A Time Long Gone



Last night was largely spent roaming around the ruins of Washington and unlocking things.  Seeing as I apparently did things out of the natural flow of the game… I have just now unlocked clans and will have to sort out which one I should join as it appears like there isn’t really a coalescence of my friends in one place other than the clan that Scopique and Traellan are in.  Normally speaking I would be joining whatever extension of the AggroChat/Greysky Armada/House Stalwart community that would be erected in a brand new game.  The challenge here however is that I know there won’t be one.  That group of individuals bounced faster off the first one than I did, and as such I know there is no glorious renewal of interest in the game and with it a flourishing of guild activity.  Division 2 is a game that I largely go into knowing that I won’t have the social structures I am used to with the familiar comfortable integrations with other players that I tend to take for granted.  I will be blazing a new trail and carving out a new home for myself…  and the challenge there is of course which group of friends do I choose.

I already have an invite waiting on me from TBC or The Bloody Clans…  a group that dates back to EGA Battletech but I spent most of my time with during Everquest and City of Heroes and have not really spent much time with since.  I know TQMB has a presence or Tequila Mockingbird, which was my original Destiny clan and one that I still associate with when I actually play the game on a serious level.  There are lots of other pools of friends that vary in level of seriousness about the game, all of which gives me a maze of choices to navigate.  This reminds me of a statement that my friend Neph said the other day and while I don’t remember the exact phrasing it was something to the effect of the following.  “I can’t wait until everyone is playing the same game again.”  While I agree with that desire… especially in a scenario like Division where those of us who are playing the same game are not even under the same banner.

The problem is my statement back to her was that it is likely never going to happen again.  I think the era of everyone playing one game is past us… at least for the age bracket most of us are in and for the type of demographic gaming wise that we represent.  The era of the big budget AAA MMORPG is long gone, and there just isn’t something exciting enough on the horizon to unite the tribes of gamers together underneath one mutually agreeable digital habitat.  If I am being honest with myself the last game that did this was World of Warcraft… and I am not talking modern WoW but instead the series run from Vanilla through the end of Wrath of the Lich King.  In my experience that was the heyday of the “It” game that everyone was at the very least dabbling in.  It was the era where you could walk up to pretty much any gamer of any stripe and they would be able to tell you what server and faction they were playing.  My friend tells a story about an awkward interaction at a birthday party when he goes through a sequence of emotions… first of excitement to find out another one of the dads plays Warcraft…  and then disappointment when he finds out they are playing on the opposite faction.

The “It” game for this generation is  Fortnite… and before that it was League of Legends… and before that it was Minecraft…  all of which more or less left the demographic that most of us are members behind.  Even during the heyday of MMORPGs we struggled to ever get everyone to commit to playing a new game.  I remember the first big foray was into Warhammer Online, and even then we only managed to muster about fifteen players to try it out of a roster of almost a hundred.  The inertia of World of Warcraft was too strong to break most players out of its field of influence.  We tried similar jaunts for Champions Online and the one that finally took me away from the game completely for awhile was Rift.  The last big successful departure was Star Wars the Old Republic, and even then that only lasted for a few months.  With the release of Elder Scrolls Online I drew heavily on social media attempting to pull everyone into the same guild…  only to watch it fizzle out after another three months.

Essentially I feel like there will probably never be another game that unites the banners, and that is in part because we as gamers have fragmented and quite honestly are no longer willing to deal with the things we once were.  I remember with the launch of World of Warcraft being stuck looting a Kobold in Elwynn Forest for a good 15-20 minutes and simply hard crashing the client and going on with my life.  Which is in part why I found it so funny to hear people call the launch of Anthem disastrous, because compared to that it was smooth sailing.  We just aren’t willing to deal with the inconveniences that we once were in order to play with gamers online, because that is no longer a novel and unique experience.  Everquest was in part popular because it gave us the ability to have lots of our friends together in the same world, whereas before we were limited to somewhere between 4 and 16 players connected to a dedicated server that someone had to run in order to play games together.  Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online before that gave us massive persistent worlds for us to explore… and at some point along the line we stopped caring so much about that novelty.

