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Jiangshi Finally

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One of the issues with Destiny 2 is what I have called the progression problem.  I am stuck in a gravity well right now and finding it impossible to get out of it.  I’ve been sitting at 304 for two weeks now and once again the Tuesday reset has come and given me no forward momentum to break free.  In there were I raiding or doing the nightfall on a regular basis I would be opening up more chances to get unstuck.  However if you are not doing raid, trials or nightfall…  essentially you have three milestones each week to have a shot of improving your overall power level.  Last night I streamed for the first time in a very long time, and on Twitch no less…  so you can in theory see the entire journey of what I do on each character every week.  Unfortunately I got two sets of arms and a chestpiece, all of which armor slots that I already had and also as a result…  I am no closer to 305 than I was at the start of the evening.  Right now I am down to needing helm, boots and class item and unfortunately Destiny 2 doesn’t really give me any options to do some activity that targets those specific slots.  I need to try to get the Nightfall in this week for no reason other than it offers a few more chances at getting some progress.

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To add insult to injury I got nothing really from the Cayde-6 chests including one of them literally dropping nothing at all.  Bungie is apparently still tracking down this bug so I fired off a few responses to them stating what I did.  I literally landed on the planet Titan and started chasing chests, with the 3rd chest I opened in a row producing no results.  I am sure this is some sort of anti-chest farming routine that takes away rewards if you open too many chests in too short of time.  The thing is… do we really need this?  What are they trying to prevent, given that there is no actual economy in this game to protect?  This honestly feels less like protection and more like purposeful throttling of the player base, which is sort of the theme I keep feeling with them tamping down the number of sources we can use to improve our power level.  I am wondering if post TwitchCon this weekend things might loosen up a bit.  My working theory is that they are trying to keep the console community strung along until the PC release happens…  that way they do not have to maintain two vastly different release schedules.  As a result I have this feeling that the PC time table will be accelerated in an attempt to get the two platforms back in synchronization.

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Yesterday I talked a bit about chasing some of the rarer drops from the Gunsmith and one in particular… the Jiangshi AR4 by Omolon.  Other than the fun hanging out while streaming…  last night was a bit of a bummer because it meant that I felt like I made no progress.  As I was winding down the evening… I opted to spend down my Gunsmith packages a bit and much to my shock finally got the weapon I had been questing for.  Granted I am still looking for the Frontier Justice Hakke Scout Rifle… but that is a mission for another day.  I played with this weapon quite a bit in the crucible as I started the weekly grind process on my hunter… and other than the fact that it needs some infusion fuel…  it is so damned good.  I had latched onto Uriel’s Gift and generally use that weapon, but the Jiangshi is also extremely fun and probably going to get some rotation along with The Number.  The big thing this weapon has going for it is the stability and the big strike against it…  it lacks Uriel’s overpower High-Caliber rounds.  I have a feeling that post TwitchCon there is going to be a massive nerf of High-Caliber rounds and as a result the other weapons that are not Uriel’s Gift are going to start to shine a bit more.  I would love to stream more often because I had a lot of fun last night, but not even sure when I would make it happen on a regular basis.

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  1. This is the first week I couldn’t be bothered to log in and do the Tuesday events. The return on investment (fun, light levels) just isn’t there on repeating the same boring old public events and doing crucible on three characters. I still might hit it this weekend if I get bored, but sad that I lost interest so quickly. Not buying it on PC now, either.
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  2. “I am sure this is some sort of anti-chest farming routine that takes away rewards if you open too many chests in too short of time.”

    There’s evidence that it might not even be this. Folks on the Destiny Reddit talk about having their very first chest be empty. I never buy more than 2 at a time and I’ve had empty chests. So maybe it’s just an out and out bug, and maybe it’s just a RNG/gambling feature. At this point I’ve stopped buying the damned things.

    I made 1 point of progress this week: to 294. Honestly Destiny 2 is starting to feel like a chore to me mostly because you really want to jump on that Flashpoint on Tuesday so there’s people around to do the Heroic PEs. I did it on my tertiary character on Saturday last week and had to try to solo most of the PEs I encountered.

    Even last night, on Reset Day, I’d have to wait a long time for events to pop, though when they did there were enough guys there that the heroic version was burned down super fast. So mostly it was browse the web for 5 minutes waiting for an event to pop, then spend a minute doing it.

    I actually think the map is bugged because once I was just running around mindlessly and came upon an active event even though it wasn’t showing on the map until after I encountered it.
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