nest so it is going to be awesome to watch the little guy pop out at some point.  For having lived around birds all my life… I really don’t know much about them.  I am just happy to start seeing songbirds again in the neighborhood.  There was a time where I tried to put up a feeder in the backyard and no one seem to notice it.  Maybe I will make another attempt at that, because I’ve noticed a little cardinal poking around the bush on the other side of the house.  I am also sure someone in the neighborhood is probably cursing our bunnies, but seeing them scamper about the yard makes me happy.  I just fear what is going to happen when we open our pool.  There was one long hot summer that I had to fish a half dozen of them out of the pool… because they kept trying to get a drink and falling in.  Hopefully that won’t be the case this summer.

Coming Home

eso 2014-05-09 18-41-57-458 So first off I want to preface this with that I really did enjoy playing ArcheAge and if I get time this weekend I will completely play some more of it.  However last night logging into Elder Scrolls Online after playing quite a bit of SWTOR and ArcheAge, felt like coming home.  Everything felt so comfy as I moved around the world.  It is funny how in such a short period of time I have gotten used to the way that world feels and controls, and I guess have come to prefer it.  The world just feels right to me, and I guess that is a good sign.  I know for a lot of my friends the non-traditionally MMO control scheme was a deal breaker.  They were looking for something they could control with WASD, Mouselook and the traditional hotbar combat.  However as a long time FPS and Elder Scrolls player it was more a shift in mindset than anything else.  I was so used to MMOs controlling a certain way, that I just had to shift the abilities that I picked up from other single player games and adapt them to the multiplayer space.

There are so many reasons why people wanted ESO to control differently.  Some people mentioned that it was impossible to play the game while holding a child, or doing this or that… and that is totally correct.  The reason why I had been playing SWTOR and ArcheAge is that they didn’t require the precision and focus that ESO did.  Over the course of this last week my allergies have been horrible, and as a result I have come home after work completely drained and “out of it”.  I knew if I booted up ESO, I would die often and die horribly.  I love everything about the game, but there are times it just takes too many of my already limited mental resources.  My fear was that after being away for awhile that I would get back into the traditional MMO control scheme… and the game would feel odd to me.  Thankfully however everything about it still felt right.

Finishing Bangkorai

eso 2014-05-09 19-29-43-214 The last time I played I accidentally followed a quest chain into Coldharbor, so at the beginning of the evening I worked through my backlog of items to deconstruct and then set off for Bangkorai again.  I wanted to at the very least finish out collecting the Skyshards and getting zone exploration achievement.  At the best I had hoped to make everything black on my map turn white showing that I can completed it.  There were still a few issues with some of the world bosses however, so I realized early on that I would not be getting close to 100%ing the zone last night.  What I did however do is explore every nook and cranny and find a number of really slick things.  The picture in the section above is from this little hidden area that turned out to be a crafting shrine.  You have to push through this disguised tunnel in a rock wall, and along a little river, past a waterfall and over a rickety rope bridge…. and then finally you are at the crafting shrine.  The whole experience felt very “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to me.

The above image is from some Dwemer ruins that I stumbled into.  It ended up that this was the public dungeon for Bangkorai and as I was seven levels over the content… I was able to solo most of it.  That said it was still really damned challenging, and for the boss battles especially I had to hang back and wait for another player to get to the same area I was.  Thankfully the dungeon is still very well trodden and I was able to complete both of the quests inside.  Awesome thing about this dungeon is that at the end of the quest chain, you get awarded a really awesome Dwemer spider cosmetic pet.  So if you were wondering where those come from… it is the public dungeon in Bangkorai (and I am sure the other equivalent factions).  I managed to collect all of the skyshards and got my achievement for exploring the zone, so I can be happy enough with moving on.  At some point I will pop back into the zone when the bugs have been worked out and complete the last few dots.

You can watch the entire adventure in the video above.  Shockingly this is the 31st video I have recorded on twitch/youtube for The Elder Scrolls Online.  While I would never suggest watching all of them… you can literally see most of my leveling process on the Dragonknight.  Having MOSTLY finished Bangkorai I feel okay about moving on into Coldharbor.  At this point I am about halfway into 47, so I feel like the journey to 50 is going to go extremely quickly in the higher level content.  So far the quests I have done in Cold Harbor seem to be significantly more involved than the ones from the previous zones.  Everything about the zone feels epic, as I lead this fight against Molag Bal and his forces.  I am going to be really thankful that I have my faction up with the Fighters Guild I feel, because everything I see… is a Daedra.  Additionally I am super happy I have my prismatic weapon… that does insane amounts of damage to Daedra and Undead.

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