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I don’t have a whole lot to say this morning.  It is my first day back to work…  and that is hard enough without having to suddenly have things to talk about on my blog.  I figured I would reshare these photos because I clearly did not creep out enough people over twitter.  One of the things my wife and I enjoy doing is what we call “going junking”.  Now technically we tend to be visiting a bunch of “antique malls” but in truth we are not looking for the high class ones.  Instead we want the ones with weird stuff in them and they rarely disappoint.  First up on the left is a doll that I am absolutely certain has killed someone at some point.  It looks like it is probably possessed and if you take it home will let you star in your own Blumhouse film.  Next up is something that I am guessing someone created while in the deconstructionist phase of a meth high?  I am sure it sounded like a good idea to take apart the lamp and the doll…  but when they came down and tried to put things back together they maybe got something wrong in the process.  The thing is it wouldn’t be anywhere near as creepy if they just left the doll head out of the equation.  It might have even been slightly funny to see a doll with a lampshade for a head… but instead they created a plasticine dullahan.  Lastly is a legitimate product of the 1980s where someone thought it was a good idea to create a bear lamp out.  I am guessing that this is one of those weird castings that pottery stores used to keep around for people to come in, purchase, glaze and then walk out with a pseudo finished product.  My aunt was super into that sort of thing and my family has a lot of porcelain Christmas trees and puffy precious-moments-esc native american dolls as a result.  This however just went south at some point during that process and apparently no one actually realized that punching holes in the doll for light to come through looked like a teddy bear roadkill carcass?  Apologies to everyone with trypophobia that I am apparently going to trigger again, but I figured everyone needed to see this madness.


Occasionally my trips however yield things that are actually rather cool.  Like these two glass skulls that I found in a junk store in Muskogee.  I would legitimately love to have them, but have no clue what I would actually do with them.  It isn’t like I really have a proper place to display glass skulls and everything in my house is moments away from being knocked off by a bored cat.  Granted my glass mannequin head that I have in my office has survived a tumble from bookcase onto the carpeted floor and I am certain these are equally of sturdy make.  Had I come across them in college I likely would have snapped them up in a heartbeat, but I have reached the point where I realize that 99% of the things that I see in the world that I think are cool…  are probably things I can live without.  Largely it isn’t about denying myself cool stuff, but more that I already have a ton of cool stuff that takes up too much space.  As a result when I snap a photo of something at one of these junk stores, it is me collecting its image rather than having to lug home the actual item.  The trip and the discovery and the memory are the parts that really matter.  Sure we occasionally drag things home, like we stumbled across an amazing pixel art plastic canvas booth at the same place the cursed bear came from.  I walked away with a tiny tardis keyfob that I have on my badge lanyard, and an adorable Ewok and Nintendo controller magnet that I will put up in the cube at work.  Those are small bits of awesome that I can easily fit into my life, but these bigger objects are just harder for find a proper place for.  Half of the fun of these trips is sitting back and trying to figure out what the hell the person who purchased the item in the first place was thinking.  Every object has a story and it is interesting to try and sort out how the thing in front of you ended up where it is now.

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  1. You’re still doing the very thing that discovering EverQuest saved Mrs Bhagpuss and I from! We used to go out most weekends trawling charity shops and car-boot sales (UK terminology for, I guess, thrift stores and yard sales) and coming home with armfuls of bizarre stuff, a disturbing amount of which we still have. We would totally have bought the doll-lamp.

    Almost from the day we started playing EQ we stopped doing that. Instead we just fill our imaginary bank vaults with imaginary curios. It’s cheaper and we don’t have to get a bigger house!

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