Deceiver’s Fall


What a difference a night makes.  I’ve been continuing to work on my Orc Warrior was for the foreseeable future it is likely going to be my World of Warcraft main.  Sure I will continue to visit Belghast and unpack him from mothballs but I’ve never really given Horde a proper chance.  I am also playing way more casually as a Hordie than I traditionally do as Alliance, which seems to help my general enjoyment of the game.  I know were I to start playing on Alliance again as a regular thing… I would be back in the raid before I knew it and being way more serious about the game than I really want to.  Sure on Horde side there are raid options but they tend to be super casual about that sort of thing, and also tend to cram it all into a single night win or lose.  I’ve been focusing more on Fury given that I doubt I will actually be tanking much other than the occasional run with friends.  I got pinged by my good friend Cuppy last night as I was starting to wind down for the evening and it turns out she is a healer, and roughly the same gear level so I foresee some dungeon running in our future.  As of this morning I am sitting at 866 with the only thing holding me back still a 800 heirloom trinket.  I looked at the auction house options for that last night and there is no way I can justify darkmoon trinket prices just to get a very temporary boost in level.


My focus for the night was getting through as much Looking for Raid content as I possibly could given my item level.  I started the night cherry picking world quests focusing on only the quests that had the potential for gear level increases.  This managed to push me up to the 660 item level breaking point and as a result could start doing the Tomb of Sargeras LFR, thinking in theory that I might get reasonable gear from it.  Unfortunately the luck was not on my side and I wound up walking away empty on most fights.  I did however pick up a warforged breastplate and a set of gauntlets at least making the night somewhat profitable.  I need to ultimately sort out re-roll tokens because I walked in without any.  In the past there was some sort of a catch up mechanic allowing you to get more of the older tier of token, and I will have to figure out if that exists here or not.  I had never done any of the Tomb of Sargeras so it was at the very least cool to see it.  I am certain that the LFR fights don’t actually represent the real fights that well but still interesting and enjoyable.  The main thing I have noticed about being horde side is that LFR seems way less toxic than it is over on Alliance.  People seem to just keep their heads down and do the content without need for much bullshit, and I can respect that greatly.  Maybe I just had a lucky night, but whatever the case I approve.

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  1. Bel—ask Kyle (Kelsas) about DMF trinkets. He made me mine, and I used it forever. Things betwixt guildies generally have no cost, unless there’s a significant issue like 10k gold vendor mats *cough dragon mount cough*.

    And yes, one night win or lose, everyone be damned. We’ve gotten a bit more serious about it than in years past, but that’s because Blizzard devs have made the last few raids infuriatingly difficult and movement heavy for EVERYone, and none of us is a decent choreographer. But, the newest raid seems to be more relaxed, as attested by 4 one-shots the first night it was open (I think we all died of shock so there might have been ONE wipe…).

    Occasionally we’ll throw in a second night in order to push through something, but I think we’ve maybe only done that once in this entire expansion.

    The current raid tier mechanics will kill you in no time flat at that ilvl, but all of us would be more than happy to assist you in running the other raids for catching up/quest chains and the like so you can comfortably come with us any time you like.

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