Mechanics Defeated


Last night did not ultimately end up like I thought it would, for many reasons.  Firstly this weekend we had a death in the family…  but man is it harder to explain than that.  When you grow up in a small town, families that are connected to each other through a marriage end up mingling an awful lot.  Because of kids birthday parties and school events, you are constantly encountering this whole other family that is not actually related to you.  So when I say a death in the family, it was not actually my or my wife’s family, but instead the father of a brother in law in wife’s side.  So when it happened we made a trip up to Friday night to attempt to offer support, and do our normal thing of bringing paper goods since during a death in the family a household goes through way more of everything.  The funeral itself is today, and because of the weird familial restrictions of bereavement leave policy I don’t get a day off.  Last night was the viewing, which is sort of like a wake but not actually a wake…  and I did not think we were going to go.  However when I got off from work my wife indicated that we probably should at least make a showing.  I thought this largely meant that I would be gone from our normal Tuesday night FFXIV shenanigans.  It was roughly an hour drive either direction, and then by the time we went to the event and ate dinner I fully expected to be about an hour late for fun time.


However we opted to pick up some food and eat it while travelling… I would explain what we got but it probably would not make sense to anyone who did not grow up in a tiny town.  I also apparently drove like a bat out of hell, because I made it home and was only about fifteen minutes late… with folks still trying to pull the group together.  With me it meant we had seven people available to do stuff…  and in some quirk of bravado we decided to pug that 8th layer and keep working on “Mechanics: The Fight” or Thordan Ex.  We got a Dragoon that said they had run the fight on a healer before… and we proceeded to start attempting to make progress.  A few seconds into the fight and the Dragoon was already dead.  During that first attempt I think they were rezzed four different times… and more than likely through the entire sequence of the attempts averaged around three deaths per outing.  As if summoned by our tears…  Kodra showed up and we rejoiced and disbanded our party finder group to bring him in.  The hilarious part about this is that we all started talking about how much we had gotten used to having a good Dragoon.  Then a few seconds into the first attempt…  Kodra died in EXACTLY the same manner as our pug dragoon.


We rebounding from this and started making proper attempts.  The night was mildly stressful because we once again had a slightly different line up than normal.  Muspel was filling one of the slots, and his only level 60 and geared character is his warrior.  That mean’t Ashgar was not tanking along side me and instead running DPS on his monk.  This is not normally a big deal other than the fact that every attempt I have been in the offtank role, and last night was my first night actually tanking the main boss.  It took some adjustment, namely during the dragons eye phase to know that I had to actually step through the boss to make sure I was clear of the effect.  Similarly there was a dance of times I needed to stack up… and then hurriedly run the hell out before he cast a frontal cleave.  I am pretty sure I killed someone at least once during one of these interchanges, or when having to run across the Arena to place to boss so that the dragon eye and boss were in the same orientation.  However on what would have been our last attempt due to the timer, we brought all of these elements together and managed to get our very first Thordan Ex kill.  Now to move on to the Warring Triad Extremes, but hopefully we can keep popping Thordan each week so we don’t actually forget the dance.

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