Squandered Post

Pay no attention to the lack of a proper blog post this morning.  I’ve squandered what is normally my writing time watching a video of Adam Savage recreate the futuristic binoculars from Blade Runner 2049.  I don’t have a ton to talk about this morning because in truth I didn’t do much in the way of gaming.  I logged into both the Warrior and Demon Hunter horde side and did some emissary work and then logged into Destiny 2 only to log right back out.  Since I got only a couple of hours of good sleep last night I was ending up crashing pretty hard starting around 7:30-8 ish last night.  My focus for the night however was to attempt to get some sleep rather than do a lot of epic gaming.  My hope for tonight is to get in and do some Destiny 2 and at a very least knock out some of my weekly milestones.  I also still have a bunch of work to do on the Demon Hunter in trying to finish its class hall.  Additionally I only actually have one mount from the whole order hall madness thing.  I should in theory do some more.  Right now as it stands I have Warrior, Death Knight and Paladin to 110 on Alliance side and Warrior, Demon Hunter and Death Knight to 110 Horde side.  I would really like to get the 3 other mounts that I have easily available between the two sides.  I also at some point think I am going to push up my Warlock because it is something I enjoy but have no real clue how to actually play.

I am still very much getting used to the new routine that comes with managing three groups of people, and expect me to have a lot of adjustment time and probably low quality posts in the meantime.  I love you all and I hope you will bear with me through this madness.

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