Unfunny Dead

Vegetative State


After our day of random running about on Saturday, I spent most of yesterday hanging out on the sofa and catching up on movies that I had meant to watch.  It takes an act of congress to get me into a movie theatre…  I have a thing with large crowds and a completely and total lack of enjoyment of them.  So most of the time I prefer to just wait until something is available either through on demand or to the home market in general.  Among the movies I watched was World War Z as hinted at by the tower of zombies image above.  I have to say despite all the negative press about the movie I actually rather enjoyed it.

Sure there were many super sensationalist shots like the ant like zombie tower…  but for the most part it was one of the most intense zombie movies I have seen since 28 days later.  I am a heretic, while I own World War Z the novel… I have not made it terribly far into it.  So I can’t really appreciate just how bad a movie this was (or at least that is what I keep hearing).  What was there was something I enjoyed watching.  Granted I have never been a huge fan of track star / parkour zombies…  but it does generate some intense viewing.  At the end of the day I greatly prefer Walking Dead…  but this was fun as well.

Unfunny Dead


Another film that I had wanted to watch but never got around to… was the 2013 remake of Evil Dead.  A little preface leading into this…  I love the previous Evil Dead movies.  However this is primarily because I love Bruce Campbell as Ash.  He is the perfect blend of smart ass and campy super hero for my personal tastes… and if you have never watched My Name is Bruce… I highly suggest you Netflix that.  I went into this movie knowing that the end result of this reboot would essentially destroy everything I loved about the movie.  Ultimately I was fine with this… I wanted to see what the new version was anyways.  If you have not see the movie, be warned I am going to spoil various things.

I feel like the characters in this movie… could have done with a SINGLE play session of Call of Cthulhu pen and paper.  If you find a book, that is wrapped in barbed wire and left on an altar of sorts…  the last thing you EVER want to do is clip the barbed wire.  If you by some strange compulsion to you decided to clip the barbed wire… and found that the cover was made from what looks to be human flesh… for the love of god do not open it.  If for some strange reason…  you then opened the book and saw all sorts of dire warnings… for the love of fucking god do not read ANYTHING THAT IS SCRATCHED OUT ALOUD.  Essentially after the first ten minute I had already decided that the characters deserved whatever they got.

I feel like Cabin in the Woods was a so much more enjoyable version of this movie.  After the first few minutes I spent most of my time trying to figure out which single person would survive.  Ultimately that was the big surprise that I did not see coming.  The one who survives essentially throws all horror movie cannon to the four winds, which is I guess something.  The trailers billed this as the “most terrifying film you will ever experience”…  to which I assume they just had a ridiculously low bar to measure this against.  It was neither terrifying nor particularly scary other than the fact that it had near silent dialog… and blaringly loud sound effects.  So at the end of the day it might have frightened my ear drums.

Big Horns

ffxiv 2013-09-22 22-55-54-47

300px-Warrior_concept_artThe highlight of the day was taking my Warrior in FFXIV to 45 and completing that class quest.  One of the really awesome things is that at level 45 you get a full set of relic gear minus the chest piece.  Within moments your character turns from looking essentially the same as anyone else of your gear type… to looking like all of the character artwork for your job.  For me I get to start inching my way towards looking like the badass on the right.  Another cool feature is that finally I have a helm that you can use the /visor command on.  The above image is with the visor snapped down.

Now begins the slow climb to 50, but at the same time I have a bunch of other classes that I want to level.  I feel like I would probably be better served pushing the Warrior to 50, and then using the xp bonus on all of the other classes I level.  However right now we have a large number of guild members staggered in level.  As they need dungeons I am usually at the vanguard of folks offering to go along with whatever alternate class fits the level range.  Quickly becoming my secondary is the Archer, and I managed to get it to 25 this weekend with numerous dungeon runs.  I think bard will more than likely be the next job I pick up.

Sword and Bored

Additionally I worked on my Gladiator a bit over the weekend.  I managed to push it up to 25 and have it read to tank Toto-rak if anyone needs it.  I really want to be a Paladin eventually, because I would like to have both Warrior and Paladin maxed out so I can choose which tank class best fits the encounters we are facing.  I feel I do a good job at playing the class, and I rarely have the threat problems inherit with the class in general.  The problem is… Gladiator is just not a fun class for me.  Compared to the Marauder it is just a boring class with nothing much interesting going on other than spamming savage blade and occasionally stunning something.  I wish I had leveled it first…  because Marauder would have been a breath of fresh air compared to it.

I really don’t feel much pressure to level a gladiator however, because we have at least two players coming quickly through the ranks that have chosen that as their main focus.  Ultimately if we as a guild encounter things that require the paladin abilities, we will at least have access to them as a class.  I feel like I am probably better spent pushing up my Dragoon to 50 or getting Archer to Bard and running it to 50.  Being able to play a high level dps in additional to a high level tank seems more beneficial.  I still feel like eventually I will level most of the classes, but I feel like I have put a pretty massive dent in them so far.

You can check out my character on the lodestone… but the summary is…

  • Warrior – 45
  • Dragoon – 32
  • Gladiator – 25
  • Archer – 25
  • Pugilist – 20
  • Thaumaturgist – 6

Essentially I am working on pushing up all of the disciple of war classes so that I can turn the lower tiers of gear into materia and clear out some inventory space.  Once I get the archer to 30, I will likely start working on the pugilist to push it up.  I can’t really see playing Pugilist/Monk as a main class, since it is even more positional than the lancer… but it is fun to play around on it.  I have to say though that they are completely screwed when it comes to fates.  They have no viable AOE early on, and no ranged attack to tag mobs with…  so essentially you just have to spam attacks on whatever you can come in contact with.  In the world of Quick Nock, Overpower, and Ice 2… you are just screwed for contribution.

Wrapping Up

Well I need to get downstairs, feed the animals, pack up my laptop and get on the road.  This weekend overall was an extremely relaxing one.  Combining watching movies and working on classes in FFXIV I really enjoyed myself.  The one thing I have enjoyed about FFXIV more than anything at this point is the grouping.  There are several touchstone moments in the game that require a group to get past, and as a result everyone is always ready to do more grouping.  The fact that they scale you automatically, and give you decent experience for your own level is a huge plus.  I hope you all have a great week ahead of you, and that you get accomplished whatever needs to be accomplished.

Garuda Sucks

Casey Jones?


I was extremely slow starting this morning, continuing to fall back asleep from 7 am til roughly 9 am.  When I finally got up and around I did what I do every morning, and ran off to forage for food.  Generally I run to QuikTrip for sausage rolls, which is a gas station chain based in Tulsa.  If you do not have the miracle that is QuikTrip… you won’t really understand how gas station food can be that amazing.  On the way back into the neighborhood I saw two young boys, one chasing the other.  I could see he had something in his hands, and as I drove closer I noticed it was a rubber katana and a golf club.  My immediate thought was… whoa is that kid playing Casey Jones?

I think of the Turtles as being a figment of my childhood, as I can remember buying the original indie black and white comics, and the first series of playmates toys where all the turtles had trademarked red bandanas.  But the longer I thought about it… the more I realized that sure enough that kid COULD be playing Casey Jones.  The TMNT franchise has been rebooted every few years to a point where kids of almost any age could easily recognize everyone’s OTHER favorite psychopath with a hockey mask. 

As a tween I thought Casey Jones was the coolest, some kind of cross between a ninja and the punisher (another favorite character of mine).  Likely the two boys were just fighting with whatever they happened to have their hands on.  I remember my friend and I used to sword fight with baseball bats.  That was when I learned that a wooden bat can pretty much cleave an aluminum bat in two…. but that is a tale for another day.  Seeing the two kids running around like that made me super nostalgic.  I remember my cousin and I went through a phase where we went NOWHERE AT ALL without a slingshot and a bag of rocks.  Granted I grew up in the country… so that was entirely reasonable given that I have used said slingshot to thump a bull and get him to go the other way.

