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For the last few days I have been on the cusp of coming down with something I think, but the problem is my schedule does not really allow me to take a day off right now to recuperate.  If I were to take off right now, deadlines would suffer… so as a result I have been taking some over the counter stuff to try and limp along until I can collapse.  Last night however I probably should not have taken that NyQuil, because this morning…  I am groggy as hell.  Last night however was the beginning of the 5th season of Destiny 2 and it seems like they are mixing things up a bit.  For the last few seasons in Diablo 3 there has been an overarching theme to a new season… and it seems like maybe Bungie is borrowing this concept.  The latest “This Week At Bungie” blog post goes into more detail about this, but there is a fairly packed roadmap content wise that we can look forward to.


As far as last night…  I focused on starting the Pinnacle Weapon quests that I actually feel like I have a shot at getting before the end of the season.


Pinnacle Weapons are more or less a unique weapon that you can grind for during the season.  There is one tied to Vanguard Strikes, another tied to the Gambit event, and another tied to how far progressed you make it rank wise in the Crucible.  Given that I love Autorifles because I am a noob…  I decided to spend a good deal of last night working on trying to get the Gambit based weapon called Breakneck.  I think in part I just like the old world feel of the weapons that The Drifter offers.  As you can see you need to play a minimum of 40 matches of Gambit, and also do a bunch of other things in the process.  Now my hope is that by the time I have played my 40… I will have long since completed the other objectives.  My goal is to play a handful of rounds of Gambit and run a few Strikes every night to begin whittling away at this objective over time.  The truth is that will probably hold for a bit and then I will spend a weekend grinding nothing but that activity so I can get the weapon.


With a new season, comes a new set of cash shop engrams… and throughout the night last night I unlocked four of these…  one of which happening to give me this sweet Ghostrider themed sparrow.  I also pulled an exotic ship that is themed after Warmind/SIVA but it isn’t anywhere near as cool looking.  This however immediately became my new main sparrow as I ride around on flaming nonsense.  All it is missing is a bunch of skulls.  I really like the Scorn as a faction, and I love how all of their tech seems even more improvised than even that of the Fallen.  All in all it was a good night and a largely quiet one as I slowly whittled away at collecting powerful and prime engrams.  I have finally reached the point where I am pretty regularly getting 600 light items…  so my hope is in the next few days to be able to hit that item cap before Black Armory bumps it up by 50 again.  It really is a great time to be playing Destiny 2.

If you prefer to consume this information from a Bungie Vidoc… they also have you taken care of as a nice one released yesterday attempting to differentiate between the content players will be getting for free and the content locked behind the Annual Pass.

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  1. I’m glad you’re having fun. Unfortunately my situation with the game doesn’t come even close to ‘great time to be playing it’.

    I thought I’d play a bit after a longer break today. At first it took ages to get it to run at all. I had to use a workaround for the launcher being stuck at ‘initializing’ many players seem to already know.

    Finally in the game I was astonished that there weren’t many activities available to me. I had left in the middle of the Warmind storyline, and it seems I have to finish that before I’ll even have things like weekly milestones available again.

    Only that in order to infuse stuff I find into the gear I’m using there’s a new type of item needed since Forsaken launched…but I have no reliable way to get these without actually buying Forsaken. My light level is 325. For the story mission I just finished 330 was recommended, and it was pretty painful indeed. For the next one the recommendation is 340. No way I’m going in there with 325.

    So I can’t play content I actually bought – not smoothly and with weapons I like at least, and I refuse to grind my teeth through it – because I didn’t also pony up for content that was released much later.

    Sorry Bungie, but no.
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  2. I flumped at the grind for Halloween,so I’ll probably flump out on these grinds, too, especially since they’re Gambit and Strike based – two activities I’m pretty sure I’m ill-equipped for.

    I dunno, maybe Black Armory will give me gains in Power that feel more immediate. But I get the feeling I’m not hardkore enough.

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