Rough Raid Night

An Innocent Start

goodmorningbel Most strange happenings on the internet begin with a rather innocuous start.  I was discussing handwriting with @tsundereikemen and I decided to create a hand written note to show off my rather messy all caps writing.  Then I happened to go directly into a meeting for roughly an hour.  When I got out..  my twitter feed had completely blown up with people returning my greeting in their own hand written style.  Yesterday I joked about Sigtric coining the hashtag “BelEffect” so he was immediate to point out that it was happening again.  Of course I had to share this sudden madness with the world, because folks had no idea what I was talking about.  I lost a few followers in my flurry of re-tweets, but screw it this was worth it.  The “happening” was enough happiness to buffer any frustrations for the rest of the day.

everyoneisawesome The awesome thing is… I posted a second note some time later to adequately explain my feelings about the whole event…  and it started up again adding several more notes to the mix.  This silly thing is the reason why my twitter feed is so damned great.  You guys can somehow manage to take a boring work day and turn it into a magical experience by tweeting a bunch of hand written notes.  I always love seeing someone’s handwriting no matter how unkempt it might be… because embedded in those strokes and swooshes are a persons personality.  So thank you all for participating in this little experiment… it was neither original nor that unique, but it was most definitely not something I expected to start yesterday.  If you want to check out all of the images, I will be attempting to insert a gallery below.

Rough Raid Night

Wow-64 2015-02-03 19-47-02-84 Not all raid nights can be amazing… in fact every now and then you can have a down right shitty one.  Last night was one of these nights, and that is just something that is going to happen now and then.  It seems like half of the world is sick with something right now, and last night it claimed two of our primary healers.  This put us going into the night at a pretty big handicap, one that we never quite made up for.  Ithato is freaking awesome for stepping in and trying to hold things together, and he fought valiantly.  The problem is it just wasn’t quite enough.  He was not quite as geared as the healers we lost, and had not been raiding with us all this time…  so was having to learn the boss strategies on the fly.  On top of these, the raid itself was just not quite what it should have been.  I feel like the evidence was the fact that Teamspeak was deathly silent, which is not a usual thing.  When we are doing well we are chatty and happy and picking on Rylacus, but last night…  no one was talking at all.

We started off trying Gruul but after a half dozen wipes realized we didn’t quite have what it took last night to down it.  From there we moved back to Highmaul Heroic, and managed to down Kargath and Butcher before hitting a similar wall on Brakenspore.  We finally called the night, hoping to regroup on Thursday and see what we can do.  If the gods bless us, we will have back the two healers that were absent and hopefully be back in fighting form.  If not…  it isn’t the end of the world if we can’t quite progress for a  week.  We are not exactly the most cutting edge and serious of group, and I think every now and then it is a good thing for us to be reminded of that.  The health and well being of our players is worth more than our forward momentum, and I am thankful we have a raid leader that sees that…  instead of angrily grinding us into the ground.  I love my raid, even when we “wipe like nubs”.

Hunting Pearls

ffxiv 2015-02-10 23-50-34-75 Since the raid was a wash, I opted to log into Final Fantasy XIV and work on my weekly Crystal Tower quest.  With this last patch and the entrance of the World of Darkness casual raid, they introduced a quest to do all three dungeons and collect pearls and turn them back in at a quest giver in Mor Dhona.  Since I had a bit of time I queued up for Labyrinth of the Ancients and was pleasantly surprised at just how smoothly it went.  Normally there are wipes around every corner, but I guess at this point folks are trying to complete the quest, and as such are far over geared for the place.  I lost every roll on any of the cosmetic gear, but was in and out of the raid quickly enough for me to contemplate running Syrcus Tower as well.  Unfortunately it did not go quite as smoothly as Labyrinth, and we suffered some pretty massive wipe fests.  That said folks silently struggled through and we managed to clear it still within thirty minutes of starting.

ffxiv 2015-02-10 23-49-54-59 Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your take… I had completely World of Darkness collecting its pearl on Monday night, but not running the other other two.  As a result I was able to turn in the quest and get my Carboncoat.  This allows you to “un-weather” any of the Poetics accessories turning them into ilvl 130 items.  Unfortunately I am not sure how to get Carbontwine the item needed to do the same for the Ironworks armor pieces, other than the extremely grindy method of turning in 6 Unstained Mark Logs.  I think I will likely wait for 2.55 since it is more than likely that they will let World of Darkness start dropping both Carboncoat and Carbontwine just like Syrcus Tower drops Oil of Time and Sands of Time.  It is unlikely that we will be raiding anything bleeding edge enough for me to need to be level 130 geared.  In any case my running around in Final Fantasy XIV while chatting with the Free Company made the evening seem a tad bit less dismal, which I guess is what ultimately mattered.  Hopefully we will regroup on Thursday and kick some ass to make up for the rather crummy Tuesday.

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