Indigo Blade Get

Yesterday I engaged in some serious nonsense, which is not super surprising if you follow this blog in the least.  For whatever reason I got it stuck in my head that I would really like to have the Wyvern Blade “Indigo”, which is an alternate line of the poison weapon I have been using off and on for some time.  This unfortunately would involve starting over from scratch and building a new base weapon and upgrading it completely.  I had no clue what exactly that mean’t part wise so I created a little hit list adding up everything.

To craft the Wyvern Blade Indigo… and all of the precursors I would need…

  • 05 – Rathian Shell
  • 01 – Rathian Plate
  • 10 – Machalite Ore
  • 04 – Poison Sac
  • 03 – Rath Wingtalon
  • 02 – Flame Sac
  • 03 – Rathalos Marrow
  • 02 – Rathalos Shell
  • 06 – Rathalos Scale+
  • 04 – Rathalos Carapace
  • 02 – Rathalos Wing
  • 01 – Rathalos Plate
  • 14 – Azure Rathalos Scale+
  • 04 – Azure Rathalos Carapace
  • 03 – Azure Rathalos Wing
  • 01 – Rathalos Medulla
  • 02 – Teostra Horn+
  • 03 – Azure Rathalos Tail
  • 01 – Rathalos Ruby
  • 120,000 Zenny

I spent some time yesterday streaming and originally thought I would be just clearing out optional content like I have been doing the last few days.  However rapidly that descended into madness as I started chasing the bits and pieces needed to craft the Indigo weapon.  This meant a significant amount of farming Rathalos and Azure Rathalos…  neither of which are necessarily super difficult encounters, but also not exactly quick farms either.  Because I am weird and me… I opted to mostly farm these using my method of SOS roulette and in truth this rapidly allowed me to get down to a single item needed.


The core problem there however is that “gems” from monsters seem to drop super infrequently…  if you actually want them to drop.  I have a string of bird wyvern gems for example, but now that I actually need one it would not drop.  I am not honestly sure how many Blues I took down during the stream, but after stopping I continued the madness… and by the end of the night had probably defeated at least eight…  potentially more.  It was around about this time that Ashgar came in to alter my thought patterns.


This theory was that it would be simply faster for me to knock out the five elder dragon kills needed to do the weekly, than continue farming Azure Rathalaos over and over forever without getting a drop.  It turns out you can take the Gold Wyverian Print that you get from the weeklies and turn it into a guaranteed gem from any monster.  So this lead to me farming Xeno’jiiva over and over until I had knocked out the five kills.  Ultimately according to Ash… Zorah Magdaros, Nergigante, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Vaal Hazak, and Xeno’jiiva all count.  The low effort versions would have been to just farm Zorah until I got my five kills but I figured I might as well work on something that had a chance of giving me useful monster parts.


As a result before I went to bed I managed to farm up all of the bits needed to craft the weapon, and then took it on a ceremonial trip to High Rank Great Jagras to see how well it works.  The final clock said just a second or two over two minutes for the kill, but I also wandered around aimlessly collecting herbs and honey at the beginning of that fight so I am guessing I actually finished the kill a little under a minute.  All in all I am super happy with the end result in spite of the process itself being a little nonsense.  Why exactly did I do this thing?  Mostly because Kirin is weak to fire… and I will have to ultimately do Tempered Kirin to uncap my level again.

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