Tokyo Game Show and FFXIV


This week the Tokyo Game Show has been going on, and unlike the various western game conferences it has been pretty closed door to the public… or at least closed door to anyone who does not have a fluent understanding of Japanese.  Luckily Dual Shockers has posted a pretty good write up of the various 2.1 announcements for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.  The awesome part is… there is a TON of content expected to release for the first patch.  So far the items that have been confirmed…  Good King Moogle Mog primal fight.  New extreme modes for Ifrit, Titan and Garuda…  and after doing normal mode Garuda last night, I don’t want to see what Hard mode looks like… let alone Extreme mode.

Additionally they are adding player housing for each of the three grand companies, daily beast quests, and treasure hunting mode…  neither of those two I understand but they both sound extremely enticing.  Additionally they are adding a pvp arena system at Wolfs Den, one completely new dungeon, and two new hardmode dungeons with new boss strategies.  They also announced that there would be limited time free transfers to a server of your choice in October, to help join together the various people that were split up by the server caps.  Finally later this year they announced that there would be cross over events with Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI both of which appear to reward unique pets for FFXIV.

That is a lot of goodness, but I have not heard a timeframe for 2.1.  Considering I have yet to cap out, and I have an army of alternate specs to level…  I am sure I can hold on the current content for awhile.  I have always loved the art style of the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games… so I am looking forward to collecting the cute little golem pet.  Here is hoping they do this as a duty… and not some random spawning fate.  The whole random drop pet/mount thing has not really worked out too well for any of us in Rift, and most of us have not collected more than one color of Hellbug.

Garuda Sucks

ffxiv 2013-09-21 22-58-41-20

Both Ifrit and Titan were extremely enjoyable encounters.  They introduced us to the concept of a primal fight, and I believe eased us into the difficulty of the encounters.  In both cases there was this one thing you had to watch, and if you did it… you pretty much won.  As various guild members have gotten up in level I have looked forward to tanking or dpsing these encounters to get them through.  They are both extremely fun fights to participate in.  Last night we took on Garuda… the third primal encounter… and I have to say no one will be looking forward to repeating this one.

The problem is… I am trying to think of ways to explain how big of an increase in difficulty the fight was from the other two without really spoiling the fight OR the other two.  We have tried really hard to go into every fight cold and figure things out on our own.  This of course has meant a lot of deaths as we figured out just what the mechanics were doing.  I think we had somewhere less than ten deaths last night… but not sure just how far from that number we were.  We latched onto one of the central concepts of the fight extremely fast.  As Tam said… this is not our first rodeo… so if a fight gives you a thing to hide behind… chances are they want you to hide behind it at some point.

The big problem that I saw was the sheer amount of damage I was taking as the tank.  The various people in the know have all said that they wait until they have completed their 45 class quest to do this fight, since that fight rewards you every piece of an armor set but the chest piece.  Additionally I could have outfitted myself in at least a full set of the level 45 heavy mithril armor set… which self buffed gives me about 300 more hitpoints from what I did the encounter with. 

Being the stubborn bastards that we are, we pulled and pushed and prodded on the encounter until we finally beat it.  I just have to say though… this is the hardest fight to date… filled with “all manner of fuckery” as Tam commented last night.  I have so much fear and loathing about what the various hard mode version of the primal fights could bring, especially considering how close a call making it through normal Garuda was for us.

Wrapping Up

Well time for me to finish this up and get on with the day.  I am sure I will be logging into FFXIV to hang out with the guild, maybe even venturing into Rift to try and finish up 58.  Yesterday we did a lot of running around town, so I think today for the most part will be a stay at home day.  We have to go out this afternoon to meet someone to buy my wife another Miche shell.  For those not familiar with this concept… it is a weird purse with changeable appearances.  My wife has suddenly become enthralled by them… and since she is always so damned good about my Lego expenditures… I figure it is only fair that I am cool about her growing collection of purses.

Eight Man

Invasion of Fuzzy


Last night when I got home my mind was entirely on getting everything done so I could go participate in the game that must not be named.  As a result I rushed inside, changed the ferret cage, started dinner etc without really being super observant.  So by the time my wife got home, I was completely oblivious when she asked “what is up with all those fuzzy worms?”.  I threw back on my sandals and went outside and sure enough… we were being invaded by dozens of large black furry caterpillars.  They were climbing all over the garage door in groups of up to a half dozen or so.  Seeing my photo this morning reminded me to do some research. 

Turns out these are Walnut Caterpillars, and they normally forage for food in September/October in the south central region of the United States.  The odd thing is… we have no Walnut/Pecan trees which are the only things they eat.  So at first I was wondering why exactly they decided to try and find food in my front yard… then shortly thereafter I remembered…  over the summer months I helped a neighbor haul out sections of a large tree.  I am wondering if it was a Walnut, and by chopping it down he starved out these little guys.  They could be desperately foraging trying to find any food source in the area… which lead them to spill out into my front yard.  It is odd how cute and both creepy the experience of seeing them roam around my garage door was.

Stone Vigil

ffxiv 2013-09-20 22-39-04-33

Lately I have been piddling big time in Final Fantasy XIV in an effort to let some of the new crop of players catch up a bit.  As a result I have been leveling both the pugilist and archer quite a bit, and yesterday for awhile I focused on the gladiator and managed to get it to 25.  However since the game that must not be named was not really cooperating… I noticed we had just the right number of people on for the next dungeon Stone Vigil.  I had been hung up in the main storyline until I completed this dungeon, as had Rae so it would be good to get past it so we can continue on.  As I have said before, every so often the game locks you at a story element and you will not receive further quests until you have completed it.

For going into the dungeon relatively cold… it could have gone a lot worse… however it also could have gone a lot better.  There was one complete group wipe, and then another time that we lost me and Dallian our black mage.  However the only times we actually struggled were on the completely egregious trash pulls.  We managed to oneshot every boss in the dungeon so I can console myself with that thought, when I think about the rougher spots.  It feels like the trash difficulty ramped up significantly.  I don’t want to give any spoilers that you cannot already see from the dungeon preview video…  but let me tell you… dragons are assholes in the Final Fantasy world.

Eight Man

ffxiv 2013-09-20 22-56-30-11

The game has a series of encounters called Guildhests, that essentially try and teach players how to function in larger grouping dynamics.  They educate the players in how to get out of bad things, how to focus fire the worst targets… various necessarily lessons that they will need to participate in larger dungeons.  There are two hests every 5 levels after level 10, and they provide a ton of experience the first time you complete them.  This is something I had almost completely ignored until recently, when the guild made a concerted effort to try and catch everyone up on them.  The reasoning… the second level 40 hest… is the first 8 man content you can encounter.

Most of the dungeons and hests we had run, were 4 man groups… otherwise known as a Light Party in Final Fantasy lingo.  The basic group composition is 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps.  These are pretty simple to fill and get started.  Eight mans on the other hand have a comp that is essentially two light partys… 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps.  The problem with two tank encounters generally is that you have a “main” tank, and an “off” tank.  As we went into this scenario I think both myself and Ashgar the other tank were really hoping that was not going to be the case here.

Much to our enjoyment the encounter was balanced in a way so that one tank was constantly tagging off between a fighting a boss and gathering trash role.  Essentially we got attack from both sides at the same time forcing us to split up into two parties to handle the encounter.  There was a lot of shifting of resources back and forth as the dps burned down one encounter while the next tank gathered up and got solid aggro on the next incoming encounter.  I loved the synergy of the fight and the way that both tanks and both healers had to work in unison to cover each other.  If that was any evidence of what the 8 man raids will look like, I think I am really going to like endgame content in this game.

Wrapping Up

I have to say the more I get into Final Fantasy, the more I am enjoying it.  I went into this with an overwhelming meh feeling, but the longer I play it the more it has sunk its hooks into me.  The leveling of alternate specs needs some work, as once you run out of quests you pretty much just have to grind fates…. but I feel they are working on this.  I hate to say it but this is a game that could definitely benefit from daily quests other than the leves.  I know this sounds odd coming from my post yesterday about game jumping, but I really hope this is a game we can stick with for awhile.  I am really enjoying myself.  I hope you all have a great weekend, and that you get accomplished whatever you need to.