Now almost every game you play has some sort of massively online functionality that pushes other players into your game time.  In Assassin’s Creed when another player dies in game it spawns a quest for you to go avenge their death by killing whatever NPCs took them out.  This is a functionally single player experience, but it still has hooks into the larger game world to make you feel like you are experiencing things together with your friends…  with friends being the loosest definition of that term in this case.  The novelty of being online with other people just isn’t the draw that it once was, and as a result we instead are focused on the story or the gameplay or other elements that instead mean we are effectively looking for different things in our gaming experiences.

I’m a grinder…  and while I enjoy the story…  I am ultimately in a game for the loot and a sense of progression.  So I can play games with the scantest of story so long as the moment to moment game-play feels good.  Tam on the other hand cannot get behind a game that does not have a story or a game world that he cares about.  This ultimately was the line in the sand that kept us both from enjoying Destiny 1/2 because he could not get behind that world or the digging required to find out any of the story.  Ash on the other hand is deeply into systems and tends to love games with lots of customization and ability to tweak builds… so something like a Warframe with its systems within systems within systems really resonates with him.  Every so often there will be a single game that caters to all of these core desires…  but it happens very rarely.  While I just outlines motivations for three members of our group…  you can imagine what that matrix begins to look like when you expand that to ten people or a hundred people.

Ultimately we want a higher level of fidelity in our games now.  We were willing to give something up for the novelty of hanging out online with our friends, but seeing as we are almost constantly connected through Slack, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and countless other little ways…  that connectivity no longer is as valuable as it once was.  Shit I remember a time when my friend and I used to dial into each others computers and talk over a terminal app just because it was interesting and novel, and now I can message tens of thousands of people in my larger orbit within seconds…  and we just consider that the bare minimum for internet connectivity these days.  No one builds massive worlds these days where lots and lots of players are connected at the same time… instead everything seems to have shifted away to smaller match based systems with cities serving as lobbies.  I personally like the Destiny/Division/Anthem/Monster Hunter style of game play that lets me drop in and out without feeling bad about letting my friends down.

I know this summer we will once again coalesce upon Final Fantasy XIV for the release of the Shadow Bringers expansion.  However I know that by the three month mark it too will have dwindled down to only the most die-hard and dedicated of player still playing it.  I’ve largely made my peace with the fact that there will likely never again be another World of Warcraft, at least not in that genre.  That same magnetism however keeps happening in other genres, so maybe someday down the time fifteen years from now… there will be a re-invigoration of the MMORPG genre.  However I think more than anything…  we mourn a moment in time where the stars aligned more than we actually mourn a specific game during its period of greatness.  Games at the end of the day come down to the people you play them with…  and as such I am still stymied by picking who to play Division with.


Fun Police: Portal Division

This morning I am taking a break from my normal Anthem love fest to complain about another game.  This time it is World of Warcraft something that I have not played since the beginning of November, but am still subscribed to it because I guess my theory is that the urge might hit me again at some point?  As such since I am a paying customer I do feel like I’ve earned the right to complain about things from time to time.  Now I am one full patch behind and there is a new patch on the PTR that information has been trickling out about on the various data leak sites.  I personally found out about this through a conversation between my friends Dom and Gloria, which lead me down the rabbit hole last night of trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

It seems as though the Blizzard Fun Police have struck once more and removed a bunch of portals from Stormwind/Orgrimmar, and cleaned things up a bit in the form of a new “portal room”.  I am going to use the Alliance as an example since I have spent more time in my life playing in that area than in the equivalent Cleft of Shadow area in Org.  Both the Mages Tower and Cleft of Shadows became the dumping ground for portals that were still useful but not necessarily associated with the current expansion.  The newly renovated area now contains the following portals.

  • The Exodar
  • Shattrath
  • Dalaran (Northrend version)
  • The Jade Forest
  • Stormshield in Ashran
  • Azsuna
  • Boralus

What is missing from this portal area are…

  • Caverns of Time
  • Ironforge
  • Blasted Lands
  • Pandaria Shrines

If I am reading this correctly on the Wowhead article it also seems as though the axe is being taken to a bunch of the other portal options that had still managed to survive to this point.  The other areas that have had a pass by the Fun Police are…

Dalaran (Legion)

  • IronForge/Thunder Bluff
  • Darnassus/Undercity
  • Caverns of Time
  • Dalaran Crater
  • Karazhan
  • The Exodar/Silvermoon City
  • Shattrath
  • Wyrmrest Temple
  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms

