Point of Mythic Plus


Well this is a generally shit start to a day… but I guess the show must go on.  I was just setting up to start blogging this morning and then suddenly I noticed an email in my inbox from paypal verifying that my $50 transaction from the Sony Playstation Network had succeeded.  My not nearly caffeinated brain took a moment to realize…  “Bel you haven’t bought anything from the PSN”.  When I went over to check the email account that PSN is attached to… at 6:19 in the morning…  literally while I was sitting upstairs drinking my coffee someone changed the email address on my PSN account.  Currently the link from Sony that you use to report this… is throwing a 404 error so I am wondering if there are broader issues happening currently.  I’ve since gone onto the Paypal website and put on a dispute on the transaction to attempt to claw it back, which was its own special version of hell.  I’ve verified that neither my primary or my secondary email accounts have been compromised because I leave all of my gmail accounts running with the IP logging thing turned on… and I recognize every connection in the last several days.  I hope this is not evidence of the sort of week I am going to have as a result.

The real point of this mornings post was going to be talking about how I was wrong about something.  For awhile now I have had the attitude that there was not really much of a point to Mythic Plus dungeons.  This is of course from the stance of someone who has access to raiding.  The risk to reward equation seemed to be pretty crummy considering just how high of a mythic plus you needed to run in order to start seeing upgrades over raid gear.  I am coming here this morning to admit that I was wrong about this stance…  not the part about risk to reward but the point about there being no real point.  Sunday night is Karazhan night generally, and instead of doing that this week my team decided to knock out the four mythics weekly quest to see if we could get any upgrades given that we have now killed enough Emerald Nightmare for it to be a heroic cache.  While gear may not really be the point…  they are insanely fun when you are running them with a solid team.  Over the course of the night we ran three plus two mythics, a plus five and eventually a plus seven.  The truth is… in our raid geared state none of them seemed that insane, and thankfully I had Kylana to keep directing me where I should be going and what I should actually be pulling.


The other cool side effect of all of this madness is that they seem to be a really excellent source of chaos crystals, which given that I am not the raid enchanter due to the fact that the last one transferred off server…  this is maybe going to be a good source of mats to help fuel raid enchants.  When you can two and three chest the lower dungeons…  it means you have lots of purples to grind down into tasty enchants.  As a whole my Nightmare Cache ended up giving me a 5 item level upgrade with a gem socket… so that was well worth the time, and along the way I managed to pick up a ring that is situationally better than the one I had been using.  The long and short of it however is that I had a lot of fun last night running dungeons with friends and it brought back some life into a game experience that was starting to wear a little thin.  I now kinda want to see what my breaking point is when it comes to mythic plus madness…  and I want to try a ten or higher just to see what happens.  The best part of last night is the fact that we will all be seeing Mythic Seven chests in our Order Hall come Tuesday morning and in theory…  the possibility of decent upgrades as a result.  So if I can just sort out what happened with my PSN account… it is going to be a potentially great week.

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