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Week In Gaming 12/20/2015

The Week of Star Wars

This week was all about either waiting for Force Awakens or riding the high after seeing it.  Some other stuff happened in the middle, like on Tuesday I went yet again to RiffTrax with some co-workers and had a blast.  This time around was Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny, and apparently it was a slightly new version where they include the story of Jack and the Beanstalk instead of apparently Thumbelina.  I have to take their word for it, because I did not manage to catch the previous version.  However coming up is a rebroadcast of Starship Troopers, which is one of the Riffs that happened before we started doing this as pseudo team building.  In truth it has very little to do with building morale… and more to do with the fact that we just share a similar sense of humor.  So I am looking forward to that in mid January.  The only negative with this week however is that quite literally I did not actually get to spend any length of time with my wife until Friday.  On the nights I had free she was up at school doing prep work for the end of the semester and the rest of the nights I had something going on.  I am really looking forward to the break however… because we tentatively have planned a movie marathon for Christmas day.  My wife has not seen the original Star Wars films since the theatrical release of the special editions in college.  So right now the plan is to marathon through all of them and take her to see Force Awakens afterwards.

Whole Lotta Nope

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There has been a lot of buzz about Black Desert Online, and largely the thing that everyone seems to talk about is just how detailed the character creation system is.  You certainly can create a bunch of really pretty characters, but for me at least that is where the game starts to fall apart.  I had largely avoided this game, because I didn’t like the concept of having classes tied to gender and to some extent “race” or what passes for race in the game.  So to play the berserker type class, you have to play this mammoth Giant race of a character.  My trip through Nopeland started however when I tried to install the game.  I had all sorts of issues just getting the installer going, and when I finally got it loaded it booted up and sat on a black screen for fifteen minutes or so before finally loading into the game.  The interface itself…  feels cheaply made and I am really not sure how to quantify it other than that.  Once you get into the game… you have an action MMO driven off of left and right mouse buttons.  I tooled around the starter area and honestly…  I just didn’t like what I was feeling.  It does a thing… that many other games have done better.  Sure the character creator allows you to pretty much live any possible player fantasy as far as looks go… but the game itself didn’t feel that fun.  So at this point I have already uninstalled it, and will throw this game is the same bin I tossed TERA.  Extremely pretty, but didn’t feel like I wanted it to feel.

Mount Chase

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I am not really sure how I allow myself to get drawn back into holiday events, but right now there is one happening in World of Warcraft that has a chance of dropping a Yeti mount.  Since the very first Winter Veil event, I have had an affinity with the Yeti, and used to save my charges of my mechanical Yeti each year so I could play with it off and on.  Similarly when they added the first mechanical yeti battle pet… I had to have it.  So it is no surprise that I am finding myself doing Holiday dailies each day in a vague attempt to get a Yeti mount from one of the Savage Gift satchels.  I am going to be pissed as hell if I do not manage to get one this year.  Essentially each day has the same basic flow, where I start with Belghast and cycle through all of my characters that can do the holiday quests… mailing all of the tokens to Belgrace on the horde side and then purchasing four savage gifts…  only to be disappointed moments later when none of them yield the mount.  I have managed to pick up the pet, so that at least is a positive.  Of all of the holiday mounts I have chased over the years…  I have very few of them.  The king of all teases has to be the Headless Horseman mount, that I always make attempts on… only to be disappointed when I have zero luck getting it.  The love rocket is another one, but that one I really don’t have much desire to get… other than for completion purposes.

Proper Tankadin

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This week a lot of my focus has been on the MooCowAdin, largely because he is the one opening all the Savage Gifts.  The root of my focus however has been to get a good weapon, which I FINALLY have in the form of the sword above.  It is a blue baleful that has been upgraded to 705 via the 20,000 apexis crystal token and two valor upgrades.  Finally I now feel like a proper tank, and am finally what I would consider a viable option for the Sunday night raid.  As a result I have been doing most of my daily quests in tanky form to get used to doing all the tankadin things.  I have to say I am absolutely in love with Light’s Hammer.  It is like the best possible version of Death and Decay… it slows and deals damage to enemies… and heals allies at the same time.  Who could ask for more?

The Orclock

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My downtime character is still Belghula the Orc Warlock.  I am enjoying leveling by dotting everything up and running around like mad until it dies.  Thanks to Tam for teaching me the ways of playing a damage over time class 🙂  At some point I need to start with the dungeons… but right now I am sitting just shy of 20.  The Northern Barrens are getting a little stale, so I am hoping that soon I will get the quest starter to jump to the next zone.  I’ve not really made it terribly far in the horde side quest chains, so I am kinda amped to see the later areas.  I am also working on leveling Tailoring so I have a bag maker, and enchanting so I have the ability to do enchants.  The next character I run up will absolutely be a herbalist/apothecary so that I can hopefully at some point make my own raid potions.  That has been the hardest reality check for me…  the concept of starting over with a fresh stable of characters and no infrastructure.  I guess that is a slight lie, because the guild horde side keeps shoving stuff into my hands and seems more than happy to support me…  but I am very much a person who prefers being able to support myself.  So I need to knock out some more characters so I can start to do that.  I am going tailor first because the biggest problem I have right now is the lack of a bag maker to feed my alts.

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