Shrine of the Seven Stars/Two Moons

  • Shattrath
  • Dalaran (Northrend)

Dalaran (Northrend)

  • Caverns of Time

Essentially this is going to leave us with no way of getting to the Caverns of Time quickly… and practically no ways of getting to certain areas of the world quickly.  I keep using the words Fun Police on purpose because so much of the decision making that goes into World of Warcraft always feels that way to me as a player.  They announce some system that seems awesome at first… but the closer we get to the release of that system there is always some aspect of it that sucks.  For example… I remember being super amped about the release of the item appearance collection system to feel Transmogs…  but then also being super disappointed when I found out that you could not collect items unless you were on the right class when an item dropped.  Similarly the Transmog system itself is just a significantly worse version of the cosmetic systems that other games have had for years that didn’t have weird restrictions placed upon them.

This effects me personally because I still had a good deal of my alts bound at the Shrine of the Seven Stars because it gave me quick access to move around the world and hit the content that I wanted to spend my time doing.  It also made farming older raid content for transmog drops simple…  given that I HAD to do that now on multiple characters to collect various gear sets for them.  What makes all of these feel worse is the grossly out of touch commentary that came along with it from Community Manager Bornakk.  The initial response is as follows.

I understand that changes can throw people off a bit at first, but I also think they help keep the world of Azeroth feeling alive. When there are fewer portals, does the world feel a bit bigger to you? Do you like that? How difficult is it to get to the locations you mentioned without a direct portal (talking to everybody who isn’t a mage here 😉 ) ?

The thing is… no it doesn’t make the world feel bigger, it makes the world feel more tedious to move around.  There was a time when I had to spend 30 minutes or real time crossing the Ocean of Tears in Everquest.  This was not something I considered valuable, and it could be longer than that if you happened to roll up on the docks at exactly the wrong time.  This was passive time sitting there either waiting on a boat… or passively riding a boat…  and god forbid you alt tabbed to do something else and got engaged in it… and missed either getting on the boat or getting off of it.  This did not make Everquest seem like a bigger game… it just made it seem like a game that relished wasting my time.  Removing portals from World of Warcraft that were already in place and widely utilized…  just tells me that this game does not respect my time as the player.  The horrible response was followed up with a possibly even worse one.

I wasn’t being sarcastic. Apologies to you and others who felt I was dismissing them in any way.

For how I personally play and enjoy games, I like when I feel like I need to travel for a few minutes to get somewhere. For me, it is more rewarding when I complete the task that way and I wouldn’t want to be able to get everywhere instantly but there is a good medium to find (but continuing to pile up various teleporting items feels strange). Traveling over large areas reminds me of how vast the world is and I often reminisce while flying on a flight path or a mount. Sometimes I have even just used the port to Timeless Isle and taken the flight path to Shrine (instead of going straight there) as I can enjoy the view and relax.

That being said, I know I can be a bit strange and I’m often not bothered by things that bother others – that’s why I ask a lot of questions. I want to understand the different play styles and opinions of others so I can better discuss them both with you and internally. Getting to the fundamental impact is important for me as the solution sometimes requires a different approach. Hopefully I can avoid the feeling that I’m just talking at you and want to be talking with you. Cheers!

I am glad that Bornakk enjoys having their time wasted.  However I feel like that maybe shouldn’t be the scale by which we judge content?  I realize we all have hot button issues that don’t bother others… for example I have talked at length about how much I hate item management…  and then Bhagpuss will come along and talk about how organizing his inventory is his happy time.  While that discussion can be esoteric, and I have addons to help me clean my bags…  limiting access to the world by removing portals feels significantly less esoteric.  Gloria also brought up the point that I immediately thought of last night… in that Final Fantasy XIV is a game that feels massive in scale, but it is also a game that has instant travel to any number of Aether crystals that are scattered conveniently around the world.  The vastness is not harmed by the fact that I don’t have to start in Gridania and travel by Chocobo to all of the destinations in the shroud.  The scale of the world still seems extremely impressive as I am popping my way into conveniently located hubs that allow me to play the game in the manner that I want when I want to play it.

