Mechanics: The Fight


In our continued trend of being months behind the curve and happy about it…  last night we worked again on Thordan Ex.  We jokingly refer to this fight as “Mechanics: The Fight” because it this weird amalgam of every mechanic from binding coil and a mix of new ones.  This is a prime example of what I think of as the archetypal Final Fantasy XIV fight… where it relies on you memorizing a DDR like pattern and then everyone in the party completing that pattern flawlessly.  That however is not exactly the sort of fight our group excels at.  When we go up against a “managing sheer chaos” style fight, we tend to be able to pull those out as one shots.  However when you ask us to memorize and execute a specific pattern…  it takes forever for us to memorize the dance.  I am especially bad at pattern matching and memorization…  and as one of the primary tanks this is not exactly a great thing.  We did however get to the point last night where we were getting everyone through the dive bomb phase and through the meteor phase.  There is a whole lot of bullshit that happens at the tail end of the fight and we were noticing that things started to completely fall apart during the pillars phase…. so I feel like if we can get through that… we can get through the rest of the fight.  I also feel like this is the sort of fight that once the pattern is learned and beat into our brains… we will be able to execute it pretty flawlessly from that part out.  Which is a good thing… because there are a lot of us that would like to farm birbs.


Speaking of Birbs…. I can now poop chocobos.  Right now the Hatching-Tide event is going on in Eorzea, which sort of serves as the Easter celebration.  Lets be fair… that like so many Eorzean Holidays…  Hatching-Tide is mostly nonsense.  The yearly event usually revolves around eggs and spriggans…  that often times steal the eggs or somehow interact with the eggs.  None of this really matters however because the important part is the fact that this year there is a mount.  You can ride around on a giant floating egg… and ejects a baby Chocobo on command.  So I think most of us that completed the event spent a good deal of the evening riding around on eggs and hurling chocobos at people.  This is a prime example of why I love this game so much at times, because it is just down right absurd.  There are so many “why not” moments that the game has where they put silly things in the hands of the players… who then do things like create Fat Chocobo parades.  In Idyllshire last night there were a whole slew of people trying to synchronize the ejecting of Chocobos…  which is an extremely aptly named place now that I think of it since so many people go there to Idle.  For now I have fallen off the “get every class to 50” wagon but I hope to hop back on shortly.  I just have too many games I want to be playing… and as a result am sort of playing all of them poorly.

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