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Bust Week

Destiny 2_20171019072420

I had this hope of being able to hit the 305 power cap on at least one of my characters prior to the release of the PC version this coming Tuesday.  This is not something that is going to happen, in part because all of my luminous engrams were largely slots that I already had filled with something sitting at 305 level already.  Yesterday morning I wrapped up the powerful milestones on my Hunter and last night I finished them up on the Warlock.  With the Hunter I managed to move up a single point taking her to 304 and with the Warlock I managed to shift slightly to 303 from 302.  So in truth I did make progress… just not on the character I was hoping to.  The core problem is the duplicates that you wind up getting in the game, or at least the fact that it keeps giving me items for the same slots.  For example on my Warlock I have 4 305 helms, my Hunter 3…  my Titan none because he actually needs that slot.  I miss the slot based infusion system from Destiny 1 year 2 and beyond so much, because I would in theory have multiple characters at 305 light were that still the case.  The other annoyance for me is the number of duplicate weapons I keep getting, for example the game thinks I apparently love Pulse Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, and Sub Machineguns because I have several of those waiting to be infused into something the moment I get my hands on another kinetic mod.

I guess the silver lining here is just how many weapons I now have at 305, but unfortunately I have yet to get a single auto rifle for infusion fuel so while I am actually doing events I am still not at my maximum possible power level.  For max level primaries I have the options of the Antiope-D, Vigilance Wing or Better Devils.  For max level energy slot I have the option of Conspirator, Last Hope or Inaugural Address.  Then in the power slot we have a silly number of options pretty much including any power weapon that I would actually want to use.  In theory there is still hope because I could start grinding something on the Titan and hope for exotics to help pave the way.  There is also the Nightfall engram that may or may not include something useful, and similarly the raid engram.  All of that said though I feel like there is a very slim chance that I am actually going to get 305 power this week, and will in turn simply not hit it on the PS4 for some time given starting next week I am really only going to care about the PC launch.  Basically any progress I made on these characters will go into hibernation mode until I can reach a similar place on the PC side of just progressing each week through doing the milestones.  At that point I will probably start doing six characters worth of milestones, because I do silly things.

Going to take this moment to plug a few things before I wrap things up.  I am on vacation the next few days so that is in part why I am getting a late start this morning with the blog.  Firstly I want to plug Beyond the Light the clan-agnostic Destiny 2 PC discord.  The idea being that since so many people will be in so many different clans at PC launch, we can sort of use this to help bind a community together among the greater blog and twitter sphere.  Secondly Greysky Armada our FFXIV/GW2/etc guild has a presence in Destiny 2 PC.  I’ve talked about this before but as it stands I will be keeping my characters on PS4 side in Tequila Mockingbird, but on the PC side I will be with my Greysky crew.  Lastly with the PC launch coming up so quickly… if you find you need help getting started or answering questions please let me know.  I am sorta an overflowing font of useless information about the games that I obsess about… and I most definitely obsess about Destiny/Destiny 2.  More than willing to answer questions or help folks out if they get lost along the way.  Actually Lastly….  the PC version is now available for pre-load through the client and I got it installed on both my desktop and laptop last night so that I am ready to go.  I suggest you do the same to beat the day one patch rush.

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