Now I realize this is not the first time that Blizzard has come along and axed a bunch of portals.  I raged against the action the last times it happened, and I am no less annoyed today than I was back then.  I think it is a dumb call…  but I continued playing the game because there were other aspects that I really did like in spite of the frustrating decisions that kept being made.  I’ve talked to my friend Grace at length about this…  that while I keep one foot back in the community to keep tabs on what is going on…  I seem to only see the bad in the actions that they are taking right now.  Battle for Azeroth was an expansion that went completely in the opposite direction that I would have wanted it to go coming down from the high point that was Legion.   Legion pretty much dethroned Wrath of the Lich King as my favorite expansion that Blizzard has ever done… and in many ways it is because of the focus on class fantasy and giving us a bunch of interesting and unique content tailored towards that specific fantasy.

Battle for Azeroth… other than the cool troll and loa storyline…  has been a pretty hollow experience that I keep finding plenty of excuses not to return to.  Limiting my access to the one thing that did seem appealing…  which was farming transmog gear in older areas of the world…  really doesn’t help that desire to return.  However as a player, watching the game go down a path I have no interested in going…  I am mournful of the version of World of Warcraft that I did love.  I would love to see a complete change in attitude within the WoW team and a focus on the fun rather than frustrations.  However much like the fact that at 42 years old I am pretty set in my ways…  a game that is 14 years old is fairly doomed to keep traveling on the same heading.  As such I think this is another title that I can add to the list like Dark Age of Camelot and the original Everquest… that I remember fondly…  but have no desire at all to return to.


Packed Weekend



I was off Friday and as a result did something that I had been putting off for far too long.  For quite some time now I have had a new case that I needed to shift my main gaming machine into… so that I had enough room to slot the 1080 ti graphics card I picked up for cheap.  The problem is it has been a sequence of two things…  firstly not wanting to have my machine down on the weekends when I spent most of my time using it and doing things like recording AggroChat.  Secondly I have been dealing with some nasty bouts of anxiety and the little voice in my head kept telling me that I would screw something up and be without a gaming machine while I tried to fix it.  As a result I have used the powers of avoidance to keep kicking that can down the road until finally last Friday I took care of it.  It took me about three hours to gut everything from my previous case and install everything fresh in the new case…  with time in between to clean the components before seating them again.

Admittedly I was watching Netflix so was probably greatly slowed down by that as well, but regardless by noon-ish I was up and running and wondering why the hell I waited so long.  As is tradition when I get new hardware… I launch what feels like every game I have just to see what it looks like on the highest resolutions.  I now have officially entered the realm of 4k gaming… and it is glorious.  Sadly these scaled screenshots won’t really do it any justice… but seeing it in motion is gorgeous.  The other interesting thing I found out this weekend is that my beloved Parsec client, takes a 4K signal from my machine upstairs…  scales it dynamically down to 1080p and delivers it to the laptop without losing a lot of the fine detail.  The end result looks like I am running 1080p super sampled to 4k and still providing a much nicer experience than just playing the games at 1080p all without noticeable issues.


Another thing that happened this weekend is that I managed to get together with Tam and Kodra and play the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. aka… stress test.  At some point they sent all of us a few friend codes, and I shared one with a good friend and former coworker that was considering getting into the game.  That left me with two codes t hat I offered up to the AggroChat members.  Luckily the test times on Saturday happened at a time we could all be online and…  while I was enjoying the game solo, it really shines with friends.  Just the interaction between three vastly different play styles made it so we were constantly finding different interesting things to get engaged with.  I would find a chest and the other two would come over to see what was in it, or Kodra found a base that we could claim…  that then lead to an event where we had to build up the defenses and fight off a wave of scorched trying to take it from us.  The moment to moment gameplay and little doses of exploration was a glorious thing…  and also it ran great at 4k without issues.  I am really looking forward to being able to set up a private server for the AggroChat crew to roam around on.


I also spent a decent amount of my time in Destiny 2, and managed to get my light level up to 575 which seems reasonable.  I’ve started getting 580 drops from Powerful/Prime Engrams, and I feel like soon the elevator to 600 will start to slow down a bit as has always been the case in Destiny.  I am mostly logging in and piddling around and trying to accomplish something that will net me an engram or two but have not really been playing very seriously this week.  It feels like there are just too many different things going on for me to really devote all of my resources towards any one of them.  I have the desire to play…  but the lack of focus to really push harder than I already am.


