Last Minute Shotty



This morning I don’t really have a lot to talk about because it seems like I do this thing where Monday I make a gigantic post…  and then Tuesday I am always somewhat lacking for content.  I posted about this last night on twitter, but now you can see a new screenshot with a shader applied.  This is the IKELOS shotgun, which is gained by defeating the boss at the end of Escalation Protocol Wave 7.  Each week you are given a different boss that drops a different weapon…  with one week giving a shot at dropping all of the weapons.  I have been farming this week because it was Shotgun week and I largely wanted this because of the fact that it has 8 rounds of ammo capacity…  which I feel is a huge benefit to the various forge modes.  Now this is not what I would call an easy farm because it requires a bunch of circumstances to fire just right.

Firstly you have to find a patrol zone on Mars where people are doing Escalation Protocol…  and even more than that you need to find one willing to build up from Wave 1 all the way through Wave 7.  Better yet if you can find one that is willing to farm Wave 7…  because after killing the boss you have the ability to drop back down to 6 and work back to 7 again.  All told I spent a significant amount of time on Mars this week and probably got in somewhere between 20 and 30 boss kills.  I had largely given up on getting it and thought while waiting on my wife to get home… I would give it one more shot and helped a group work up from Wave 1.  As my wife was pulling into the driveway this thing dropped and you cannot fully encapsulate how much joy I felt in seeing it drop.  Now I am trying to decide if I want to try farming the other weapons for not to collect the complete set.


The Dawning event gear showed up on Tess Everett, so I am guessing today when reset happens we will begin to see those events happening in the tower.  The Dawning is legitimately some of the weirdest looking gear you can get…  and the Titan set looks like some sort of crazy rhino beetle?  There are a few exotic ships again this time, one of which that looks really freaking cool.  More than that however there is a legendary heavy machinegun that we can grind for and that is pretty much going to be my central focus.  They did this for the Festival of the Lost, and I am wondering if this one will be similarly max light and equipable by all of your alts.  Even if it is just 600 light it will be a good option for alting, and truth be told I need a legendary HMG since I have yet to actually get through the forge.  I am so damned close but burning the wave three boss is now the problem.  I may random into more of that nonsense tonight.


Lastly I have been playing a little bit of Super Smash Bros Ultimate…  but the truth is I have no clue what I am doing.  The jumping mechanics feel really bad so I need to sort out if there is a better way to configure the controls… because it feels like it has way more play in the jump than a traditional fighting game.  All in all right now I am playing Marth, but also largely just playing World of Light.  In theory I could unlock the characters faster through other modes, but I kinda like playing this as an adventure game.