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Pax Pox

The Convention Crud

So this weekend obviously was Pax South, and I am not sure how you could read my blog and not know this… but whatever.  It went pretty well overall, but on the drive home Sunday my throat kept getting more and more sore.  At first I was thinking that maybe I was getting closer to Oklahoma, and as a result my allergies were just going haywire.  The entire time I was in the San Antonio area, I honestly did not have much issue with my allergies.  It was just like they magically went away, so in theory driving back home…  could feel like I was coming down with something.  However yesterday I heard from Damai that he too is in the sore throat phase, so I am guessing we quite literally did walk away with whatever crap happened to be going around down south.  PAX is this universal incubator for illness, and last year I somehow escaped catching whatever Ashgar and Rae ended up bringing home.  This year however I was not quite so lucky, and in spite of using the hand sanitizer every single time I passed one…  I still caught something.

I’ve been in hibernation pretty much the last two days.  Originally I had requested off both Monday and Tuesday to recover, but had not planned on actually taking Tuesday.  However it seems like I apparently was clairvoyant in knowing that I would need that extra day.  This morning… I still feel like crap, but my fever broke sometime between going to bed Monday night and getting up Tuesday morning.  My lungs are getting consistently clearer, and my throat while feeling sore still is getting consistently less sore as time goes on.  While it felt flu-like at first, I am guessing it is just a run of the mill virus or cold, because I seem to be getting over it pretty quickly.  The irony is… that I completely resisted catching whatever my wife had prior to the convention… but I am guessing that probably taxed my immune system to the point of catching something while there.  In any case I think I am more or less on the mend, but going out and grabbing some groceries last night left me completely exhausted, so I can only imagine what state I might be in tonight when I finally get home.

Lady Monk

Diablo III 2016-02-03 06-19-26-87

The great irony of a gaming convention is the fact that during those few days… I end up playing far fewer games than I usually do.  The other strange side effect has been, that now that I am back at home…. I am not quite sure what to play.  As a result I have been poking my head into Diablo 3, even though I have seemed to lack much purpose.  Monday night I spent a good chunk of it running around with Grace and completing various stuff like greater rifts.  Then when she logged to go take care of something, I ended up starting a brand new character.  I realize that I could have probably gotten one of my friends to boost it to 70 within a few minutes… but instead I have been leveling a monk through doing bounties.  The funny thing about this is that with all of my paragon levels, Master is the new Normal.  I could probably ratchet up my difficulty some more, but I like how fast everything seems to be going right now.  I’ve needed to run bounties for a bit, and doing so on a fresh character feels like I am gaining more than doing it on my crusader.

The truth is, I’ve never managed to get a monk to 70.  My original non-seasonal one is 68 and I realize that I could very easily push it over the line.  The problem being that I just haven’t had any desire to play non-seasonal characters.  I have been in this mindset that “seasonal” are the “real” characters… and that the normal characters are almost like playing on some test server somewhere.  I realize that it is backwards from the truth, but I have shifted to this point of view as looking at the season as the only thing that really matters.  As a result I just can’t seem to bring myself to play any characters that aren’t in the current season, which I guess works out nicely since that seems to be what most people are playing.  The only thing that worries me is how I am going to function when I need to merge this season into my existing already overloaded bank.  At some point I need to spend some time eating some legendaries and unlocking abilities, because half of the junk that is clogging my non-seasonal vault is never actually going to get used.  In any case as of last night I hit level 43 , and I plan on working it up some more tonight.  I should be able to hit 70 in no time as I am gaining at least one level per bounty step on average.


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