Game Jumping

This morning I am struggling more than a tiny bit to stay focused long enough to actually write up a blog post.  I feel like this is a side effect of my odd night.  Firstly I was feeling extremely drowsy last night, so I had a few cups of coffee…  which never fully woke me out of my slumber.  What it did however is make me completely oblivion to the fact that it is past midnight and I was not in bed yet.  Combine this with the fact that my wife woke me up in the middle of the night over essentially nothing, and we have a recipe for a groggy Bel.  Here is hoping that I can focus long enough to make something intelligible.

Game Jumping

ffxiv 2013-09-18 21-14-20-87

My post about being a content locust the other day, made me sit down and think.  I am sure I have a bunch of friends who simply do not understand why I and a lot of my friends jump games so regularly.  This is going to be my attempt to understand why the process is so alluring.  Basically launch day is like Christmas morning for me…  the game is so full of possibility.  Everything is new, or at least new enough to lure me into a feeling of being on some grand exploration.  The dungeons are all new, and there are no real guides to get in the way of figuring things out yourself.  Every mob pull is unexpected, every level gained a treasure waiting to be opened as you find out what new abilities you get to play with.

The other thing that makes a game launch absolutely intoxicating is the fact that EVERYONE is playing it.  Everywhere you turn there is a viable group combination, and everyone is excited to be doing them.  Guild chat teems with “do you want to run X dungeon?” and a chorus of “hell yes we do!”.  Everyone is excitedly talking about this thing they found or this trick they just learned.  Lunchtime becomes a discussion of specs and strategy, and every single person is looking forward to getting home and logging into the game to experience more of it.  The launch of a game is like a massive sugar rush where everything is sunshine, rainbows and magical flying ponies.

The Crash

ffxiv 2013-09-18 21-07-07-21

Like any good sugar rush… you know there is a crash coming, but at the time you simply do not give a shit because it is just so pure and enjoyable.  The problem is… an amazing game experience causes each of us to play in ways that are simply unsustainable for the long run.  We might neglect to do this or that chore, knowing that eventually this will snowball and become a weekend we have to be COMPLETELY offline to take care of.  Additionally we are all logging hours in a mad push to keep up with each other as we barrel through the content at breakneck speeds in search of the next new game high.

When the crash comes… it is sudden.  We go from 30 players online one night, to 15, to 5… as everyone falls into recovery mode.  Some recover their gusto for the game experience a few days or even a week later… but others still are just spent from the climb.  Now is the point that the reality of the game sets in.  As a player you start to notice the features that don’t work quite right, or are generally short sighted or outright missing.  You start to complain politely that the company is not addressing whatever dire need you feel is there.  Finally the feedback loop of players starts to become a chorus… and ultimately a handful of players will determine the game is unplayable and move on.

The Feet Draggers

ffxiv 2013-09-16 06-23-50-96

In every game launch, there are a handful of friends that for whatever reason will not allow themselves to commit and jump head first into a new game experience.  They have all manner of reservations, namely that folks will not stick with this one…  but in essence they are missing the point.  We are not necessarily looking for the next hundred year game… I think most of us are chasing the high of the launch.  Launching a game is extremely intoxicating… everything is fresh and new and unsullied…  and jumping into that experience is unlike anything else in gaming.  Those timid souls who watch on the side lines, until seeing their friends having so much fun becomes unbearable… they are ultimately missing the best part of the game experience.

By the time they commit and download the game… they have missed the game in its heyday if you will.  They have missed the times when everyone is excited to be doing something, even to the point of begging to do it.  They have missed a time when we did not quite yet have figured out what spec did what, and what ability worked the best.  They have missed a time when every loot drop was full of possibility, and we never knew what wonder might be lurking around the corner.  They have to become excited in a time period when everyone in the guild surrounding them is becoming progressingly less excited.

I always feel the worst for the feet draggers.  They are sold a tale of an undiscovered continent, but by the time they actually commit to getting the game they are delivered a depleted territory instead.  I have a number of friends who will hem-haw and drag their feet trying to keep from committing to anything new that comes around the corner…. only to eventually end up buying it and wondering where the magic went.  The magic is always spent in the hazy days of launch and the weeks leading past it, and that experience where everything literally IS magic and new… is worth any sticker price.

Pax Guildana

ffxiv 2013-09-16 06-21-37-40

After the initial wave of pioneers have faded away, or at least returned to sustainable play times… we have a period of the guild that I like to refer to “Pax Guildana”.  A quiet peaceful time when those of us who enjoy soloing, cast off the flurry of activity that a launch brings on and return to piddling around with some friendly guild chat to bind us together.  This is the quiet after the storm, and usually remains this way until the excitement builds about a brand new launch on the horizon.  As much as I love the thrill of being a pioneer into a brand new game world… I like this as well.  I like logging in to a peaceful and friendly guild chat, not really knowing what I am going to do that night… but more than likely doing something completely devoid of stress.

Dungeons and group activity still happens, but more out of a sense of needing to get someone this or that thing… or through a quest, than out of the sheer excitement of doing them.  Then one day someone comes to guildchat, talking about how they have discovered some new and amazing continent littered with riches everywhere the eye can see…  and the process begins to build again.  The first waves of scouts leave the mainland and soon after the second and third waves are off exploring this new land, plundering its bounty.  This of course… leaves only the foot draggers to hold down the fort hoping that the excitement will return.  If the basecamp was built well enough…  folks often WILL return…  but not in every case.

Home Base

rift 2013-09-20 06-55-30-88

For me right now, Rift is my home base and Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn my forward camp.  I can say that my intent is to keep it this way… but at no time can I ever really say for certain how things will change.  Sometimes the forward camp becomes the new home… and we discover a new territory on the horizon.  Other times we fall back to home only to find out the new territory was fallow and uninhabitable.  For the time being, my intent is to play these two games and enjoy each of them as much as I can.  However with so many games on the horizon… at least one of them…  Elder Scrolls Online… a game I have been anxiously awaiting for what feels like years.  I am not sure if Final Fantasy will become the new home, and we will embark from it for the shores of Tamriel… or if that adventure will be sent out from Telara.

Regardless of from where the ships launch, I know that they WILL launch… and likely launch again for Wildstar.  As much as I try and claim that I don’t have interest in a certain game… I too often get caught up in the thrall of the addictive nature of a big game launch.  Having seen these events play out all too many times… it is just too enticing to not join in the fun.  As always I feel horrible for the foot draggers…  because they never get to experience a game in its purest form… but instead are always resigned to get the slightly used version of the game in the process.  I keep thinking one of these days… one of these games they will get hooked on the launch process as well because they will jump into it whole heartedly with no reservations.  It will only be then, that they truly understand why people jump from game to game.

Wrapping Up

Well I need to get on the road, but before doing so I need to pack my laptop and feed the animals.  This Friday I have traded the super awkward coffee for a super awkward meeting.  Not terribly looking forward to it, but we must do what we must do.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Tonight I will be participating in something NDA restricted, so tomorrow morning I will have to come up with something interesting to say… that is in no way related to what I did last night.  Hopefully inspiration will find me between now and then.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam


Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Warhammer Online, and much to the surprise of many people it was seemingly unmarked.  I even retweeted a comment from Sypster that essentially said their ignoring the game was disgraceful.  That they should either support the game or pull the plug.  Well it turns out that is precisely what they had in mind.  Thirty Minutes or so later we got this post on the front page of the official Warhammer Online page.  They were pulling the plug active as of December 18th 2013.

I can’t say that this shocks anyone really in the gaming circles, because the game has been in a constant state of decline since its very early subscriber peak.  A few months back I placed it as the game I was most disappointed in on my list of five biggest gaming disappointments.  The game as a whole just had so much potential, and I enjoyed playing it for quite a while, until myself and my friends ran out of PVE content to consume.  This was he game I had wanted to see the most rebooted as a free to play experience.

