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My madness continues… and last night I joined in with Grace and eventually Storm and Muspel to do some Palace of the Dead.  Essentially PotD is the new FATE grinding, and while it can be sort of repetitive, I never seem to get tired of it.  I mean I thought Tam was insane when he went through his own period of time where he lived in dank dungeon, but now I finally get it.  What I am loving about it is that I can just hop in… run a bunch of Palace of the Dead…  mentally be somewhere else like watching a movie or a television show and then still feel like I made significant progress at the end of the night.  The first goal has been to catch up my classes to 50, because it is going to allow me to have a massive house cleaning of everything that has been clogging my retainers.  I have a problem with gear, because I know that eventually I would love to have every single class to the level cap.  That is just the sort of person I am.  In World of Warcraft I actually achieved this goal prior to the launch of legion and had at least one of every alliance character sitting at 100, and three horde characters as well.

Currently I have my Warrior sitting at 60 and he is my only viably geared character for doing big kid stuff.  Then you have my Dragoon that I also leveled to 60, but promptly abandoned because playing that class in Heavensward was just so much less enjoyable for me than it was in ARR.  When I was last furiously playing the game I was working on my Bard, which had become my defacto dps class for awhile and I managed to get it up to 55.  Then we drop down to my 50s which are Paladin that I have not touched since Heavensward because I simply don’t really like playing a Paladin tank.  We have my newly raised trio of casters in the form of the Scholar, Summoner and Black Mage all sitting at 50.  Then we drop down to some 30 somethings with Ninja at 38, Monk at 33, and Dark Knight at 33.  I have yet to even pick up the quest to be a Machinist or an Astrologian but at some point I probably need to do that so that I can weave those into the rotation as well.  Now I am sort of torn as to what I should pick to level next, but for the moment I am leaning towards either the Dark Knight because I miss playing heavy armor classes… or the Ninja because they are just really fun to play.

The other set of goals that is staring me in the face is that when I last left my crafting… I had managed to push everything up to 21… with mining and foraging sitting at 50.  At some point I really want to start this grind again and push everything up to at least the point where I can make glamour prisms.  In theory I should be doing my beast tribe dailies to use those to level my crafting, but I just haven’t reached a point of getting back into the game enough to sort everything out to be able to do that.  Once I finished with the Sahagin I sort of let the beast tribe thing die once again…  but in theory should be doing the Ixal at least for crafting levels.  Whatever the case it seems like I have been assimilated back into Final Fantasy XIV, and have more goals than I can realistically accomplish.  My Warrior gear could also always be improved, but I am just finding PotD a relaxing way to spend my evenings…  but sadly one that is not terribly interesting to write blog posts about.

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  1. Sounds like you’re getting there!

    I leveled classes that share gear simultaneously to avoid having too much gear in my bags at any one time. So… the 2 casters 1st, then all 3 tanks, all 3 healers, bard/mch/nin, with drg, and mnk bringing up the rear.

    When I started in on crafting I ended up doing my 3 gathering classes 1st becuz again… shared gear, but also it meant I could just go get my materials for anything I’d need to craft, rather than buying them. But then I ended up just doing the Ixal beast tribe quests to level crafters. swapping over to the Moogle quests once I hit 50. It’s slow but steady and costs nothing, actually gaining a little money.

    It takes about as long to get a crafter from 50-60 doing Moogle quests as it does to get from 20-50 from Ixal quests (about 12 days), so after getting the 1st class to 50, then I was always leveling 2 crafters at the same time also. You only need to gear your highest level crafter to be able to do the quests, since you can do the quests as any crafter, then swap to the one you’re leveling for the turn-in. I just hit 59 on my goldsmith and upgraded from my level 16 grinding wheel to the level 59 one….. And now that ARM is approaching 50 (my last class/job!) I’m finally getting rid of all my old low-level crafting gear too. That’s been my biggest “gear filling my bags” thing for quite a while 😉
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