Accidentally Epic’d


I figured this screenshot was appropriate this morning because this if anything else is how I feel.  Ragweed is my direst of dire enemies.  It has always been a problem for me and continues to be this day.  I feel like I am a bit of a walking zombie and I didn’t really know completely why until I watched the forecast this morning.  Sure enough ragweed pollen is spiking like mad right now, which explains the constant congestion, watery eyes… and general inability to breathe.  On a day like today all I really want to do is to either go back to bed and hide from the world, or snuggle up in a cocoon on the sofa playing video games.  The problem with this plan however is that our human resources department is being super bizarre with sick leave.  I have almost 400 hours of sick time built up over the years…  yet they tend to freak out any time someone actually uses some.  What is the point of giving us sick leave…  especially in the hundreds of hours territory while being stingy with actually getting to use it.  So instead of chilling out on a day like today when I am not really a fully functional human being… I am going to shamble in my undead state to the office and mash keys with confused fingers.

One the WoW front however, as of last night I am missing one ring and a belt from being completely purple once more.  The strange thing about this process has been that I didn’t really do anything super intentional to get there.  Through unlocking my class hall, completely its mission… and then spending order resources to upgrade items all the way to 840 I got a big chunk of the way there.  From there it has simply been doing any items that were upgrades each day from the world quests.  The end result has been the least grindy gearing process I have ever gone through.  I just played the game and did the things I enjoyed and before I knew it I was sitting there at 838, a reasonable level to do just about anything available in the game right now.  The truth is I have only actually run two dungeons in heroic, and while I have done a slew of normal dungeons they were always for some other purpose than just grinding.  Either I needed something for a quest or a friend of mine did… and we ventured forth and had a grand romp inside.  It has been amazing just how painless and seamless this entire gearing process has felt.  For a long time I have given credit to the way the catch up mechanics felt in Final Fantasy XIV, but even there you had to have a focus on actually running content to get gear.  This time around it feels like I just did the things I would have done normally… and accidentally got epic’d.

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