Ultimately they are stating that this is the point at which they are losing the license to Warhammer fantasy, and I believe that the statement can be taken one of two ways.  Firstly you could conclude that like Star Wars Galaxies… getting a reissuance of the license by Games Workshop was an unlikely thing.  However I tend to take the point of view that they were likely contractually obligated to run the game at least to the point at which the license period ended.  Considering the complete and total lack of support shown by EA for the game, I feel like this is more than likely.  The game as a whole was just a loss on their balance sheet that they were all to happy to take off as soon as they were able.


Free To Play Wishes

I feel the best case scenario would be for some asian game operator like perfect world to swoop in, buy the game assets, renew the license and resurrect it was a free to play game.  I of course find this highly unlikely, but games like Hellgate: London have seen very unlikely resurrections in such fashion.  Back in April I took Mythic up on one of their 14 day renewal passes and gave the game a spin again.  I have to say overall Warhammer Online held up extremely well.  They had greatly streamlined the leveling experience, which destroyed a lot of the originality of the game.  Essentially they funneled everyone down either the Empire or Chaos path to try and make up for lack of subscriber numbers.


The world still looked good to me, and the ”stylistic realism” still very much fit the Warhammer world.  The game innovated on so many things that have now become part and parcel for an MMO game.  The game map was light years ahead of World of Warcraft at the time, and was the first out of the box map that provided a significant amount of information about what your quest objectives where, and where they could be fulfilled.  If you like Rifts or GW2 events or even FATEs… we can thank Warhammer for giving us the first viable public questing system.  The game still felt like a vibrant modern MMO to me when I played it… which only makes the severe neglect over the years that much more disappointing.

Not Designed For Me


For me… Warhammer Online was a game destined to be something I did not want to play.  Everything sold about the game was pushing it into this “hardcore pvp” niche.  This was not me at all and not even something I was vaguely interested in.  However upon testing the game I found that the PVE experience was extremely good.  I loved playing my Dwarven Ironbreaker, and it will go down in history as one of my favorite tank classes.  The dual Grudge and Stamina mechanic meant I could regenerate resources as the fight went on allowing me to spend one while the other was recovering.  I loved the fact that tanks had physical mass, and that you could in theory create human barricades to protect your team mates.

The only problem for me is that around level 25 the forced PVP started… and I simply did not really enjoy this.  Keep raids were entertaining, but it added a level of unpredictability to my game play experience that I just did not enjoy.  Could I complete the quests I had for X zone because we had recently lost it?  I found myself leveling through an ever decreasing path of content, until there just was no meat left on the bone for me.  I had enjoyed the low level scenarios, but as we leveled we kept getting pushed into new tiers of scenarios… and quite frankly the later ones were not as well designed as the first few.  My favorite scenario was Mourkain Temple… aka “Kill the dude with the thing”.  When I stopped being able to play that, I lost interest in the PVP aspect of the game.


I guess the most depressing part about this entire experience is that it is now over.  Prior to yesterday I could always hold out a sad glimmer of hope that someone would decide to love this game and make it something that players would want to play.  I realize this was a wholy unrealistic hope… but it was something I could hold onto.  There are always games that I wish I could return to those heady days after launch.  This was really the first game that House Stalwart broke out into in a big fashion.  So many of us thought it would be our “new wow” and we stormed into the game with at least 40 active players.  By the three month mark, very few of us were actually playing the game, and the large majority had slinked back into World of Warcraft.

We were PVE players, so each and every one of us hit the same level 25 wall where the content began to shift drastically.  I had some friends that played Chaos that made it at least a year before quitting.  However in the end… everyone DID quit, and move on to other things.  The launch of Age of Conan was ultimately drew my PVP friends away from the game.  However by that time, Mythic had already long since become a neglectful steward of the title.  With no real new content being released and no viable hope of it… folks moved on.  Ultimately Warhammer will always be an example of why I believe that no matter what players may say… they don’t actually want a PVP centric gaming experience.

No Petitions


Unlike the shutting down of both Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes… I don’t forsee much of a reaction from the community, if there is actually a Warhammer community left at all.  Mythic killed this game long ago by forgetting about it.  It has just been an animated corpse walking along in a stilted and syncopated rhythm for the last few years.  I can’t say it is ever really “time” for a game to be turned off, but if there was this would likely be the poster child.  So much of the brilliant things about this game, require massive armies of players to really pull them off… and quite frankly after about the year month mark they lacked that.  This feels to me so much like the ending of Old Yeller… when you know the dog has to be put down, but you are still immensely saddened to see it get shot.

Wrapping Up

As soon as the news broke, I realized that it would likely be what dominated todays post.  However I did not quite realize that I would ramble on about it for an ENTIRE post.  I am sad to see the chapter drawing closed on the game but I guess at the end of the day I understand, and halfway expected this announcement to occur.  Just sad to see it happen on the fifth anniversary of the game.  I hope you all have a great day, and that whatever game you are really into manages to stay healthy and vibrant.

Stalwart Locusts

Good morning you happy people in digital land.  I am having one of those mornings where I am questioning why exactly I put myself through this every day.  Not to be an intentional bummer, but this takes a lot of fortitude to keep doing this every single morning regardless of if I have something to say or not.  I am just afraid if I stop it, for even one morning I will slip back into month long absences.  I feel like I need the routine to keep me moving forward.  I would really like to get a full year of daily posts, so for now that is my goal.

I’m a Jerk

rift 2013-07-18 06-40-49-42

I have to say, lately I have been feeling progressively worse about myself, so maybe this is just a downer of a post.  Primarily the source of my lament, has been that I have been essentially non-existent over in Rift.  I put all this effort and time into building an amazing instance of House Stalwart over there… and now so many of us are playing Final Fantasy XIV that it has almost over night become a ghost town.  I feel like each and every one of us still like Rift and still enjoy it, we are just wrapped up in the thrall of the new shiny object in front of us.

To make matters even worse…  Fynralyl and Psynister are being their amazingly awesome selves like normal…  and ended up pushing the guild bank fund over the top and we were able to afford the third guild vault tab.  However being the absentee leader like I have been…  it took me a few days to pop in and purchase it, then forgot to give anyone access to it.  I apparently did a piss poor job of promoting them to officers, only hitting a handful of characters for each of them.  So generally I have been a pretty lousy person of late.

I feel generally conflicted.  Firstly I still love Rift and enjoy it, and want the guild to be doing awesome things.  Much like Everquest 2, Rift is one of those games that I have always cycled back to… and since the release of the game there is only a three month stretch where I have not been playing it.  So I guess in the back of my mind I know it will always be there waiting for me.  The problem is… the people currently playing it may or may not.  Even if I am not around much, I still think breaking out and forming a permanent House Stalwart guild was a good thing for those times when the guild is super active.

Stalwart Locusts

ffxiv 2013-09-16 06-22-11-66

The sad truth of House Stalwart is it is really a tale of two guilds.  The first is a group of WoW players that have remained thoroughly devoted to that game since release and continue playing it or returning to it.  The second guild is the large roaming band of “content locusts”, that consume the content in a game only to move on to the next tasty field when it presents itself.  So as a result this guild is this massive amorphous war band that roams across the countryside pillaging things in our wake.  It might not be the most pleasant metaphor, but considering we now have about 30 people in Final Fantasy XIV whereas we had around 30 active people in Rift previously… it seems appropriate.

In part this is my fault, but in part this is just the nature of most “post-wow” players.  Once we dissolved the ties to one game, it changed the way we viewed games in general.  The fact that Stalwart is so large and so broad and ever changing… means we always have a group of people playing whatever game the people seem to want to be playing.  So when a new game comes out there are always a dozen or so people amped and ready to play it.  It doesn’t so much feel like we are jumping games, but more than we are just continuing the same ties we have always played with… somewhere else.

For me personally… leaving WoW changed my perspectives a lot.  Essentially I made a promise to myself that I would play whatever happened to be the most enjoyable for me at any given moment.  As a result I have played a ton of cool games, and met an ever expanding cast of characters in the process.  I now have so many life long friends that I have today, that I NEVER would have had if I had not given in to my wanderlust and experienced new worlds with different groups of new people.  But all of this said… I still feel like an ass when I am off playing something other than a fragment of Stalwart is playing.

