Podcast That Almost Wasn’t

Graduation Day

ducks I just thought I would start the post off with a picture of two ducks.  These are the ducks that we encounter quite often on our evening stroll around the neighborhood.  I guess they have decided that we are not really a threat, because shortly after snapping this photo the male duck decided to come up close enough to almost touch.  Granted he might have just been putting some distance between me and his mate, but I would like to think we are a recognized thing by now.  Now that you’ve had a lovely vignette, let me tell you about my day.  My nephew graduated from college today, and being the loving family we are… we attended.  This was an experience in both vertigo and insanely uncomfortable seating.  For starters the basketball stadium it was held in had some of the steepest seating I had ever experienced.  When they asked us to stand for the singing of the national anthem… I literally felt like I was going to topple over the “cliff” and down into the stands below me.

All in all it wasn’t really a bad day, but it was most definitely a tiring one.  I did however manage to top 10,000 steps on the fitbit, instead of my usual 8,000 to 9,000.  This was in part because we parked four blocks away from the stadium and walked it rather than fighting for parking.  The whole side effect of today and what will inevitably happen tomorrow is that I simply do not have the “oomph” to stay up late enough tonight to do a Steampowered Sunday.  In fact as early as we are going in the morning to see my mother, I won’t really have a chance to write a blog post in the morning either.  As a result I am writing this one Saturday night, and will publish it in the morning.  I hate when I have to “cheat” like this, but it is far better to do that than to miss posting something at all.

Podcast That Almost Wasn’t

robins This morning I talked about the little family of robins, that had nested in the white rock.  When I came home tonight there were two chicks poking their heads out of the nest until I got close enough to investigate.  They instinctively ducked down to try and remain hidden but I was able to get my phone up enough to snap the photo on the side.  I feel like each of these photos is somehow softening the blow of what I am about to say.  This week you damned near did not get a podcast.  Admittedly this is one part miscommunication and one part poor planning on my side.  It was Friday during the day when I realized that I would not be home in time to record the podcast.  Originally for some reason my wife and I thought my nephews graduation was early in the day.  However upon further investigation Friday, we realized that it was at 4 pm in the afternoon.  That meant in a best case scenario figuring 2 hours for the graduation, an hour for anything after the graduation, and another 2 hours drive to get back home… this put me being back around 9 pm, and hour after we normally record.

To make things more interesting it seemed as thought both Ashgar and Kodra were not able to record at all this weekend.  Ashgar had a similar situation to me and when I spoke with him Friday it was from an airport as he was flying home for his sisters graduation.  Kodra on the other hand, I am not really sure what was going on, but he was neither available Friday or Saturday evenings.  He would potentially be available very late on Sunday, but that didn’t really give me much time to get things posted, since I normally post our new episodes Sunday.  After some scrambling, it seemed as though Tam was also not available.  As the day went on Rae and I discussed whether or not we even wanted to record with two people down.  I was of the opinion that we would just take the week off, but I guess Rae was really gung ho about going forward.  She thought in a worse case scenario it would just be the two of us and we would do a relatively short podcast.

Doctor Hannah to the Rescue

While my wife and I were walking Friday night, Rae was able to get ahold of a good friend of ours Dallian and he was able to fill in for us.  I had long thought that Dal might be a really good fit for the show, and him being able to do it on such short notice was almost serendipitous.  So we almost did not record the show, but in truth it ended up being one of the more enjoyable ones to make.  We talk about a number of gaming topics from Wildstar, to ArcheAge and the obligatory Elder Scrolls Online discussion.  We also dip our toes into the world of comic books and Magic: The Gathering and Dallian tells us the riveting tale of how he created the @Doctor_Hannah twitter account.  Hopefully the amount of fun we had recording this one translates to our listeners.

Hopefully next week things will be at least partially back to normal.  We should have Ashgar and Kodra back, but I believe Rae may not be available.  Dallian is coming into town to visit us, and either we will have both Rae and Dallian or neither of them.  In any case next week should be interesting as well.  At this point I am going to close off this post and crash, as I need to get up super early to make my Mothers Day visitations.  I want to wish all the Mother’s out there a very happy day, and I will see you all Monday morning for another early morning post.

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