It is always bizarre when I make a post on a Monday… and almost everything that I was talking about on Friday has changed.  This is one of those situations.  When I wrote Friday we had a cute dog in our back yard…  but it was still a dog.  We had not slept very well for several nights in a row… because doggo wanted to be barking lots.  There were several times that my wife got up and snoozed out on the back patio in an attempt to keep the dog from waking the neighbors.  While I didn’t get the brunt of it… because the dog latched onto her and not me…  I did get a significant interruption in my sleep patterns because when someone else in the house is moving about I wake up, or at least go into super shallow sleep mode.  Functionally we were following two lines of thoughts… the best possible solution was to find the original owner and in attempting to do this…  we cast a pretty wide net of posting about the dog any place we could think to do so.  The second line of thought was to try and find a “dog person” to take him, and find him a good permanent home.  Saturday afternoon I got a few excited messages from my wife who was out chilling with the dog on the back patio.  It turns out that one of her facebook posts reached the human responsible for doggo, and within thirty minutes or so my wife was walking the pupper back home.  Rocko as the human calls him…  lives about dozen and a half houses away and had probably just escaped when he decided to start following my wife.  We had a bunch of assumptions..  that he was in fact loved, and that he had a female human that looked after him…  and that he had not actually traveled very far based on the way the pads of his feet looked.  All of that turned out to be completely true and while the puppy seemed to be happy enough with us…  once he got in range of his sibling he seemed to get super amped.  Thankfully we were able to connect the dots and find his original home.


As far as the other thing that was distressing me… that had cleared up as well.  When I last wrote about it, I talked about my struggles to find a group capable of getting through the Royal Menagerie trial.  Also at that time there were several of us hung up on that step and functionally high center in the expansion.  The Trial itself lasts for 60 minutes and after the five full attempts worth to get through it….  I had spent roughly 300 minutes of my life doing the fight over the course of the week.  Friday night however Ashgar my usual co-tank reached the point where he was also needing the Trial, and we gathered up two heals, two tanks and a dps to take into the encounter.  Up until this point we had all been talking about our battle scars that had been invoked by the fight…  and then because apparently Ash is super lucky we managed to one shot the fight.  The best part about this is the fact that three of us were stalled in the MSQ and got dislodged by that one victory.  Saturday evening Kodra also reached that point, and similarly we rallied the troops…  this time bringing six players in…  and once again we one shot the encounter.  So maybe I just had a streak of bad luck, but it was maddening nonetheless.  However since pushing past on Friday I have been on a gearing spree and am sitting at 302 I believe now on my Warrior.  When not doing roulettes though I have been working on the Samurai and have that job up to 58 so far.  I need to do some research on the Extreme Primals because yesterday Grace tried to convince me and Tam to do this thing.  I originally thought I would wait until the rest of the group got there as well…  but I don’t mind the through of joining a party finder group…  but I just need to be able to know what the hell is going on beforehand.  Unfortunately there is no MTQ guide for either yet, and I am going to have to rely on one of the other guides to get the basics of the fight.

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  1. Wow, that’s uncanny. I got past it this past weekend and am now at 302 on my Paladin…. and 299 on my warrior, since I’ve got both jobs to 70 now. Paladin’s got the i310 weapon/shield combo, though, while the warrior is still using the i290 AF3 axe. My SAM is 62 to your 58 though.
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