I still say failure shots in Monster Hunter World are among the most interesting.  Right now the Kulve Taroth event is going on and I am trying to make sure I get in a few attempts each day so I can stock pile weapons.  So far I have gotten a few really interesting things, but I am less shocked each time I get something cool than I was during the running over on PS4.  At this point I have a few useful weapons for pretty much every slot, with the possible exception of Bow.  For whatever reason Bows are extremely scarce, and I remember that being the case on Playstation 4 as well… similarly I always seem to get Heavy Bowguns instead of Light Bowguns.  I do however have plenty of options to play around with, and I believe all of the items needed to make a full set of Kulve gear…  minus the various Elder Dragon gems which I will have to farm later.  My primary focus however is collecting the two sets of layered armor, which simply take repetition since the most tickets I have seen in a single run is 4.


Another thing I messed about with this weekend was the demo of World of Warcraft Classic.  I started off playing a Tauren Warrior, which is legitimately the first character I ever created during the first stress test I got in back in 2004.  However…  Warriors about level 15 are miserable… and so is the Barrens… which were sort of this poorly thought out dumping ground of content.  Instead I opted to also recreate Lodin my Dwarf hunter and spend time roaming around Westfall.  I talk more at length about this on the podcast, but there are so many things that I remember…  but only after seeing them in person.  Like for example… I did not remember quest text scrolling as slow as it does.  That said I now remember seeing out an addon to speed up quest text scrolling, and that was legitimately the first addon I ever installed.  There are supposedly some tweaks you can make, but I am proud of blizzard in creating a way to legitimately play on a pseudo classic server with something resembling patch 1.12 on the client.  I also applaud them for giving it to the players as part of their normal World of Warcraft subscription.  I am likely going to play something up on a classic server, and I think it would be kinda cool to try some of the older content like Molten Core again.


Diablo was effectively the game of the weekend… for reasons other than what I am about to talk about.  However I have been enjoying the hell out of playing Diablo 3 on the Switch, and wound up playing for quite a bit last night from bed.  I’ve not spent a lot of time with a console version of Diablo in spite of having Reaper of Souls on the PS4, in part because if I have access to a console… I can just play the PC version of the game I have devoted so many hours to.  However the switch is an interesting case because in theory I could drag it to work and play it over lunch, getting in some demon slaying on the go.  All in all I have enjoying the experience of playing it with the switch, and while blizzon was going on I was largely playing this in docked mode while watching the streams.

As far as the other Diablo news… for the moment I am just going to link to our podcast from this weekend…  because we spent the majority of the show talking about it.  I have thoughts still that I will ultimately put into blog post form…  in fact there were a few points during the weekend when I started drafting something in Google Docs, only to delete it all shortly after.  For the moment I am disappointed in both Blizzard and the Diablo Community, but am generally okay with a Mobile Diablo existing because Dragalia Lost has proved to me that it might be something I would be interested in.  It is going to take me a bit to work through my thoughts fully however because they are somewhat nuanced.  For now however… this is already a massive post so closing things out.

Charm Maintenance



Last night I had to do some World of Warcraft maintenance, in that I had allowed my Emissary quest to stack up for three days and was about to start losing them.  I fairly joylessly burned through those, then decided to take a chance at a 370 piece of loot from the Warfront that is now open to Horde players.  I still find those pretty fun but ultimately wound up with disappointment in that I got a 370 item in a slot I already had one.  You would think they could factor in the gear that the player has when they give those extremely limited time rewards like that…  because since it is ultimately a shot at loot every three weeks…  please give us something we can use.

From there I popped into Monster Hunter World where I largely did some maintenance there as well.  I spent most of the night farming up zenny so that I could buy the Power Charm, which is an item that takes up a bag slot but gives you a pretty potent damage boost.  I had already purchased the Armor Charm which does the same thing, but for your defense stat.  These apparently open up once you have fought the Zorah Magdaros final form and cost 24,000 zenny for the Armor Charm and 36,000 zenny for the Power Charm.  Later through the magic of crafting you will be able to turn these into Talons…  and then re-buy the Charms again…  but for now I should be set for the early High Rank content.  I’m up to the Tickled Pink quest which is to hunt a High Rank Anjanath, which I simply was not ready to deal with mentally last night and wound up wandering off to do other things.


