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Yesterday did not go exactly as intended.  Each morning during the summer two events happen… firstly I wander upstairs and start blogging or at least attempt to blog.  Secondly my wife goes out on a morning walk in our neighborhood.  It was on the second part of this equation that things started going off the rails.  Something you have to understand is that my wife and I are not dog people in general.  I mean I won’t refuse petting any dog, and the neighbors dogs are my buds…  but when it comes to actually cohabiting with one that has never been a thing for us.  The problem I have is that to a dog… you are the center of their universe which is a lot of fucking responsibility.  To a cat…  you barely inhabit their universe so you just sorta exist together in the same space, which is much more friendly to my personality.  My wife walks what is in truth a couple of miles around the neighborhood and early on this pair of dogs started following her.  This little boy has a female litter mate and at some point they both ran off to chase a rabbit and only the male dog returned to my wife’s side.  However he proceeded to follow her for another mile and a half…  and during one portion of the journey decided that running off into traffic was a good idea.  He wandered around with her until she finally made it home, where at which point she went through our back gate into the backyard and this little guy hung out at her side all day long.


We have a handful of websites that are for the bedroom community we live in, and she has blanketed them all with “dog found” posts.  The thing is… this is someones baby and he very obviously has a human…  and probably a female one at that.  He is super skittish around me…  but that could be the beard, or the fact that he has tiny stubby legs and I am 6’4″.  Last night we wandered the neighborhood asking anyone that happened to be out and about if they recognized the pupper and none said they had ever seen him.  We also loaded him up into my vehicle and took him to the vet so they could see if he had a micro chip…  and he rode like a champ happily pushing his face between my wife and I and looking out.  The thing is… he just does not seem like an outdoor dog he is in really immaculate shape.  His coat is soft and clean, and his mouth looks to be in excellent shape…  essentially someone has looked after him and loved on him and we just want to make sure we can find his home.  We are just not the sort of people that could ever call animal control or a shelter… so for the moment we seem to have a guest which is causing all sorts of problems.  Firstly he does not like being outside alone… because at about 11 pm last night when we went to bed he started barking and whining on the patio outside the bedroom.  We thought it might be a light thing but turning on some lights out there didn’t seem to help it at all.  My wife opted to take one for the team and rigged a make shift bed outside and slept for a good chunk of the night with him laying on the patio beside her.  Today it started raining… and he is now chilling in our garage because he was not really a fan of the thunder or the rain.  This is just not an outside animal…  and I hope that our wide net ends up finding his family.  The positive however is that if we do not find his home, we had a friend contact us last night that recently lost their dog…  and would be more than happy to adopt him.  I had to make a mad dash to the store last night and attempt to gather some rudimentary dog things…  food, collar, leash, ball, bone and a cheapo food dish.  Here is hoping that within a few days he has been reunited…  but in the meantime my wife seems to have a doggo.

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  1. I literally said ‘awww’ then realized I am sheeple since no doubt everyone who read that felt the same : /. Anyways enjoy the pooch and good on you for taking care of him for as long as it takes. I had an enormous very hairy Alaskan Malamute for a week before the real owner found my posts on the Nextdoor app and Fidofinder (and whatever FB posts my neighbors were using). Could be a good walk companion for he wife…

  2. Aww! I hope he can find his family soon! It’s so nice of you to keep him as a guest while he waits. For thirty years I lived in the city not really being a doggo person myself until the day I just adopted a little puppers and my life changed forever. My little pupper seems to have a lot in common with yours – he really needs a human to be by him to fall asleep. He also hates thunder. Both seem common for dogs.

    I don’t know how old your dog is but if you need any ideas on keeping him occupied, I recommend from puppy experience: kong stuffed with peanut butter/cheese/yogurt, rope toys, any wubba toy. You can get cheap rope toys and wubba toys at the dollar store. If he’s super young I’d stay away from giving him rawhide anything for treats – it can mess with their tiny tummies.
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