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Happy Tears

Destiny 2_20170906060255

One of the problems with getting older is that you can’t seem to snap back quite as quickly from those late nights.  There used to be a time where I could stay up until 1 am and then still get up for work at 5:30…  those days are long gone.  I had every intent last night of staying up until the 11 pm my time start of Destiny 2, but around 9:45 I decided there was no way I was actually going to make that and went on to bed.  Instead I got up this morning and poked around a little bit.  I was shocked to see my Guardian staring back at me…  so instead of playing with the character generator I just went with it.  This is not the first time that I was brought to tears this morning, and it wouldn’t be the last.  I am weirdly emotional about the launch of Destiny 2, because on so many levels the original was a very important game for me.  I can’t quite put it into words why, but it really was.  The first time however was through a sequence of memories…  that I don’t want to go into too much detail on for fear of ruining the experience for others.  Basically I went into the game expecting to have to start from scratch…  and while we have…  the game remembers us.  It feels like Bungie really does care about the actions we took defending the city over the last three years… and while they didn’t want too much of that to factor in they gave us a nice stoic nod.

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As far as the game itself…  most of that is going to have to wait until this evening when I have some time to actually sit down and play it properly.  I already feel connected to this world…  because its the world I left behind forever changed by the actions of the Cabal Dominus Ghaul.  From here this is where we forge our new path…  our brand new adventures.  I am in no real rush to raid…  so I want to take my time to savor these moments as they happen.  In part I am experiencing everything knowing that in another month… I will be doing it all over again on with the PC launch.  I am largely just hoping that I understand the world by then and can tackle it far more efficiently.  I have to say…  having crappy weapons never felt so good because you are starting in very meager circumstances…  and you appreciate every bullet.  Its time to rebuild our legacy.  I will see you in game tonight, and hopefully I will have gotten the tears out of my system by then.

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  1. I stayed up until midnight for launch and there was a server queue! I was too exhausted to wait it out so decided I’d try again another day. If there was a queue at midnight last night I’m sure it’ll be a mess tonight! Good problem for them to have, I guess.

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