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This is going to be one of those morning posts where I largely talk about a bunch of screenshots.  Last night I managed to max out my Colonel Sander’s Mask, which is of course the best of the Festival of the Lost masks you can get quite frankly.  Who doesn’t want to be Cayde-6’s faithful chicken companion… especially in the light of recent events.  I love the way that they added a perk system that levels up on these masks, because the buffs that they give you… largely make up for having no light level associated with them.  Now it gives me extra defense while in air, which is especially handy when you have the grounded debuff, and it also buffs damage dealt towards all mobs as well as increasing the drop rate of heavy ammo.  So far the furthest I have made it into the Haunted Forest is successfully clearing 8 rounds, which to be honest unless I was in with a stacked group of friends I am not sure if I am going to do better.


As far as Fragmented Souls… I am up to 86 out of the 120 needed for the Auto Rifle.  I can only seem to manage running a couple in a row before I need to go off and do something else for a bit.  I do however have a multi-part bounty that I should be finishing tonight that will reward me 40 at once, pushing me over the number needed.  As far as Auto Rifles go however… I am in love with The Misfit.  Normally I don’t really go for the low impact/high rate of fire auto rifles, but this one is awesome.  It had reasonable stability as far as that style of weapon goes and because of my roll rather fast reload speed.  It is far from a great roll however, because it has the perk that causes the weapon to reload on critical damage…  which sure is cool but would be so much better if it had pretty much anything else on it.  I think I would ultimately want one with Zen Moment which increases stability as you deal damage… and Rampage that gives you a stacking damage buff each time you take out a target…  since this thing melts minion type mobs.


Another weapon that I am using that I love…  but is less than optimal other than the Haunted Forest is Go Figure, that rolled with insane amounts of range on it.  This means I can sit back and psuedo snipe things with a pulse rifle.  This is actually decent in the crucible since it has High Caliber Rounds and High Impact reserves and a silly amount of range.  For everything else however I tend to go with Ricochet Rounds for more range and stability.  I think more than anything the weapon just looks badass, and you have to admit it to yourself… that occasionally you use a weapon just because it looks cool.


As far as heavy weapons go, I have been playing with the Exotic Sword that I got to drop a few nights ago.  This isn’t necessarily optimal, but for the case of grinding Haunted Forest it melts a good deal of the nightmares…  other than the Hydra one which is just a pain in the ass to deal with regardless of how you are fighting it.  I am not exactly a fan of the look of this weapon, because it feels more like a dagger than a sword…  but the whole combo that allows you to hurl the blade towards an enemy is kinda cool.  It has relatively low ammo which is its weakness because it expects you to be using the perk that gives back ammo to the weapon when you perform a kill.  At some point I will stop using it when I find another shiny bauble, but for now it works well enough.


In the honorable mention category… I really love bows… and while I am not the biggest fan of the look of this bow it is extremely nice.  This one in particular has Explosive Head which cause the arrow to explode shortly after hitting a target, and Rampage which I talked about earlier.  The combination… is that you can just snipe a large amount of targets in a very short period of time especially in a PVE setting.  The Explosive Heads are great for taking out large groups of mobs like Dregs when clustered tight together, and Rampage lets you stack up the buff a bit to take out yellow bars.  This is situational for me… but I like using bows a lot when dealing with story content because it allows me to take down a bunch of the targets before they get close enough to notice me.


Lastly…  all the wearing of the Colonel Sanders mask…  made me nostalgic so I had to go visit the best Cryptarch…  Tyra Karn at the Farm.  I really wish that she had moved with us to the Tower, because I really do prefer using her…  but it seems like an awful lot of effort to go to the farm just to decrypt the few engrams we get that need decrypting.  Had they mirrored everything at the Farm that they have at the Tower I would end up opting to use the Farm 100% of the time…  but alas the vendors I need are at the Tower.

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  1. What do you use to take screenshots of D2 on PC?
    I’m a big screeshot buff, so my Bandicam (or FRAPS, or anything else) not working was pretty much the biggest gripe I had with the game from day one.

    It might seem silly, but knowing that I could take screens no problem would be about the only thing that could get me to play D2 again.
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