Proper Deathlord


Last night I got to a bit of a late start because I was doing birthday things for my Mom…  so totally a valid excuse in any book I would recon.  Once I settled in however I had a bit of a laser focus on trying to finish the Death Knight class hall, and more importantly than anything…  unlock that damned third artifact slot.  The mission in front of me however was to chain run Vault of the Wardens, Eye of Azshara, and Maw of Souls.  The fun part about this stage in the expansion is that firstly… it is way easier to get a heroic queue than a normal queue.   Secondly…  people regularly faceroll heroics since they so grossly outgear them.  So in truth I managed to get three dungeon runs with about 15 minute queue times…  that then went pretty damned smoothly.  Other than Eye where we had some truly way overgeared people in there…  I actually managed to hold my own on the dps meters which makes me feel largely validated.  I mean I was not trying that hard to make sure I had a reasonable rotation… and largely just pushing a bunch of buttons…  and still managed to remain high on the meters.  I just don’t have the instincts of a DPS player, but sometimes it is nice to chill and not have to worry about boss placement and picking up aggro on stragglers that may or may not wander in late during a fight.  I did however start diverting some artifact power into funneling up my Blood weapon so I could in theory tank at some point.


The real win of the evening however was getting the spiffy upgraded version of the weapon.  Side note that I did not realize at all is that the various alternate color palettes are apparently dictated by account based achievements?  Either that or I somehow managed to unlock all four color schemes of the new weapon before actually finishing the Death Knight class hall.  Whatever the case for Unholy I am still choosing the default one because it seems to match my chosen armor set about the best.  This is making me wonder if the various “do X things with your hidden artifact appearance” is somehow tied to the account and not a given character.  Because I have done most of those on Belghast already, and it would be sort of awesome if that ended up carrying over to other characters.  I do however feel like I have a proper and legitimate Deathlord to do stuff with, at a high enough item level to join in a lot of reindeer games.  The only problem is… I also sorta have this looming feeling of “what next”.  In truth I probably should start spending more time in Final Fantasy XIV an attempt to continue prepping for the upcoming launch of Stormblood.  In exciting news… I stuffed yet another person in my candy van and got the very awesome Gloria to server transfer and start hanging out with us on the Cactuar server.  In truth I think it probably had more to do with Grace than me…  but whatever the case it is always awesome to have new people joining in the madness.

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