Zuldazar Continues


This morning I am doing considerably better than I was yesterday, but I am still not quite in fighting form.  Whatever crud I have has kicked my butt and I only managed to make it about three hours yesterday before tagging out and heading home.  What is annoying the most is that I feel just generally drained and awful and unable to enjoy pretty much anything I am doing.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to catch up on Jessica Jones Season 2 and I think I made it to episode eight before giving up for the day.  The only negative about this is that I was probably not paying anywhere near as close attention to World of Warcraft as I should have.

I reached this point where suddenly there were Mogu everywhere and I am not sure how we got there exactly.  I’ve since pieces together some of the details but I have a feeling there is a quest somewhere in the chain where I simply wasn’t paying anywhere near enough attention.  It is around this point that I realized just how damned spoiled Elder Scrolls Online has made me.  It is very easy for me to glaze over a wall of text presented with a quest, but significantly less easy for me to ignore a character that is actively talking to me.  Voice acted content makes me forget that I am effectively just doing a fetch or a kill ten quest, and instead the character I am interacting with becomes intimately more “real”.


I still largely look like a toddler that dress themselves for the first time… all I am missing is the inexplicable scuba mask and tutu.  I am trying to do this whole no transmogging thing…  but every night is a struggle.  It is funny that I am realizing how much of my enjoyment of my character is the way that it looks.  Right now I look like hot garbage and it is by reference making everything I pick up feel like it is utterly useless and disposable since it will make me look a brand new kind of awful.  It seems that there is way less loot as a whole from quests, and I think in part this is because of the upgrade-able items, however I have yet to find a weapon with Heart of Azeroth talents on it.

Ultimately this is meaning that I don’t have any gear for an offspec because each time a new weapon rolls around it is a significant upgrade to what I was wielding before and not something I can pass up for sake of balancing out my characters options.  I like the upgradeable gear, but right now I seem to keep getting the exact same three slots so I am presented with a series of lateral choices rather than building out a full set of gear.  That has always been one of my big complaints about World of Warcraft and leveling, is how piecemeal the gear ends up being and how you always have a few slots that are languishing with no direct upgrades.


I legitimately thought I was nearing the end of Zuldazar, but some events transpired that have effectively thrown me into a “world two” sort of scenario.  Quest destinations that I thought I had finished now suddenly are springing up with brand new options.  I have a feeling that before the end of this I will have arrived at every destination twice…  which makes me realize just how damned bad I am at following main story quests.  The events that shifted everything into motion…  came from quite literally the last quest I had showing on the board.  I thought I was heading towards the end conflict of the zone…  not opening up a whole new one.

Tonight in theory I should be able to push through the end of Zuldazar.  I am artifact level 10 and about 1/5th of a level away from 117, so I am sure I will wrap that up before shifting to swampland.  Grace has of course already dinged 120 because she is better at not getting distracted by shiny objects… and by shiny objects I mean mobs that look at me funny and I have to charge into.  We did run a dungeon last night and that was pretty fun.  I have a feeling though it is not going to be super popular given that there is a functional repeat of the Blackrock Depths Torch Room in it.  I feel like every set of dungeons has an Oculus, and unless there is something more heinous hidden in the dungeons I have yet to run… I am guessing that this expansion it will be Temple of Sethraliss.

4 thoughts on “Zuldazar Continues

  1. I am way too concerned about my looks too. Even in Destiny 2 where I rarely see myself I refuse to take off my Lucky Pants unless I just have to. I enjoy their look far too much.

  2. Two things:
    I didn’t ding 120 yet, I will tonight though!
    Also for the artifact gear, it will only ever be head, shoulders, and chest. The rest of your slots will always have normal gear. I’m not sure why they did it that way, but at least that’s only 3 slots you have to have extra gear for offspec traits.

    • in my head… I am pretty convinced I saw something saying you dinged last night. However I am sick and my brain does weird things when sick. Maybe I just dreamed you dinging? Because clearly I would dream nonsense like that. I did keep dreaming about the battle for Zuldazar. The three slot thing is a bit of a bummer… we can have sorta nice things but not too much of them for fear we will riot 😛

  3. It’s not just you. I was scratching my head this morning trying to think of a way to talk about the story, but I am lost. I feel like there are 30 different stories being told, and everyone is hitting 120 having breezed through everything and I’m just killing gorillas because they are bad, the guy up the hill said so. I don’t know why they are bad, they look like they are just hanging around doing gorilla things. Maybe the guy bought some tape off one of them and it didn’t work like he saw on Zandalar TV. I don’t know. I stepped into the land up north briefly. Saw some Blood Trolls are building a Weapon of Mass Destruction that will end life as we know it. But I’m wondering are we fighting for the wrong guys. Someone in town mention The Thunder King, like he was a good guy and all. But I thought he was a bad guy. So maybe these Blood Elves are really the rebel forces and we should be helping them. I mean we are allies with the Blood Elves, so maybe the Blood Trolls are good guys too.

    TLDR, I’m lost flipping through channels catching glimpses of too many stories.

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