Instead I popped over to burn through some quests in MTG Arena, where I seemed to have a ton that wanted me to cast White spells.  I had picked up the Eternal Thirst deck as one of my freebies, and I decided to start playing around with it.  I have to say… for a weird Cats and Vampires concept I am really digging it.  Unless you are also playing against a deck with stupid life gain powers…  you can do some come from behind nonsense with this one.  I feel like I need to tune it a bit and swap some cards, and could ultimately make a super powerful deck out of it.  For the purpose of questing though… it had plenty of white cards so it allowed me to whittle that down in a few turns.  This morning I noticed I had another freebie deck available and unlocked the Blue/Green Merfolk deck…  which included a single copy of one of my favorite cards…  Jadelight Ranger.  I am hoping that one of the decks they end up throwing my way is the Explore matters deck that we originally had in Alpha.  Mostly I don’t want to spend the proxies on rebuilding it if they are going to give me like 90% of the cards in a few weeks as we keep rotating through unlocking free decks.

Days Til Bounce


This mornings post is going to be a bit unusual as I did a thing last night that may or may not be nonsense.  Lately I have been saying that it feels like I have disengaged faster with Battle for Azeroth than any of the expansions to date.  However I do have a certain pattern of engaging and then eventually hitting a point where I bounce for awhile, and then eventually return to re-engage.  It got me to wondering if I had any means of actually tracking this sequence.  Since 2013 I had the record of my blog, because I tend to track how I am feeling about something pretty closely in the posts I am making.  Another thing I have noticed is that Screenshots serve as forensic evidence for how I am feeling for a game.  If I am checked out…  I stop taking them… and with my copious archive of screenshots I was able to draw from that to determine my general take on a game at a given time.  Additionally there are specific mental sign posts of events that happened that caused me to bounce like the release of specific games.  All of these combined allowed me to create  a shockingly accurate map of how engaged I was at a specific time.


Here is the table of data I managed to pull together.  This morning I am going to step us through my history with World of Warcraft expansions, and go into some of my reasoning for pulling specific dates out of the air in regards to them.  There is a simplified version of this data at the bottom of the post.

World of Warcraft: Vanilla


While I did not have a blog back then I have very clear marker posts for when my hype cycle with this game began, and when I checked out for the first time.  I am bad about not deleting messages from gmail, and as such I have the original World of Warcraft Stress Test beta key invite email, providing me with the time stamp of when exactly the hype cycle began.  The weekend of 8/20/2004 was significant for a couple of reasons…  firstly the stress test but secondly it was my ten year high school reunion.  I attended the cookout on that Friday night, was generally annoyed that people were still fighting about shit that happened at football games ten years earlier…  and then opted to blow off the Saturday night festivities to stay at home and play World of Warcraft with my friends.  From that weekend forward the hype was all too painfully real as we wound up feeming for another taste of that good good World of Warcrack.  When I checked out the first time is honestly before I managed to hit level 60 in the game…  and we wandered away to play with another group of our friends that had decided to go down the Everquest II route.  The sign post in my memory there is that I got back in right around the launch of the Desert of Flames expansion, providing me with the date of disengagement around 9/13/2005.  I came back towards the end of October and eventually found my way into the Late Night Raiders raid and the rest is history… but this first segment of time is an era before I hit the level cap and before I had a reason to stay engaged.  Prior to World of Warcraft I was fairly notorious for not actually hitting the level cap in games before wandering away.

The Burning Crusade


The Burning Crusade is the era in which I became Belghast the Raid Tank and transitioned from being Lodin the Reluctant Hunter.  I remember my hype cycle began around the opening of the TBC Beta circa 10/30/2006 and getting leaked bits of information coming out about the expansion and all of the interesting changes that were going to be made.  As far as the disengagement happening…  that occurred roughly 9/15/2007 when I got into the beta for Hellgate London and wound up all but stopping playing World of Warcraft to deeply engage with that game.  I came back a few months later, but ultimately what I am trying to track is that moment when I first wandered away during an expansion cycle.  I also weirdly do not have much in the way of screenshots for stuff that happened later in The Burning Crusade, so that leads me to believe that I was maybe just going through the motions a bit.

