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Of Bad Ass Mounts

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This morning I suffered some pretty major technical difficulties on the blog.  Several months back I had a nasty DDoS attack against my blog from as far as I can tell some nasty video game extremists.  It happened the day after I made a post, so I have always linked the two.  As a result my ISP threw in a few rules to block access to the guts of my wordpress installation from anyone but me.  This morning apparently in the middle of writing a post my IP address changed on me, and I immediately lost access to do any of the things that wordpress does through Ajax…  which is apparently nearly everything.  My good friend Hiawani however once again is to the rescue and he got me fixed in a matter of moments.  I love this man so much, and in truth he is the only reason why I have stayed with my web host for as long as I have.  In the coming weeks I need to actually get off my ass and allow them to migrate me to a different server.  I mostly wanted to get through August before that happened, because I did not want any potential interruptions during Blaugust.

What you are seeing above however is a bad ass mount I just got in Rift.  It is slowly creeping up on Extra Life time, and yesterday I finally went through the paces and created the AggroChat team.  Last year we had tag teamed this even through the Alliance of Awesome group, and it was fun… but this year we kinda wanted to do it as AggroChat since we are a fairly large ensemble cast.  If we managed to pull in all of the folks who have appeared on the show with any sense of regularity we should be able to get more than enough people to cover all the slots.  All of this was pushed into motion however when Liore posted a link saying she was giving away the 4th Anniversary Arclight mount that she got from Pax.  She was going to give the mount to the next donation she got on her own Extra Life page.  Now while I am doing my own thing, I try and help others out as well, and over an hour had passed since she had posted the link so I figured I was out of luck.  Turns out that nope… apparently folks were either feeling stingy yesterday afternoon or I am just lucky because I now have a really amazing mount in Rift.  I buzzed around on it for a good hour last night not doing a damned thing other than riding…  it is pretty amazing.  Absolutely my favorite of the various Arclight rider designs.

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The last couple of weeks I have been on a fairly extended vacation as I took a break from Final Fantasy XIV and played lots of other games.  Normally I would have been back on Monday but due to Pax that raid didn’t actually happen.  Similarly we were down a significant number of people for last nights raid, but instead we opted to help a guild member through Alexander.  She had managed to do the first turn only, and we helped her get through the last three.  I know at the very least she got a ring from it, but I am hoping she managed to gather up some various bits as well.  While waiting around on the raid however I spent time hanging out with guildie Tatafelo Rurufelo, who was doing his best warrior of light dark knight bad ass pose.  My biggest problem right now is I am just feeling absolutely no drive to accomplish something.  I should be out grinding Esoterics, but I am happy enough with my gear levels…  and that is frustrating.  I should be striving to get better, but instead I would rather just pop into another game like Diablo and grind there.

I feel like 3.1 is going to jump start my enjoyment of the game, because I am so tired of Neverreap.  My biggest concern is that the next set only includes two dungeons… so will we be right back into the situation of always getting one of those two dungeons?  My hope is that they make expert roulette be a combination of the first two plus the new two… giving us a pool of four dungeons.  One of the biggest selling factors to me to date has been that we got three new dungeons each patch cycle.  Them trimming it back to two per patch cycle kinda concerns me a little.  Are we just going to see less content as a whole throughout Heavensward?  Is this evidence that they are starting to work on a new expansion to follow Heavensward?   Listening to Soken this weekend at Pax, it seems like “Hellsward” as they call it took a lot out of the team, so it might simply be that they need a smaller patch to recuperate from the grind that was getting Heavensward out the door.  I guess only time will tell if we see a similarly small patch come 3.2.  For the time being… I just need to find a new goal in game.

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