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Last night unsurprisingly I spent most of the night playing Anthem, and noticed that the lighting in the launch bay is really rather good.  They should add a photo mode functionality in here so you could get good shots of your javelin for all the fashionlancers out there.  I also spent a good deal of the night hanging out with friends on voice, even though we weren’t actually doing the same things.  One more friend made it through the final quest in the main story, so looking forward to maybe just maybe having a group that will be ready for shenanigans soon.  In the meantime I have been working on various weapon achievements or challenges as the game calls them.  I finished up the two weapons that I had related to Light Machine Gun and made an attempt to start on Machine Pistol…  but I just do not think that weapon is as good as it should be.  Since it has such a high rate of fire and such a relatively low operating time…  it should be dealing a lot more damage than it actually is.  I am taking this queue off of how SMGs felt in The Division where they were an up close melt machine.


I am slowly working on the Challenge of Strength after wrapping up the Challenge of Valor, and quite honestly…  it seems like it is going to be relatively easy to complete.  Valor required you do complete certain objectives…  and Strength is just “Kill a Bunch of Stuff that you are already killing a bunch of anyway”.  Sure it might force me to vary up which activities I do, but just by running contracts and Quickplay you encounter a lot of the above.  The  200 legendary kills is going to be the slowest bit, and as I checked at the end of the night…  I feel like the Elite kills step is going to come the quickest by far.  The only problem I have with these and the whole gain a ton of faction quest…  is that they are not terribly interesting or interactive.  In both cases they end up just being “play many hours of this game”.  I am hoping with future content drops that we get some more interested long tailed quests.  It sounds as thought my friends will be around quite a bit this weekend so as such I am going to try and make myself available to run Strongholds and such.  However I will bow out if we have four given that I outgear the lower tier content and I don’t want the experience to feel like getting carried.


On the other things to do front… I was in The Division 2 just long enough this morning to create my character and run through the intro tutorial.  Division traditionally has not been my jam but I am still interested in playing through this as a largely single player experience.  I didn’t do a lot of grouping last time around…  and maybe that was what harmed my overall adoption rate of the game?  We will see… I have a handful of friends on my UPlay list but if you want to add me I am BelghastStern there.  Essentially if a service already has a Belghast…  which is weird because I thought I invented the name…  I go with BelghastStern.  For years I was the only Belghast on WoWhead… and then a handful more showed up.  I am happy enough with my character, thought I wish there was a clean face option…  I am not big on military fantasy as a whole and as such smudge sticking your face is not really my jam.  I am also sorta disappointed that we could not pick two sleeves in the tattoo options but whatever.  All in all I am cool with this being my avatar going forward… I strayed away from my traditional black hair and went with dark maroon because I thought it looked cool.

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  1. You know, I played the first mission of Division today and I was shotgunning women who were charging straight at me with a knife in their hand, there was a dog fighting ring in one section (complete with dog corpses), and just couldn’t buy into any sort fantasy version where this would be fun. This sort of plays into why I have never bought a Fallout game as well – post apocalyptic stuff is a depressing prospect. Yet I can play Battlefield no problem. Not sure what is going on in my head here, but Division 2 was uninstalled today. And no judgement on anyone who enjoys it – video games are very subjective.

  2. I was just out of college when I ran into the first other Kaleon. Now, when I do a search on it I see more than I would have thought possible pop up.

  3. I jumped into Anthem last night just before bed. I just wanted a quick pew-pew so I tried QuickPlay, which I keep hearing is broken, plus y’know, boycott and all.

    Well it took literally seconds for the game to find me a match. Had so much fun did a second QuickPlay and, same thing, a few seconds of matchmaking and I was loaded into a mission with a few others. Very satisfying!
    Pete S recently posted..Playing just because it is funMy Profile

    • Having had this exact same experience… I figure one of two things has happened. Either they have continued to tweak the server side code and stomp bugs that we were not able to see… or the people who are Boycotting were the folks exploiting missions and ultimately getting them into a broken state in the first place. Either way… I am down with the experience because it feels great.

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