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Here comes some random commentary.  I have for the most part been in support of the Epic Games store and snagging some of their exclusives…  like for example Hades and Ashen.  Those are games for which pre-orders had not started on any platform and announcing that they would only be available on this somewhat new storefront was perfectly reasonable.  I was largely okay with The Division 2 but I felt it was a little shady to shift gears a few months before the launch of the game.  I had not pre-ordered, and if I had been planning on doing so… I would have probably just ordered through the UPlay store to cut out the middle man.  However what just happened with Metro Exodus is in the “shady as fuck” territory, given that the game is roughly two weeks from launch and had been in pre-orders since at least E3.  That is way too late in the game to be massively shifting gears like that and THQ Nordic the sub company should have known that they would be screwing things up for THQ Nordic the parent company.

Still I am largely cool with Epic Games store as a vehicle for grabbing games.  Sure it feels a little spartan, but it is still a way better store front and client than Origin…  a point that has been reminded of late given how much I have had to fiddle with that client thanks to Anthem.  The problem I have is with the practice of taking pre-sales way the hell ahead of the games release, because frankly the term pre-order is a lie when it comes to digital software.  You are not plunking down $5 to reserve your copy of a game…  you are handing over your credit card information and often times being charged up front for the purchase.  The thing is… whenever that process starts those vendors should be locked in stone and unchanging.  If you didn’t want to support Steam six months ago…  then you shouldn’t have allowed sales of your product to begin.

In truth I don’t so much fault Epic for making offers, but the company for taking that offer in Bad Faith.  I get a regular stream of offers from people wanting me to place links on this site to whatever the hell it is that they are pushing…  often times some sort of a casino.  I don’t take the quick money because I feel like it would be violating the trust my readers have in me.  I don’t necessarily have a dog in this fight however because while I have been looking forward to Metro Exodus… it was never really a day one title for me and instead something I would play considerably after release.  However for those who were harmed by this action…  I get the outrage.  The biggest part I am confused by however is how they have stated that Steam Pre-Orders would be fulfilled and the game would be updated through that platform…  but the game itself would no longer be available there.  That just feels really odd and awful.


As far as gaming last night… I got the Blue Mage to 40 through lots of grinding that was relatively boring and not worth talking about.  Then I swapped over and played some Destiny 2 where I completed a bunch of bounties… one of which being the weekly for Eververse.  I lucked out and managed to pull the Last Word ornament…  which will sit there waiting until I complete that quest chain.  I did manage to push through the step where you collect a bazillion hive cores or whatever it was we were collecting.  I also managed to make a little progress on the Malfeasance where I believe I am on the final step involving killing Guardians and getting invasion kills in Gambit.  I had fun… but man movement felt weird after getting used to Anthem.

Speaking of which…  who all will I be seeing in the weekend test happening Friday-Sunday?  I’m BelghastStern over on Origin so hit me up with a friend invite.

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  1. Mostly talking to the Exodus piece, as I have a draft in progress myself but I am feeling confusing things about this!

    I think my position ultimately is very similar to yours. I’m all good with Epic entering the arena to offer some competition to Steam. God knows Steam needs it. 30% is extortionate, and the threshold at which they’ll start taking less is ridiculous to all but the top dog AAA producers.

    But the way in which Epic (and the publishing houses/dev studios going along with it) are approaching things leaves a really sour taste in my mouth.

    I’m all for Dev’s getting their dues, but Epic is setting up a Dev-first rather than Consumer-first platform, evidenced by the lack of review capability and the – as you say – very spartan frame they’ve launched with. Oh- and of course, the introduction of another set of exclusives in the PC-realm, a rather unwelcome transplant from the console world.

    Then also like you, the fact that preorders were taken on this one first is just extra icing on the cake. That is really poor form. Steam preorders will at least get to keep the platform of their choice, but retail store copies which would have provided Steam keys are now going to provide Epic keys instead. I guess at least in that case, it’s both less money down and easier to cancel?

    Epic should be trying to fight this battle on two fronts – Dev incentive to move with the lesser cut, and attracting consumers to their platform with superior experience. Exclusives? No thank-you; I simply won’t support that.

    Even at the cost of Satisfactory, Metro: Exodus, The Division 2 (I know uPlay is an option here… But… I think I’d still rather just wait), etc.

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