Big Apology

rift 2013-08-28 22-42-06-41

I guess in part, today’s post is a huge apology to those playing Rift that have noticed the active player base in the guild shrink significantly over the last few weeks.  I don’t think any of us are “done” with Rift, this is just something that happens from time to time with Stalwart.  We find a new shiny and go off and play it together.  I have a years subscription to Rift, so I won’t be going anywhere forever, I just have so many things that I want to do in Eorzea.  So many new sights to see, experiences to experience and adventures to conquer.

I still plan on trying to marshal the troops to logging back in on Wednesday nights for dungeons or rifts or whatever happens to occur.  My hope is to single that out on the calendar as “Rift night”.  Additionally as the leveling curve winds down a bit in FFXIV, I hope to push my rogue up on the weekends… because quite frankly leveling in Rift is a relaxing experience for me.  Most of the time in FFXIV has been a LOT of dungeon running, and since I am one of two tank mains… I feel deeply obligated to all the friends that are playing the game.

This is ultimately what always complicates my gaming experience.  The feeling of constant split loyalty… since there has never been a period of time when ALL of my friends happen to be in the same place at the same time.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view… I am the leader of House Stalwart agnostic of whatever game folks happen to be playing.  It has and likely always will be a multi-gaming community, more so than just a single gaming guild.  As games come and go the important thing to me is the community of players that we have cobbled together.  That is what is eternal, and so long as we remain friends there will always be another opportunity to play together around the corner.

Wrapping Up

Sitting down this morning I had no intent of writing a post like this, but I guess it has been weighing heavily on my mind.  Hopefully it was not too big of a downer for the majority of my readers.  It still feels odd most of the time that anyone reads these ramblings.  I will be over in Rift tonight, trying to dislodge anyone I can from FFXIV in the process.  I have no clue at all what we will be doing, but I figure some opportunity will present itself.  I hope you all have a great week, and those of you who are playing it… I hope I see you in Rift tonight.

Tips For Eorzea: Part 2

Good morning you happy people in internet land.  I had another wonderful night of not being able to shut off my brain… and as a result getting to sleep well after midnight.  As was posted as a comment yesterday, I had been considering Melatonin for some time… just was not sure if I wanted to cross that threshold yet.  However it is beginning to sound like something I need or want to do.  Sleep should not be something you have to struggle to get right?

Lowbie Dungeons

sastasha-ffxiv-1293 I have two friends that have just started out in the game recently, and have reached the point in the main story quest where they begin entering a series of three dungeons.  Lethbridge is playing a Gladiator tank, and Cylladora is playing a Thaumaturgist…  so since I almost always play a tank I needed something else to run with them.  As a result yesterday I pushed my Archer up to level 16 so I could ride along for the fun.  Essentially I have been trying to level Pugilist and Archer so that I could start getting rid of all the low level disciple of war gear that I had laying around and lining my vaults.  My hope is to push both up to 20ish soon, which will greatly reduce the amount of gear I have laying around.

Leth had already run Sastasha before, but to pick up Cyl in the chain we started back with that one again.  After that we continued the storyline into Tam-Tara Deepcroft, but as it was getting late we decided to save Copperbell until tonight.  All in all they were really smooth runs.  I snagged Warenwolf to heal and he decided to use the opportunity to push up his Arcanist a bit.  The gear that dropped seemed almost tailor made for our party, and both Leth and Cyl walked away with a ton of upgrades for their class.  Once again the Foestriker chest has eluded our groups, as to the best of my knowledge it has never actually dropped for anyone.

Tips For Eorzea

Yesterday when I was writing out the various tips it felt like I had a limitless font of them… this morning not so much.  Lets see if I can dig into my bag and find something worth sharing with the class.

Quest Sparingly

One of the awesome things about this game is that you can play every class, every craft, and every gatherer on the same character.  Meaning that while you are running this dungeon you can snap up drops for a class you might play later on instead of letting them rot.  The problem with this is however you have only one set of quests to get you through the levels.  As a result most of our guild is suggesting that you do as few quests as needed to get to your level.  Focus on the main storyline quest, and then supplement it with FATEs and Levequests to get through the levels.

This is an noble goal, and one I have not followed myself.  I am seeing the negative results of having absolutely no quests to support me as I level my various alternate classes.  The only problem is that in the late 30s and 40s this concept seems to completely break down.  There are simply not enough quests to level your character by quests alone throughout the Coerthas region.  So get familiar with FATE grinding, and do it whenever possible.

FATE Contribution

FATEs are random spawning world events much like Rifts or the events in Guild Wars two.  As a result you are competing with other players to receive a good contribution score.  You are ranked based on a “medal” system of Bronze, Silver or Gold.  There are all sorts of strategies you can employ to help out your chances of getting high marks.  Firstly if you have an AOE spell that tags lots of mobs at the same time… this is almost certain to result in a good score.  This is why Thaumaturgists seem to do so well with their spamming of Ice 2.

However Raw dps isn’t really the answer per say.  The Contribution score seems to be highly based on your unmodified threat values.  As a result, tanks and healers do extremely well in getting high contribution.  As a tank you can spam your AOE threat abilities and since Flash is cross class, it is totally a valid technique to add it to your bar as a dps that does NOT have a high threat AOE ability.  I plan on doing this for my pugilist since at low levels they struggle in FATEs quite a bit.  The caveat here is to make sure you can handle the attention.  I would only Flash spam a FATE that has high participation.

Main Story Locks Content

This is a concept I noticed early on.  Essentially if you are not keeping up with your main storyline quest, you will reach a point where you are unable to get any quest in an area other than Levequests.  Each storyline quest acts as a threshold to unlock a new set of zone quests.  The game intends you to do the three dungeon crawl of Sastasha, Tam-Tara Deepcroft and Copperbell Mines starting at level 15.  If you are past that level and you have yet to do those dungeons… chances are you are going to get content locked before long.  After completing that story arc, you will suddenly have access to hundreds of quests that you simply did not know existed before.  There will be multiple points in the storyline where this occurs.  Just be aware of it and stay always focused on the main storyline.

Quest Direction

It took me an awfully long time to figure this one out, and honestly had a guild member not pointed this out I would have never noticed it.  In the on screen quest tracker, if you click on the name of a quest it functions much like you would expect and opens your quest journal for that quest entry.  However if you click on the quest text it opens your map… and tells you exactly what zone you need to be in to complete the quest.  From this map screen if you drill down into the zones it will show you exactly which quest markers are related to the specific quest.  Additionally if a quest requires you to do something like use an item on an object in the world… there will be a little item use icon in the quest tracker as well.  You can target the item in the world and then click the icon in the quest tracker to use it.

Hunt Log

If you hit H in the game interface it will bring up your hunt log.  This is probably one of my favorite features in the game.  Every 10 levels of a specific class you get a new log to work on.  Essentially you complete your log by hunting specific critters scattered throughout the world.  The first two logs will primarily be in whatever region of the world you started, be it Noscea, Thanalan or the Shroud.  This will involve some searching because some of the mobs on the list are pretty rare or only found in specific camps.  However for completing each step in the log you get a massive experience boost.  I tend to use these as a way to smooth the transition between levels, as focusing on the hunting log is certain to provide a much needing xp boost.

Grand Companies


At a specific point in the storyline you will be asked to pick a Grand Company.  Each of the three major cities are represented by a Grand Company.  In Gridania you have the Order of the Twin Adder, represented above by the member decked out in yellow.  For Uldah you have the Immortal Flames, represented by the member in dark green.  Finally in Limsa you have the Maelstrom, represented above by the member in deep red.  While your starter city is determined by your class, you can freely choose which Grand Company you wish to tie your allegiance to and as a result which city you will be spending a large amount of your time in.

While you are get to Halitali before you open up your Grand Company… I would highly suggest against it.  Just like each class has a hunt log, so do Grand Companies.  A large number of the monsters needed for these hunt logs occur in dungeons, and the first entries of such seem to be Halitali for all of the different companies.  Additionally once you have joined a company you begin collecting seals, which are the currency for rank promotions and gear.  You can earn these by completing your companies hunt log events, by doing special grand company leves, or from random FATEs out in the world. 

