Liberating Provinces


Last night I played what I would consider a truly excessive amount of Skyforge on the PS4.  There was even a point where I left my office upstairs… and logged into laptop downstairs to play more Skyforge over Remote Play.  I am not entirely certain why this game is so damned sticky for me right now…  when arguably better games like Horizon are not at this moment.  My working theory however is that I can only really handle playing one deeply narrative experience at a time…  then need the gaming equivalent of celery to clear my palate.  Skyforge makes an awesome version of celery…  which is probably not at all what the folks behind the game would want me saying about it.  However what I mean by that is that it presents a sequence of bite sized interactions and does so in a fairly enjoyable and no nonsense manner.  Functionally in the past this is always what I used Destiny for, but with the impending death of that game and the release of Destiny 2 in September…  that has really harmed my joy about spending a whole lot of time over there.  I mean sure I want to do all the raiding stuff in the new and improved 390 light versions…  but that also requires a lot of personal investment in trying to figure out what my clans schedule is like and how I can manipulate my own schedule to somehow be playing Destiny in the nights they are doing the things I need to do.  That was one long contorted sentence but it fairly adequately represents how I am feeling about raiding in general right now regardless of the game.


I think one of the big improvements that happened at some point…  and is probably not directly tied to the console release is the campaign map.  When I last played the game you functionally went to the Aeleon observatory and would be presented with a number of chicklet sized images that represented missions you could run.  It felt like there was no real clear order to which you should be taking the content… and as a result I wound up skipping around something horribly and subjecting myself to things that were probably much harder than I should have.  The campaign make takes the game and attempts to make a clear narrative, so instead of playing a god answering 911 calls from various parts of an entire planet…   you are on a campaign to liberate your people from the invading monsters.  Functionally right now I am about halfway through the first fourth province in the sequence of nine provinces, and as of last night… I had barely just left the first one.  There are what seems to be four types of content that you can encounter during this process.  First there are solo missions that largely involve killing a bunch of mini bosses until you reach the end and ultimately drive the monster influence from an area.  The next type is solo boss fights, and these have been pretty rare…  but occasionally you are sent up against some sort of “big bad”.  Thirdly there are large open world zones where you are ultimately dumped in with a random assortment of other players to complete a bunch of mini objectives.  Lastly there are actual proper dungeons that require a group of adventurers to complete…  and unfortunately as of yet I have not actually done one of these.


Last night I focused entirely on the solo mission/bossfight types along the main path of the campaign map, and completely ignored the dungeons and large open world areas…  because they simply take a bunch of time to get through and don’t actually serve to unlock new areas of the map.  I had a purpose in mind, and that single focus was to get to a temple for a class that I had not already unlocked.  The reasoning being that I wanted to know just what madness was involved with getting something other than the base three classes unlocked.  Sure enough by the time I hit map three I had access to the Archer temple…  where I was prompted with two options [Purchase] and [Donate 3,000,000 Credits].  I tried the purchase option and it acted like it was sending me to the Sony store… only to error out a short period of time later.  As far as Credits go…  at first I thought that was sheer madness but by the time I finished the night I was sitting at around 1.5 million Credits.  Sure it is going to suck to unlock all of the classes you might want to play, but it seems like there is going to be a time in the near future where 3 mil credits is no big deal.  The purchase option however has me confused because it seems like at least on some level the game is wired to let you buy your way into a specific class.  However for whatever reason this does not seem to function on the console…  which is making me want to fire up the PC client just to see how the hell it works there.  Whatever the case however… I am finding this game extremely enjoyable at the moment and if you can get past its flaws…  atrocious boob jiggle and being limited to 3 classes at the start…  I am hooked.

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  1. I know that at various points, they gave out class tokens for free which let you just “skip” to any class of your choice (usually you’d get one as part of a “we just released a new patch, come back and see how much the game has improved!” pushes), so it’s possible that’s what you’re seeing.

    Those tokens might also be available in the cash shop, but Skyforge never really grabbed me, so I didn’t play it enough to know for sure.

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