More Things Going Wrong

Today I have a riveting tale from our long running compendium of things not going as planned, soon to be made into a major motion picture.  The sequence of events that I was expecting yesterday was to go to work and then around noon head home to wait for the air conditioning folks to come service our unit.  When we upgraded to the nonsense thing as tall as I am… one of its quirks is that instead of a small filter it has a mega HEPA filter and a light that is supposed to kill bacteria as it circulates through.  This apparatus is supposed to be replaced every year, but for the last three visits they have not had the correct part on the truck so we are going on two years with the same bits.  I made certain that I asked ahead this time when we scheduled the maintenance that they bring the correct part so that it could be changed.  In theory the serviceman was supposed to arrive around 1 pm and my thought was originally that I could have a relaxing afternoon as soon as he left.

What actually happened was that the guy showed up between 2 and 2:30 and immediately stated that he did not have the correct parts because for whatever reason they had us down with the wrong unit in their system.  He called around to try and get one of the other trucks to bring him a filter…  and when that failed he decided to do all of the bits he could do without the filter and then would have to go back to the shop and get it himself.  I had every indication that this was a thing he was going to do when he left my home and come right back to finish the job.  So I attempted to patiently wait…  and not really get into anything I could not drop immediately if the doorbell were to ring.

It was around 5:30 that I called into the business who stated that he was still scheduled to finish the job, but that he had gotten diverted to another site temporarily.  They assured me that we were next on the list and that he would be there shortly.  When my wife got home around 7:30 she was also perturbed and called in again after two hours had passed since the previous call.  She got the after hours on call service, and someone got back to us extremely quickly…  at that time they seemed to have no clue what was going on.  It was around 8:45 that he finally showed up with this nonsense filter and uv light in hand…  wrapped up the job and paid.

The problem with all of this is the fact that I felt like I couldn’t actually do anything because I had to be available for someone to swing by and deal with our stuff.  So what could have been a leisurely afternoon of gaming silliness turned into an anxiety riddled one where I was afraid to put on my headphones for fear I would miss the knocking on my door.  Hell there was an interlude in there where I ordered a pizza but was too afraid to actually sit down and eat for fear the guy would show up while I was attempting to chow down.  I am annoyed with the service company because I expected more from them.  Usually their estimates are pretty accurate for when someone will be showing up, but the whole not having this part on the trucks is frustrating.  If you are actively selling this system then you should be actively prepared to support it.

Anyways…  so you my readers get another “non-post” because I didn’t really get to sit down and do anything involved until around 9 pm last night…  at which time I logged into Monster Hunter World and got one more Kulve run in before we say farewell to that event for an unknown period of time.  I managed to get another orange Hammer and another purple Light Bowgun…  but even then I was more than happy to say goodbye knowing how much I have managed to get from it.  Still kinda annoyed that I never got a decent bow from the event, which only means that I now need to research what bow to craft so I can fill that gap in myself.

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  1. Been there many times. It’s one part of being a home owner that they never tell you about. Growing up I never knew about things like servicing the heater, or the air conditioner needing to be recharged every few years. I like to think of it as owning a car, except you have to wait for the shop to find its way to you, and as best they try, things do come up. I recall having an appointment to get the heater serviced, got the first appointment in the morning, sat and watched two movies before I called. I was told the same. Something came up and we were next. I was annoyed obviously. When they showed up 3 hours later, I was mad. Then the tech told me about the 92 year old woman who’s heater cracked and her house was filled with soot. And how 4 techs got a new unit installed for her and got the cleaning company in there to make it livable. And then I kind of felt bad for being mad. Stuff happens. We do our best to be human beings. But what you’ve gone through with the wrong part multiple times? Yeah, that’s messed up. I know it wasn’t the techs fault, but someone should have at least called you to explain the delay v

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