Promotions are available in multiple tiers, with three sub promotions per tier.  Each tier unlocks access to a new hunt log, and a new level range of gear.  So make sure you are not neglecting your promotions as you level.  Grand company gear is some of the best gear you can get at any level.  The weapons tend to be 2-3 steps above a similar item that you could get from crafting or a dungeon.  If you are spending any amount of time doing FATEs you should have plenty of seals to go around and spend on promotions and gear.

FATE Grinding

Running FATEs back to back is hands down the fastest way to level.  When working on my Dragoon I managed to do 22 to 32 in a few hours time by hanging out in the South Shroud and hitting all the various FATEs that occur there.  The thing that you will learn is that not all fates and zones for that matter are created equal.  There seems to be certain areas that are simply better for running FATEs and as a result have a higher density of players running them… which in turn causes them to spawn faster.  Really solid FATEs are available in almost every zone…  and there is reason to go visit most of the zones because there is generally something special that drops in each from a fate… usually pets.  However here is a basic list of what zones you should be in if you are wanting to power through a good number of FATEs.

  • 10-20 – Aleport – Western La Noscea
  • 18-32 – Quarrymill – South Shroud
  • 30-38 – Costa Del Sol – Eastern La Noscea
  • 38-43 – Dragonhead – Coerthas Highlands
  • 43-50 – Revenant’s Toll (Mor Dhona)

These are the zones that generally have the highest density of players.  There are various other zones that seem to have a really good FATE range… like East Shroud around Hawthorne’s hut… but it has the same basic level range as Aleport.  Additionally I have spent a good amount of time running fates out of Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan.  So please know that the above list is just a golden path, there are lots of other zones and lots of other fates that are worth doing.

Wrapping Up

Well I managed to ramble on at length again and fill up another list of tips about Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.  I am not sure if I have enough left in me to do a part three… most likely not immediately following these first two.  At this point I feel as though I have put on a ton of levels in the game.  Right now Belghast Sternblade is a 41 Warrior, 33 Dragoon, 23 Gladiator, 18 Archer, 16 Puglist, 8 Thaumaturge, and finally 10 Miner.  Currently my next mini-goal is to get Archer to 30 and pick up the Bard job as well.  I hope you all have a great day, and if you end up trying out the game make sure you try character creation in the morning.  The vast number of servers seem to be unlocked them, but locked during prime time hours.

Tips For Eorzea: Part 1

Good morning all you happy people in digital land.  I am fairly sleepy this morning, as last night I had to resort to some Motrin PM to shut my brain off.  I really hate Sunday as a construct… I always have trouble switching back over to week day mode after the freedom a weekend brings.  My brain is never quite willing to give up its freedom, and as a result always ends up fighting me a bit… namely in trying to keep me awake rather than sleeping.  Unfortunately having to resort to a minor sleep aid like I did last night also means I am going to be overly groggy in the morning.

Cactuar Returns

ffxiv 2013-09-16 06-23-50-96

For the last several weeks since the release of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, the server we all play on has been locked down tight from new character creation.  After the Wednesday/Thursday maintenance this eased up a bit… but only briefly.  Right now it appears like character creation is open early in the morning for most of the US realms, but locks down tight again as the day goes on.  Over the weekend we managed to get five new players that had been waiting to create characters into the game and onto our server.

One of them I was scared had messed up.  They decided they did not want to start the class they started, so as a result they deleted the character to create a new one.  When they did this the list showed that Cactuar was still open for new character creation.  However by the time they redesigned the character and went to create it… it was locked down tight.  Essentially locking them out of being able to play at all Friday evening.  Luckily however at 5 am the next morning they were able to get in, create the character and get going again.

Tips For Eorzea

I thought today I would take a few minutes to rattle on about various tidbits I have either learned or wish I had known before I started my characters.  None of these are rocket surgery, but various little things I have picked up along the way.  I am going to try my best to make them spoiler free, however I cannot guarantee there won’t be any tidbits of information that are mildly spoilery at least in the general flow of the game.


In major hubs there are Aetheryte crystals.  These allow you to teleport back and forth between them.  In the three major cities, there are also smaller Aethernet crystals as well.  As you roam through the city, make sure you attune to each of these.  When you have collected a full set for a city, it additionally unlocks teleports to the major gateways into the city.   This becomes super handy as you are questing and need to go back out into the world to one of the specific destinations.  Generally speaking these teleports will take you to each of the various guilds and locations in the city, as well as the exits to the various zones that connect to the city.

Favored Destinations

When you attune to the Aetheryte crystal network, it allows you several options.  One of these is to set it as a favored destination.  Doing this greatly reduces the cost of teleporting to that location.  Your teleportation cost is based on a number of factors, but is primarily based on how far away you are from the zone.  What I generally suggest is that you favorite the three hub cities Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Uldah.  Once you have unlocked the ability to travel between them, you will spend quite a bit of your time late in the game popping back and forth between the various areas of the world.  Once you reach the hub, you can usually travel to whatever zone you need to go to via the Chocobo network.

Set Nearby Home Point

Death in Eorzea tends to come swiftly and unexpectedly.  Almost all of the deaths I have taken that are not inside of instances, have been because I got suddenly and unexpectedly overwhelmed.  When you die, you get teleported back to your home destination.  At the beginning this will be your home city, however as you move throughout the world you can set your bind point to any of the large aetheryte crystals that are located in major cities… at least one per zone.  I would highly suggest that you bind wherever you happen to be hunting.  That way when you die you return to a place nearby and not someplace you will have to teleport out of to get back to doing whatever you needed to do.

Starter Gear

One of the key features that sets Final Fantasy XIV ARR apart from other games is the ability to literally do anything in the game on one character.  You can be every class, job and trade profession.  You enter the game in a set of gear that is based on your races native appearance, that can be equipped by any class or trade.  Don’t make the mistake I did and sell this… because each time you pick up a new class you start back at level 1, and therefor can only equip level 1 gear.  You can repurchase this gear from the independent trader (name varies per town) in your starter city, but it is just easier to say for the first little bit don’t sell ANY gear you might get.

Armoury Chest

Any equippable items you pick up get saved into a special inventory called the “Armoury Chest”.  This allows you to carry quite a bit of gear with you at any given time.  You have 25 slots available per individual armor type… that means 25 chests, 25 gloves, etc.  The gear you collect in one class may be useable by other classes so as you decide to multi-class you have lots of resources to draw upon.  Later on you will be able to break down spirit bonded items into Materia, which will become important for outfitting your gear and improving it.  As a result I highly suggest you do not sell gear, but instead save it until you have the ability to break it down.

Trade Coins

Almost every quest you complete in Eorzea gives you the option of receiving items or trade coins.  Now the game never refers to them by the term trade coin, but that is essentially what they are… so I have begun referring to them that way.  Essentially you have various types of Allagan coins… these come in various denominations Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold… and there might be higher ones that I have not encountered.  They all have a base value on the vendor, Tin 10 gil, Bronze 100 gil, Silver 500 gil, Gold 2500 gil.  The gear you get from quests is exactly the same as what you can get from the market.  Often times you can get a piece of gear far cheaper than the amount of gil offered by completing the quest.  As a result keep tabs on the prices for the gear for your level range.  In most cases I would highly suggest taking the trade coins in lieu of gear.  You will almost always be able to purchase the items cheaper.


Very early in the process of the story, you will unlock the Levemete NPCs.  They offer a type of quest called a Levequest.  These can be used to level crafting, tradeskills… and later on you can get special versions of them that will raise your standing with the various grand companies.  You get an allotment of 6 per day, and these stack up until you have reached 100.  They are an amazing source of gil, and oddly enough really solid source of gear.  Since I just suggested that you take the trade coins over the items in a quest… usually the same type of item is being awarded as a bonus for levequests as well.  So make sure you do the quest to unlock each areas Leves as you travel around the world.  Often times you can pick up gear for free by completing these. Additionally if you scale up the difficulty level by one step, you are almost always rewarded a bonus chest, and these have a chance at Aetherial versions of the normal crafted items.  Ultimately these will be your best source of upgrades for some time.


