Provoking Stupidity


I sat here this morning for a good thirty minutes contemplating not making a post today.  After the flurry of activity coming back from PAX, and still struggling with what whatever respiratory hell that continues to drag on after getting home…  I just feel completely drained of interesting things to talk about.  Right now I tend to play at least a little bit of three different games each night.  I’ve moved on from the Sahagin and am now focused on the Kobolds while doing dailies in Final Fantasy XIV.  In World of Warcraft, I am attempting to do my emissary cache chests, thought I saw the one from Nightfallen and “noped” the hell out of it last night.  I am not sure why but I am just done with Suramar as a whole, and nothing seems less exciting than venturing forth into that zone to track down four dots on the map and completing them.  I am not a huge fan of elves in general, and the fact that there is this giant pseudo stealth city in the middle of the zone…  kinda combines a bunch of things that I find miserable in one place.  After dealing with dailies in WoW and FFXIV I tend to log into The Elder Scrolls Online to push that story a little further, however right now it feels like I am mired in Malabal Tor and dead in the water.  The beginning of that zone was awesome, but I have reached this middle section largely focused on Elvish politics…  and man am I struggling to care.  However I am making progress, because I keep turning black symbols on my map into white symbols.


Last night I did a little more than normal in Final Fantasy XIV as six of us all queued for Dun Scaith together.  This was my first time in the zone, and in fact I slowed down the party from queuing because I had to actually finish turning in my quests and watching the cut scenes post Weeping City.  It was a lot of fun, and reminded me quite a bit of the way the fights felt during Syrcus Tower.  There were a lot of “wipe the raid” mechanics but they all largely seemed messaged well, apart from the whole “stop doing anything” section of one of the fights.  Granted as a tank I could be dumb and stand in a certain amount of crap while learning the lay of the land.  I reluctantly ended up main tanking several of the bosses, because I kept pulling threat on the Dark Knight that was super serious about main tanking.  Generally speaking if I am tanking I go with the flow and if someone pulls a mob off me then “Gratz you get to tank now”.  However this Dark Knight did not subscribe to that philosophy because he kept provoking the boss back to him…  and then through simply doing my primary combo I would end up pulling the boss off of him again, which would in turn cause him to provoke the moment his cool down was up.  After a few rounds of this… I went deterrence and focused on trying to do as much damage as I could.  At which point… the Dark Knight died and I once again had the boss.  His party rezzed him…  and you know the very first thing he did?  Yup… he provoked the boss back onto him at which point I sort of wanted him to keep dying out of his sheer stupidity.


After tanking Dun Scaith I just sort of faded into the background and played a bunch of other things.  The problem is right now… nothing is really completely clicking with me.  I seem to enjoy everything well enough, but just in very small bursts.  By 9 pm I was already starting to yawn, and by 10 pm I was in full zombie mode as I stumbled through the house trying to shut it down for the night.  Functionally I am probably just restless and sick, and been unable to really give myself the time needed to convalesce.  I’ve functionally had to work sick, because things have been too crazy not to.  I am looking forward to when the worst of this is past me, and I can take a few days off… or at least allow myself to completely fall apart rather than trying to keep myself going just well enough to remain functional.  The legitimate Flu has been going around at work, and I am hoping that I remain in this realm of respiratory hell… and don’t actually catch that one.  I took my shot, and it was the three way protection variety… so here is hoping that we don’t end up with strain four.

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