Yesterdays post was super negative, and I apologize for being down a bit.  I am dealing with some mental stuff and fighting through it, but it has colored my world view decidedly darker for the moment.  Yesterday over on Mastodon, someone commented that it sounded like I simply wasn’t having fun anymore.  To some extend I have been having less fun, but I feel like MMOs in general require a lot of grind to get to the fun parts.  Right or wrong that is just sort of the nature of the beast and something I accept as part of the package deal.  My hope is always that the moment to moment gameplay is enjoyable, but even when it isn’t the hope is that there is a lot of enjoyment beyond the grind.

It was around this time that I came up with a reasonable analogy to explain MMOs.  Say you are a person that is really into knocking down dominoes and watching them fall into intricate patterns.  In that hobby it would often time take days to painstakingly set up the tiny little slabs, and then eventually when you are finished you get to start the chain reaction causing them to do all sorts of awesome things…  for a few minutes.  Hours upon hours worth of work…  for a very short payoff.  This is what playing an MMO feels like most of the time… a lot of painstaking work managing factions and consumables and all of the assorted trappings that come with doing endgame stuff…  all to have a few minutes of joy every week.

All of the faction work leads to something…  but that something is often times short and sweet and leaves you wanting more of that awesome endorphin hit that it gave you.   However for the moment I am distracted by the fact that Brewfest is happening and with it comes the Coren Direbrew event.  Sadly the trinkets that are provided this year are only 335, when I was hoping they would be something more sustainable like 340-345.  Regardless it is a thing that gives a much needed slot and my hope is to farm up a set on the Warrior and maybe get the Warlock leveled enough to get some as well.  Additionally there is a pet that I have never picked up before that I hope to get the tokens for.

After that will be the Halloween event, and another grind to chase…  since I have never managed to get the mount to drop and am only slightly bitter about it.  The positive is that it seems like all levels can participate in the Coren Direbrew event, so my hope is that similarly all levels can participate in the Halloween one as well.  That means if I so choose to do this nonsense… I could run around thirty characters through the event every day…  with thirty shots at the mount each day.  On the Brewfest side I have the Kodo and Ram and am not sure if other mounts drop but I think I am in good territory.  Whatever the case this adds up to a large package of distraction that may or may not keep me entertained until the 8.1 patch releases and we can see if anything feels better in the world.


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  1. I know those Horseman Reins feels. I saw it drop once when I was level 78 and got in with a guild group to do it. One other person needed it and had run the event daily on multiple characters, so I passed. I have never seen it drop since. Last year was the first year since 2009 that I only did it on my one max level, no Alts, and only gave it a few tries. I thing RNG has soured me to a good deal of things in the game, the random drops seem to take much longer than you would like, and the guaranteed things gated behind reps are, to be honest, a bit underwhelming. If I was a conspiracy kind of person, I would say the rewards are skewed towards you doing Islands for toys and AP, Warfronts for non-raid gear, Mythic Dungeons, and Raids for the higher levels. Gear from rep vendors and professions are dead last.

    I recall during Wrath, doing daily cloth cool downs, working for what seemed like weeks, farming materials, just to be able to make that one piece of gear, so that maybe I could get my gear score up enough to where I might get a chance to pug ICC, or at the very least make running a heroic dungeon easier. It feels like now, no matter where I go in the world, more and more older content is being changed over to scaled. Getting the sharks in Booty Bay for pirate day, they were all 120’s. I get that they desire to make as much of the game as possible relevant. But sometimes you just want to be able to walk into an older zone, and be a god. Maybe that ties in with your endorphins comment. Maybe for me they’ve taken too many opportunities out. Can you imagine if Fel Reaver in BC content scaled? I shudder to think.

    Sorry, I’m rambling. Hope you have a great weekend. Happy Fall.

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