Do not neglect Guildhests, I am finding this out the hard way.  Around the same time as you unlock Leves in general, you unlock a special multi-player version of a Levequest, called a Guildhest.  These are essentially small dungeon like encounters that are designed to teach players the mechanics needed to succeed in Eorzea.  They start at around level 10, and will offer two new Guildhests every 5 levels.  The gotcha here that I am finding out, is to continue progressing you must have done all the previous ones.  As a result my lovely guildmates helped catch me up by running level 10-30 last night.  Once you reach the 40 quests, they start being 8 man instead of 4 man.  So I highly suggest you do these as part of your normal questing rotation.  They reward massive amounts of xp if you are doing them at the level they are offered.

Wrapping Up

I can already see this is going to have to be a multi-part post as I have a ton more things to write about… and have run out of my allotted morning writing time.  Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a deeply nuanced game, and with that there are lots of little pitfalls alone the way.  I will be trying to collect the various bits of information and sharing them in these bit info dump posts.  However now I need to go pack up my laptop and get on the road.  I hope you all have a great day and that it goes extremely smoothly.  I have numerous things waiting on me at work, so I figure I better get on with that.


Ohman… it is morning and I am legitimately typing a blog post like I am supposed to on a weekend!  Apologies again for the huge lag in getting yesterdays post out the door.  Unfortunately from time to time I get busy… and I really don’t like pre-writing a post very much and setting an embargo date.  I tend to keep my blog posts fresh and reactional in that I just blather on about whatever happens to be in my mind at the time.  I can tell that this is not everyone’s cup of tea as my subscriber base has pretty much been stable and unchanging for some time now.

I Love my Grandma


The title of this sub-section will make absolutely no sense to anyone…  but I am chuckling immensely.  Dates back to High School Spanish 2… when I kid pestered me for a translation of what was written on the board.  I told him it was “I love my grandma” and I don’t remember what it was honest at this point… only that I told him a completely laughable translation.  Sure enough the little slacker got called on to provide the translation, and he proudly strode to the front of the class with all the cocky confidence you would expect of someone who was dead certain of the answer.  He delivered his response and immediately riotous laughter spread throughout the room.  I just shrugged and said “you should do your own translations from now on, my Spanish is a bit rusty”.

Though I really and truly do love my grandma… and this week was her 84th birthday.  We had all intentions of going up on Wednesday night to see her, but for starters my wife got home extremely late from work that night.  After calling up she was not feeling great after having oral surgery the day before, so we opted just to talk to her for a bit on the phone and come up Saturday to see her.  The above card is me being bored while waiting on my wife and freehanding something with a bunch of sharpies. I thought it turned out fairly well and Grandma seemed to like it.

We went up yesterday and hung out with her for about an hour or so before my parents arrived, which lead us to spend another hour or so catching up with them.  She is looking pretty good and my mother took the opportunity as always to take a large number of photos.  We have finally weaned her off using a standalone point and shoot camera and just taking photos with her Galaxy S4.  Cool thing about that is it let us grab her phone and text the best of them to ourselves.  I have to say they are some of the best family style photos we have had in awhile.  I would post them, but I am not sure if I am quite ready to post photos of myself online.



After leaving my grandmothers, we set out on a cross country trip of some hardcore gallivanting.  Essentially from my hometown we went over to Bartlesville first.  Recently all of the stores surrounding us have had some massive clearance sales, which I think are essentially the “lets clear everything out so we can stock up for christmas” sales.  So far we have found all sorts of things, namely school supplies and Legos.  Since we really had no plans yesterday we decided to roam around the surrounding area checking various stores… namely all the different Wal-mart super centers.

SuperGirlFootiePajamasIt has admittedly been a really long time since I have spent much time in a Wal-mart store.  Like I will pop in and get ONE thing at a time, that only they carry… but I have not really spent a ton of time “shopping” in one for some time.  We saw several funny things along the trip yesterday that I just have to share.  Firstly is the image at the beginning of this section.  Apparently you can get a wedding set at Wal-mart for around 10 dollars.  They are as fake as is humanly possible… but at first glance they totally pass as the real thing.  I didn’t even know that was a market, that folks needed cheap fake rings… but apparently like always they are filling a perceived need.

Next up over right justified we have the adult women’s… super girl footie pajamas.  Just not the type of thing I expected to exist at all… let along be proudly displayed for sale at the local Wal-mart.  The funny thing is they come with a little velcro cape that attaches to the back.  The best ones I didn’t see until later in the day at another store, were the batgirl pajamas.  I tried to convince my wife to buy a pair.  I could totally see her loving a pair of footie pajamas… but she thought they would simply be too damned hard to get out of when she needed to pee in the middle of the night.  Probably best to air on the side of caution there.

Half a Tank of Gas

2013-09-15 10_15_15-Nowata, OK to Owasso, OK - Google Maps

The above image is a screen cap of the route we took yesterday.  Nowata to Bartlesville to Muskogee to Wagoner to Pryor to Claremore and finally back to Owasso.  We ended up burning through half a tank of gas, and hit a ton of stops between.  Did we find much of anything in the grand scheme of things?  Not really… but it is mostly the thrill of the hunt.  The entire event started in part because a few weeks back we had found all sorts of cool stuff at the clearance section of the Muskogee Wal-mart.  I had opted not to pick a few things up, as had my wife and we had been kicking ourselves ever since.  So from Bartlesville we decided to head over to Muskogee and see if they still had it. 

I have to say we struck out 110%, because not only did they not have what we were wanting… they had zero signs of ever having this massive clearance section in the first place.  I wandered around the store trying to find any place it could have gone… but I am guessing more than likely after two weeks they had shipped it all off to be written off by Wal-mart… which is essentially how Sooner Surplus gets all its stuff.  While we were in town we ran by there as well, but there was nothing really new to look at, and since we didn’t need mens suit coats or scooters… their newest acquisitions… we went on our merry way.  It was at this point we got the brainstorm to meander our way back to Owasso through all the towns along the way.

What was fueling my wife in this endevour is visions of school supplies dancing in her head.  Friday night we had to run out to the Owasso Wal-mart for something… and back in the home and garden section they had all of their back to school leftovers piled up in a huge heap and discounted down to truly silly prices.  As a result we ended up with 20 index card boxes for 10 cents each, 40 plastic rulers for 10 cents each, 6 packages of her favorite flair clone markers for a quarter a piece, 11 really nice 8 pocket file folders for a quarter a piece, misc notebooks for around a quarter, gluesticks 4 for a quarter, and a really nifty storage ottoman for the loft for 5 bucks.  All told we walked away with a massive amount of stuff for less than 40 bucks.

Quality not Quantity

CheapLegos_09152013 While I did not necessarily find a huge stockpile of stuff in our trip, I did find some definitely awesome items.  Friday night at Target I did one of my routine trips through toys to look for clearance, and found they finally marked down the Fury starfighter from Star Wars the Old Republic.  This is the one that comes with the Darth Malgus mini-figure and is the same star ship that Sith Inquisitors and Warriors pilot in the game.  Of all of the Lego sets that have been on the market, this is hands down the one I have wanted the most.  The problem is it debuted for like $120 and there was no way in hell I would ever purchase that.  However target had it marked down to $60… so I snapped that puppy up.

While on our whirlwind trip of Wal-mart clearance, I did encounter one really nice thing in Wagoner.  When the Hobbit movie sets were released, the on that I knew I immediately had to have was the Unexpected Meeting set that included a model of Bags End.  I have always loved Hobbit architecture and the Baubleshire was hands down my favorite area of Everquest 2.  So since a Hobbit hole existed… I had to have it.  This set originally debuted at around $60, and Wal-mart had it marked down to $25 so it was a completely no brainer to pick it up for that.

