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I am deeply susceptible to getting distracted by a side mission.  This is in part why I never found the Thief, Warrior and Mage stones in Skyrim and had to eventually wind back around when I found out I missed something.  I have a bad tendency to wander off the path, and in theory given that I have played through all of this content before…  I should be able to maintain more focus.  However that has not been the case and I keep going off on tangents, like my most recent one of farming Diablos over and over trying to get the pieces for it’s rank 7 hammer.  At this point I need Majestic Horns…  which you only get if you manage to break both of the horns.  I need a lot of these…  some for the Hammer and some for the shoulders as well that grant two ranks of slugger.  The biggest problem I am running into is that Majestic Horns don’t appear to be 100% drop if you break both horns, and instead there is a consolation item that I keep getting.


Additionally I am going to need a ton of parts from Black Diablos so I have been trying to focus on the quest where you hunt both at the same time.  I need 3 Black Spiral Horn+ which I assume also comes from breaking Black Diablos horns…  and I need one more of the Black Diablos Carapace which seems to drop more frequently.  Thankfully I already have the Wyvern Gem needed to craft the weapon so I won’t be stalled out waiting for that to happen.  So last night I spent pretty much the entire night jumping into SOS Roulette with various groups, fighting a bunch of Diablos…  focusing on trying to break the horns…  while watching Ozark season 2 on Netflix on my second monitor.  All in all it was a good night… even though Ozark in general gives me some massive anxiety since there is a bunch of stuff that just aint right going on with that show.


In theory tonight will be more of the same.  I crafted the highest pre-Nergigante metal hammer available because it had a cheap enough material cost, and I figured at some point I could upgrade it into the Nergi hammer if I so choose.  It serves as a decent replacement for the Zorah hammer I had been using until this point.  At some point I need to sort out what I actually want my armor set to look like, given that I am gearing for completely different stats as hammer than I would normally as Longsword.  I also really need to farm a bunch of Nergi to get parts so I can craft the final step of that Longsword after I down Xeno’Jiiva.  Right now I just don’t have the patience to take on Xeno since I really don’t like doing that fight solo…  because it seems to take so freaking long.  At some point I will force myself through it so I can at least start moving up my Hunter Rank again.

3 thoughts on “Stop Hammer Time

  1. Much I’m reading about the game sounds pretty great, and I’ve wondered once or twice if I should just buy it and try it out.
    On the other hand, what you posted here sounds, to me, like all work and no fun.
    I like working towards certain goals, but I don’t like to grind until my eyes bleed.
    Would you recommend it to me nonetheless?

    • Honestly… I am not sure. Monster Hunter is very much a game about big epic boss battles that take thirty minutes… and the loot that they drop that you can then turn into craftable gear. The two parts of the game are intertwined and I am not sure how much grind is too much grind? You rarely get all of the items you need from a single boss killing, in the case of Diablos… it is a rough grind because you only get the pieces you need if you manage to break the horns. The more common grind though is killing a monster over and over hoping for the “Gem” to drop that is needed for an item. The grind is definitely a huge part of the game, but the big epic battles with monsters that legitimately test your skill… make the grind both amazing and frustrating. Amazing because when you are in the heat of the battle you totally forget about whatever it was you were grinding for and instead focus on fighting the big monster. Frustrating… because each boss kill tends to take 15-30 minutes.

      Basically Monster Hunter is an MMO where everything is raid boss fights.

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