Crucible Is A Mess


I’ve had a series of nights that did not go exactly as plan, and last night was no difference.  I had a useless and impromptu 4pm meeting which lead me to get out of work significantly later then planned, and a series of errands that needed to be tacked on before I hit the house.  By the time I actually hit the computer I was already stepping into turtle mode and largely stayed there the rest of the night.  This did however give me the opportunity to work on the weekly milestones for both my Titan and Hunter.  As has been my plan for a bit, I chose to do them in reverse order of importance to me…  starting with the Hunter and finishing with the Titan and it seems to have had the desired effect.  As of yesterday I could hit 275 on the Titan and as of last nights shenanigans I managed to push the Hunter to 281 and the Titan subsequently to 283.  I still have Nightfalls to do on both of them and I am hoping tonight I will feel up to group interaction and attempt to get those knocked out as well.  From there it is a matter of getting the Warlock up and running and geared enough to start knocking the content out as well.  The sticking point right now is the fact that I am significantly worse in the crucible than I was on the console.


Essentially whatever I had learned on the console seems to need unlearning…  and instead I am having to adapt to an entirely new set of circumstances.  I am improving, but every so slowly and one of the aspects that does not help is the horrific queuing mechanism present in Destiny 2.  Firstly there is still the problem of 4v4 being a worse mode than 6v6 for a bunch of reasons not the least of which is…  if you are not roaming with the pack you are dead.  In 6v6 there were lots of sub groups that would break off from the main group and roam the map in twos and threes…  but in 4v4 you tend to either encounter no one… or a murderball that is the entirety of the enemy team roaming around together.  This is only made worse by the fact that you are constantly being presented with teams of four players from the same clan.  In 6v6 queuing with one or two members of your clan was largely diluted by the fact that there were 3 or 4 other people on the team.  Queuing as a pair… means you now represent half of the team and it greatly skews the end results.  I feel like the grouping routing should in theory favor placing solo players with other solo players…  and full teams against other full teams.  However because of the constant complaining in Destiny 1 we have a system that favors connection speed over literally everything else and ends up throwing a monkey wrench in any semblance of proper queuing mechanics.


I realize the intent was to have Quick Play be a casual queue and Competitive be a more serious one…  but that does not appear to be working.  Competitive modes would be fine for full team vs full team interactions, or for e-sports tournament settings.  However as a casual player they are miserable just because you are committing to an indefinite amount of time per match.  I know that when I enter the quick play queue I am agreeing to something in the range of 8-10 minutes of my time.  With competitive this is entirely variable based on how many matches you have to play to reach the objectives of the mode…  which are not even really clear in my head.  One mode seems to be that you have to win 6 out of 10 matches to move get on with your life, and the other seems to be a slightly lower number.  Regardless unless you are just straight up throwing each match you are stuck there for thirty minutes.  I’ve played competitive exactly 2 times per character to unlock the Call to Arms milestone and never looked back.  I am hoping with the advent of season 2…  we see some significant changes in the way the queue system works because right now the crucible is not fun at all and something I suffer through each week to get gear.  If you removed the powerful rewards… I would probably never play crucible again other than Iron Banner… and even then it is still a gear chase and not something I actually enjoy playing.  I have proven time and time again over the years that I am willing to suffer some serious bullshit for the minor prize of seeing a single number go up a few digits.

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