So while I did not find a large volume of sets, I got two of the ones that I had been wanting the most, so I call our half tank of gas a complete success.  My wife on the other hand picked up a handful of things, included several scarves that she had been hunting for at the Claremore Wal-mart.  The thing we keep marveling at is just how grossly inefficient the pricing is.  We would see the exact same product on clearance at three stores… and in each case it would be a completely different price.  There were several cases where we might have picked an item up at another store… had it been priced the same way it was at a previous store.  I remember seeing the same action figured priced for $7, $5, and $4 at three different stores in the clearance bin.

I am assuming this is because each store has a certain amount of autonomy in their pricing practices.  However as a consumer, I find it all a frustrating mess.  Granted I am likely exploiting the hell out of these practices by hitting multiple stores in the same day and sampling the best prices at each.  I just find it humorous that I never see this level of chaos at say a Target, where everything is marked down in a neat and orderly fashion based on a specific  patterned schedule.  If you see something for sale at one store, you can go to any store in your area and are almost always going to find it the same price.

Wrapping Up

Even though we did not necessarily find a ton of items, we had a fun time wandering around the state looking for things.  It was a nice drive, we just wish we had brought our cameras for it.  Today on the other hand I hope we pretty much just chill out close to home.  My allergies are still killing me, especially after being exposed to that much “outside” along the tip.  I am just about to get up and take something, and hopefully that will make things better.  I hope you all have had a great weekend and that you have a good start to the work week.

Trade Cartels

Forgive me father for I have sinned… it is roughly 8 pm before I am sitting down to write today’s blog post.  In my defense I have been out running around all day.  Firstly to my hometown to go see my grandmother, and then later gallivanting all around the countryside in search of cheap Legos.  But that is a tale for another day… namely tomorrow.  Today I have a topic I have been wanting to write about since yesterday afternoon.  I just have failed miserably at being near a computer today to be able to do so.

Trade Cartels


Yesterday a number of us got into a rather length discussion over twitter relating to my loot commentary, or on the lack thereof in Final Fantasy XIV.  Shortly into the back and forth I got this comment from @DesslynStorm.  Essentially to paragraph, they believe that all loot should come from crafters.  I guess in an idyllic situation this would probably be an alright thing.  The problem is that I have seen far too many games where a specific branch of crafters got a monopoly on a specific item and abused the hell out of it.

I love crafting systems and by extension generally love crafters, but in every game I have played where specific items were ONLY obtained through crafters, the Trade Cartel has reared its ugly head.  Essentially this is when a group of crafters collude to price fix a specific item so that everyone can turn a specific profit on it.  Without a doubt the most heinous of these has generally been the bag makers in each game I have played.

The Threats

On Argent Dawn in World of Warcraft, my warrior was a bit of an oddball.  He was an enchanter and tailor, namely so that I could have someone to make bags.  Bag space is one of those things that I put a premium on in whatever game I happen to be playing, and will generally go to whatever lengths it takes to make sure my characters have a decent amount of them.  I occasionally made a bag and threw it up on the auction house undercutting the competition by a large margin.  It was at this point I was approached by my first trade cartel.

A seemingly reasonable mage mentioned that I really should price my bags higher.  I told him that I was making a profit and I wanted them to move quickly, so I was fine with where they were priced.  This is the point at which the threats started pouring in… another crafter joined sending me tells.  Going so far as claiming that they would ruin me on the server.  Something that I laughed off because at this point I had been the leader of one of the largest guilds on the server for roughly three years.  I was in a pretty active raid and knew the guild leaders of most of the other larger guilds personally.

The Retaliation

But the I am pretty sure that had it been real life, the next step would have been them trying to send someone over to my house to break my knee caps.   They proceeded to start buying the bags and relisting them whenever i posted a new one.  So at this point I made it my life’s work for the next few days to flood the market with cheap bags.  If I was online I was farming humanoids for cloth and turning around and dumping them on the market at cost.  No one puts babby in a corner!  For awhile they were ravenously snapping them up, but at some point they lost their fervor and simply waited for me to get bored.

I imagine that I had run them out of their current gold, and probably made a handful of enemies for life.  But I have encountered to a lesser extent these price fixing schemes in several other MMOs.  Each time my instinct is to break the regime because I have seen what it is like when someone has fixed the market.  Early on in the life of Argent Dawn, there was a single player that had almost all of the rare enchants.  He was part of a big raid guild on my server, and as a result he had a few of the raid drop only patterns that no one else seemed to have.  Additionally he could do crusader in a time when it was not commonly known where that dropped.

Since he had 100% of the market on these enchants, he charged truly ridiculous prices.  When I finally figured out where Crusader dropped… I decided to break up his monopoly, but standing in Ironforge (the only auction zone at the time) and offering free crusader enchants so long as mats were provided.  Again came the threats, because I was cutting into his profit margins.  I am sure I had nothing to do with it, but as more people started offering free enchants with mats, he ultimately quit the server and went elsewhere.  Functionally I just really dislike when someone tries to profit unfairly on others.

Exclusivity is Bad

If you had a game where the only source of gear were through the crafters, the average player would end up having to pay far more than they do currently to outfit themselves.  I realize that Desslyn’s experience comes mostly from Star Wars Galaxies… and I feel that game is vastly different from the modern MMO in innumerable ways.  Additionally I feel like the average player within that community had a level of altruism that we will likely never see again.  So I feel like what worked in SWG will never likely work again in another game.

An example in Everquest 2, crafters can create what is arguably the best available gear in many occasions, the Master-crafted sets that occur every 10 levels.  These require some rare materials, but not so rare that they are unattainable.  Since only crafters are the source of them, they have total control over the market for them.  On the brokerage system, almost all gear is extremely reasonably priced, however a level 10 set of Mastercrafted gear will go for several hundred times the amount of gold a level 10 character would ever have to spend without buying currency.  Crafters have priced the privilege of having a good matched set of gear out of the hands of most players.

Multiple Paths

My personal stance is that all games should have multiple paths to acquire your gear.  I feel like different kinds of players want to play the game in fundamentally different ways.  Players who deeply care about crafting for the sake of crafting…. will always do it regardless if they can profiteer from it.  I feel like there should be viable options for end game gear through Crafting, Quests, Exploration, PVP, Dungeons and Raiding.  Any given player may like a mix of those things, and giving multiple options to achieve their goals in a game, allows each person to tailor their journey to suit their own tastes.

I have always thought it would be great, if you could really gain the best possible gear… by doing a series of extremely long and arduous epic quests.  By the same token I think it would be cool if crafters could complete a series of trials to synthesize rare materials and with that craft top end gear as well.  I see it as a risk vs time type equation.  Dungeon and Raid loot might be instance, but it requires a large group and repeated running to get everything you want.  Whereas with quests and crafting, it is more a cast of slow and steady wins the race… the end goal is achievable but likely takes a considerably longer amount of time.

Fallacy of Profit

I feel like the hidden root of the whole concept that all good gear should come from crafters, is that crafters by default should be able to make large amounts of profit from their trade.  This is just a foreign concept to me.  I am one of those people that crafts because I enjoy the relaxation sometimes of crafting.  I am not a rabid crafter, but when I do craft I tend to do it because I like outfitting my friends in gear.  In Rift I regularly farm up cloth to set new players and new characters up with a full set of 24 slot bags to begin their journey.  I enjoy making things for people, and making them happy in the process.

So to view crafting from the point of a cold profit based calculus just makes no sense to me.  Sure I feel like crafters should be able to get their money out of the items they make and maybe make a meager profit…  but I feel if you go into a trade skill with the purpose of making money you are likely crafting for the wrong reasons.  Crafting and the self reliance that it gives you should ultimately be its own reward without any need to tie it to monetary gain.  So I guess I question the notion that a certain class of crafter has that they should automatically be able to get rich quick through their crafting endeavors.

Wrapping Up

I feel as though I rattled on more than enough.  Additionally I am tired and sore from the days excursion.  Right now I want to relax on the sofa and boot up Final Fantasy.  One of my good friends managed to get onto Cactuar so I want to get him invited to the guild.  Tomorrow hopefully will be a much more relaxing day.   I hope all of you had a great day and that the weekend has turned out to be awesome.