Still Mostly Alive

Apologies for the super late post this morning, but it’s been an ordeal to get to this point.  I woke up about 3:30 last night with the most excruciating pain I think I have ever experienced.  It was this pain that was super hard to place because it seemed to be everywhere.  It sort of radiated from just below my bellybutton, around the right side of me and also had this sorta lower back pain thing going on.  I spent a good deal of the early morning hours trying to find a way to lay that was less painful than the others without much luck.  Finally after getting up and showering the pain started to lesson enough that I could crash and attempt to get some rest.  At this moment there are occasional twinges of pain but nothing like it was this morning.  I went back and forth about going to the emergency room, because I hate dealing with that nonsense.  Instead I took the day off work and have a doctors appointment at 2:10 that will hopefully get me to the bottom of whatever is going on.  Anyways as a result you are getting a very late and very non-gaming post.  This is in part because really it was a pretty gaming light weekend.

On Saturday I went up to my home town and helped my parents move a bunch of stuff and hang a television on the wall.  I think when I first started to notice the abdominal pain I thought maybe I had just pulled something moving in directions my body is not used to moving in.  Saturday night I felt completely out of it, like I was a little guy in my brain piloting my body badly sort of out of it.  Sunday we had to get up and around and go to a family thing…  that turned out to be its own nightmare.  There are three people on my wife’s side of the family that I really do not like being around and all three of them were at this party.  By the time I got home I was once again out of it and spent the evening watching black mirror.  I remember some minor abdominal discomfort when I first went to bed but I guess as the night went on it just kept getting worse until it finally woke me up.  Here is hoping that the doctor might have some ideas for what is going on.  I’m in this state where I am almost afraid to eat or drink anything because I have no clue what might make it worse…  and the last thing I ever want to feel again is that pain.

I mostly wanted to make a post because I didn’t want folks to be concerned about me…  even though I guess in theory there was reason to be concerned.  I hope the start of your week is going better than the start of mine.

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