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This morning there is not going to be much of a blog post because reasons.  I am just flat out struggling today to get my act together enough to string coherent words today.  Additionally my middle cat has made it her job this morning to try and walk across my keyboard as many times as humanly possible this morning.  Additionally I spent some time playing with the outdoor cat.  We don’t know the cats name, but it is a super sweet bobtail tabby that started following my wife while walking…  and to keep him from getting super lost she started feeding him as a distraction.  This turned into a morning ritual where he shows up at the door looking for food…  and since he is super sweet and friendly we feed him.  Still a little skittish, but from what we have found out.. he technically belongs at a house about five doors down…  who also regularly feeds him.

Regardless …  adorable cat…  wanted food this morning so I stopped what I was doing and obliged and then proceeded to get headbutted periodically while the vigorous “monching” proceeded.  I mean it is a pretty great start to the day and I am pretty sure the rest of the day will be downhill from here.

As far as gaming goes I attempted to run Looking For Raid last night… and wound up bailing on the last boss of the new wing that opened up.  There is some heinous trash before hand and a combination of the tanks and dps kept trying to pull all of it at the same time summarily wiping us.  I suffered through three of these wipes before I finally said screw it and bailed.  Maybe by the weekend people will have sorted out not to do that…  or it will get hotfixed to remove some of the trash.  Regardless I got a nice trinket…  which is when the begging began.  Shortly after it dropped I started getting random tells from people wanting to get it from me.  I had already equipped because I liked it better than one of my trinkets.  However one person went so far as to berrade me for equipping it since I already had a 350 in that slot, and that I should be sharing.

This is the point at which I blocked the person and moved on with my life, but this sort of behavior has seemingly become more rampant.  Any time I decide to pug something I’ve seen a significant uptick in loot beggers and it is just annoying.  I really wish there was a flag to keep your loot from showing up publicly, and thereby masking you from any of those addons that try and determine if the person who got the loot deserved it.  The truth is I don’t really want to be in a LFR in the first place…  it makes it worse that I now have to deal with a line of randos vying for the single item that I managed to get during the week from ANY content so far.  I think this feels worse right now than it did in other expansions because the loot feels super scarce and unsatisfying.  As a result when someone begs for an item my guttural knee jerk reaction is “fuck you, get your own damned loot”, which again… is not a healthy stance to take towards a video game.

Essentially as I talked about last night, there is a certain set of circumstances that have created this environment that just feels bad.  No one factor is the cause, but instead in some sort of a SimCity-esc RCI meter…  all of the settings have been tweaked to awful at the same time and it is making the entire experience feel suddenly worse than it ever did.  That is not to say that there are also not an awful lot of things going right.  I have legitimately enjoyed the storyline quite a bit, but the story…  is a limited quantity that is over quickly and instead what remains is all of the repeatable content loops that now feel sort like an off balance washing machine careening towards eventually spilling its load.  The artwork as well is completely on point.  The alliance side areas for example are some of the best looking I have seen in any expansion.  I feel bad about complaining all of the time, but ultimately that is the experience I am feeling so as such I share it with you my readers.

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    • it was zero dark thirty in the morning and my camera would not have taken a reasonable picture… and the flash would have scared the baby. I will try and get a picture though 🙂

  1. I did wing 2 on Tuesday. I will do wing 3 in two weeks on a Tuesday, and then I’m walking away from it. At least it appears they learned about gating story behind the raids. At least I don’t think there is story there. Just 6 creatures we have to kill to get gold and AP

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