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I don’t have a whole heck of a lot to talk about this morning.  I had a relatively chill night playing Destiny 2 without a whole lot of focus on any more serious adventures.  The first part of the evening I finished a milestone that involves doing a bunch of challenges.  Most of these I got yesterday morning while doing a little crucible, but I wound up finishing up in the EDZ knocking a few out there.  After that I picked back up with the main story quest on my warlock and leveled my way through the end of the EDZ, all of Titan and Nessus and have the starting quest for Io.  The only problem there is that I have been way less meandery this time and am sitting just shy of level 10.  In order to accept the IO quest you need to be 11…  so I am going to spend some time wandering Nessus and taking down stuff there I think.  Titan as a whole is not really a great event running zone, given that things are so broken up due to the various platforms that everything happens to be on.  Nessus and EDZ seem like they are for the long run going to be the best spots to get pick up events, but even then…  now that Nessus is the flashpoint it seems to be way less active than the EDZ was last week.  That said there are still a ton of people running events in the EDZ, which might ultimately be the best place to settle into.


The other thing that I wanted to talk a bit about this morning is something I had seen in a video before.  There is a mission on Titan where you end up essentially going down into an underwater base.  There is this one place where you drop down to a platform below…  and if you are following the flow of the mission you are focused on the objective that is behind me in this screenshot.  However if you turn around and look behind you…  you see this translucent bank of windows and can see something swimming by in shadow that is massive…  and has tentacles.  Now if you have not read the Books of Sorrow this probably will mean nothing to you.  If you want to know the lore of the Hive, then I highly suggest either watching the video series by Byf or the one I actually watched ages ago from Myelin games.  If you prefer to read it yourself, then the full text can be found here as well as I believe all of the Grimore cards from Destiny 1.  I like the video options because I am a sucker for dramatized radio play style text readings…  which is probably why I am a fan of podcasting and public radio in general.  Now we are going to enter some spoiler territory so if you do care to experience the Books of Sorrow yourself come back later.  In the books you find out that the Hive long ago crashed landed on a Water Giant world that they refer to as “The Fundament”, and they ultimately sought the help of the worm gods that lived deep under the water and were creatures of darkness.  I think it doesn’t really make sense that Titan would be “The Fundament” because otherwise we by all accounts should have had to deal with the Hive in full force long before they actually found us.  Instead I am wondering if what we are seeing underwater swimming up against the arcology is a similar Worm God.  Others have talked about this maybe being an Ahamkara, but everything indicates that they were dragon like…  not Leviathan like.  I would say that maybe all of this is for nothing and this is just native life…  but few things that Bungie does are for no actual reason.  I have seen time and time again how they have planted the seeds of something that is yet to come…  in the background of something we have already seen.  During several of these missions the Ghost says that these Hive are different than the ones we had encountered before, which makes me wonder if a certain character that keeps getting mentioned…  has sought out more Worm Gods to make a pact for more power.  Again if you have not dove pretty deep into the lore of Destiny not a damn word I have said today will make much sense.

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  1. I was on Nessus last night too, mostly just because I’m going back and knocking out the low level Adventures that unlock early (on Nessus they require power level 90). And of course I got distracted over and over (quick tip: Adventure progress doesn’t ‘save’ — I got half-way through an Adventure and it was dinner time so I logged out. When I went back in I had to start all over again) often by public events, but I wound up having to solo most of them. And it’s the Flashpoint this week! That doesn’t bode well for future weeks. I kind of wonder if we’ll end up spending most of our time on EDZ for casual ‘random group’ content.
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