Blurry Cats


I’m somewhat all over the place this morning and struggling to get started, so in the meantime here is a picture of a confused cat.  This is Kenzie, she is my real life palico and “helps” me do lots of things…  including fetching me rubber bands and string that I didn’t even know I needed.  She then wants me to throw the string or rubber band so she can find it again and prove how good of a Palico helper she is.  She is trying to show how much better the real version is than the in Monster Hunter World version.  She also largely looks like this every time I take a photo because it is like she has never seen my phone before.


I guess this is an upgrade from the ferret who won’t stop wiggling and then yawns…  so that every photo looks like she is about to bite me.  Example in the photo above…  I promise she did not just bite me after the photo was taken.  In fact the most aggressive thing she ever does is lick my hand and she is a lovable wiggly fluffball.  I wrote on twitter the other day that I am consistently jealous of people who can take good photos of their pets.  Ours seem to exist in two states…  asleep or shapeless blur.  By the moment I get my phone out, unlock it with my thumbprint and open the camera app…  the moment of adorableness that was just happening is always over.  What you end up seeing are the hollow after moments of what was a really cute photo ruined by the fact that my pets do not understand photography.

They are however great at sleeping on me or around me.  Like right this very moment Kenzie is laying on my headphones because apparently that is a comfortable thing to do…  just sort of drape your body over an awkwardly shaped object.  Basically she likes being near me at all times when possible and meows incessantly the moment I lock her out of the bathroom to take a shower.  Similarly when I record a podcast on Saturday nights she gets really confused that she cannot also be in the room… and if you have ever tuned into one of my streams you have probably hear her talking to me or me talking to her.  The thing is… I have several blankets on my desk for the cats to lay on… but more often than not she is just going to lay on a controller or something else that cannot possibly feel comfortable.


Since this has apparently turned into a post where I just sit here talking about pets.  This is Allie, she is our old lady and mostly just wants to lay on things.  The majority of the time she is either laying on the blanket I keep on my recliner end of the sectional or draped over top of me while I am sitting there using my laptop.  She is awesome in that she has figured out how to lay in such a way as to not obstruct my keyboard and mouse movement.  The only problem is when she is doing this thing I basically cannot type with my right hand.  When I am using a controller she has figured out how to basically cradle herself up against my beard as not to obstruct the use of said controller.  She is a great girl but is starting to show the signs of age and ultimately we are just going to love on her as long as we have her.  Once again…  the moment I took this shot she moved slightly causing it to be a little out of focus.


Then we have Mollie our youngest and most blurry cat.  I took like six shots in rapid succession and this is the least blurry of them all.  She had a rough start of her life and as far as I can tell she was found as a kitten in a parking lot and taken directly to a primarily dog animal shelter.  So she lived there for like the first six months of her life having to content with the constant barking of puppers.  When we first got her she was insanely skittish and over time has improved…  but she also isn’t quite there yet.  For whatever reasons she seemed scared of me at first, but I largely chock this up to the fact that the lady running the shelter was about the same height and build as my wife and she maybe thought she looked “safe”.  Over time she has become my little shadow as I move around the house, hopping up on things and wanting attention.  However she bolts the moment she hears a loud and strange sound or sees Kenzie.  There are times though when kenzie is sleeping on the blanket on my wife’s end of the sofa…  and Mollie will sneak in and snuggle with me and those are the best times ever.


Since this morphed into a pets post…  I figured I should also show off a picture of Shiloh when she is sleeping and adorably curled up in her toy box.  Ferrets love toys and she will drag them around the cage and shove them into the toybox or under blankets, though she rarely falls sleep in here.  I am guessing she was playing and got tuckered out.  Ferrets are sorta like windup toys in that they have all sorts of motion and action until they run out of charge… and then basically conk out wherever they happen to be at that moment.  As a result you will find your ferrets sleeping in all sorts of weird positions because they ran out of energy at exactly that moment.  There have been times I have woken up in the morning and Shiloh will be conked out halfway between the litter box and one of the beds…  because apparently she woke up just long enough to go potty and then ran out of steam again.  She has always been a sleepier girl than any of our other ferrets have been and when she is sleepy… she is REALLY sleepy.  Then again when she is active she is really active and wants to be picked up and subsequently tries to climb up my shirt.  The funniest thing is that she also plays with the cats… especially Mollie and she will wait at the side of the cage when she is near by.  Mollie also tries to pull on her blankets when she wants Shiloh to wake up and play…  so inevitably there will be a tuft of fleece blanket sticking out through the cage in the morning.

So those are my pets… I did not exactly intend on the post to take this trajectory but it is what happened.  I hope you have a great day and a great start of the week.



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