Wrath of the Lich King


Once again my hype began as the beta opened and information started trickling out about the expansion, so that places it starting somewhere around 7/15/2008.  As far as disengaging… this expansion I stayed connected to it with an almost laser focus and didn’t really disconnect until around the launch of Ruby Sanctum which was extremely late in the content release schedule.  I was in the raid leadership of the very active Duranub Raiding Company that formed towards the end of The Burning Crusade and continued on all of the way through downing The Lich King… and I am pretty sure we made more than a few Ruby Sanctum runs.  Ultimately towards the end of Lich King I was going through a lot of bad times personally and fighting off a pretty nasty spiral of depression, which probably more than anything lead to me pulling back from the game.  While Wrath happened there were a few times I was also playing another game… but never to the point of stopping playing World of Warcraft.



I really was not feeling this expansion from the start, as evidenced by the fact that I had pure hell finding any screenshots from this era. The hype of Cataclysm would have started sometime around Blizzcon, so I set the date for 10/23/2010 as that was the second day of Blizzcon that year.  The expansion itself released in December of that year, and I found a blog post from 2/22/2011 stating that I was done with World of Warcraft, at the time I thought permanently.  I was disillusioned with the game, my raiding circumstances, and used the release of Rift and its beta that I was in at the time as a life raft to get me the hell out of a situation where I was not happy at all.  Now I came back to the game later, but as far as the moment of detachment… it was February and became more so in March and April as the release cycle for Rift ramped up.  This was a serious enough split that I literally thought I was gone for good… handed over the keys to House Stalwart my guild and gave away my gold to friends thinking I wouldn’t need it.



For Mists of Pandaria we had to rely on the forensic evidence of screenshots to determine a time table because the expansion launched during a drought in content on my blog.  Namely 9/11/2012 was one of the darkest days in my life, because some work related events happened that lead to about six months worth of hell for me personally.  So based on my screenshots I can see that I re-engaged with World of Warcraft in general about a month before the release of Pandaria on 8/22/2012, and then the screenshots stop around 10/30/2012 which syncs up with my memory of not being in for long.  Ultimately Pandaria was a tale of false starts, with the raid I was attempting to help get started…  failed miserably and I simply did not have the mental fortitude to stick it out.  It was a group largely based around familiar connections, and with it a lot of non-responsive players…  including an off tank at the time that was seemingly incapable of pulling off a boss swap mechanic.  We never made it past the first boss of the expansion, and I found myself checking out hard with the last screenshots being taken on Halloween from a costume contest event that my friend Rae was hosting.  I remember logging back in for that, but having not played much prior to it…  or not at all after it.  Of course I eventually came back as the above screenshot is from a Throne of Thunder raid, but again we are tracking the moment of initial disengagement.

Warlords of Draenor


With Warlords of Draenor… it brought forth the first expansion I publicly stated that I would not be playing.  I got into the beta process for it early on and I was not feeling it… mostly because my then main the Death Knight felt awful to play.  However Blizzcon is a constant in my hype cycle and watching it around 11/08/2014 managed to stir enough excitement to get me to log back in…  at which point I was drug through Siege of Orgrimmar and luckily had a tanking friendly heirloom weapon drop.  This expansion saw my return to raiding as the weird Protection Warrior DPS spec, and I loved it…  it was basically everything I had ever wanted warrior dps to be…  smashing things with a giant shield.  I miss the hell out of Gladiator stance.  Once again I can rely on blog posts to tell me at which point I started to check out and write posts about being disappointed in Warlords of Draenor, and the first of these that I was able to find was 3/27/2015 which is probably about when in my memory I was trying to get out of the game.  I remember we downed Blackhand once…  took a break…  and then that was when I ran for the hills.



I remember originally referring to Legion as the expansion of things left on the cutting room floor from other expansions.  I was not super hyped about it, that is until the pre-legion events started and I managed to use them to power level an army of alts.  Based on my blog posts I started talking about World of Warcraft again around 7/21/2016 and then similarly started talking about my frustrations with it around 11/23/2016.  Once again I was raiding, this time as a tank and remember checking out part of the way through Nighthold.  I remember Legion very fondly, as when I checked out it was just that my life really couldn’t support attending a raid, and not so much a desire to not be raiding.  I played this off and on but my first break was in November, and when I came back I largely played Horde side.

Battle for Azeroth


I was super not excited about Battle for Azeroth because I did not like the concept of a forced Red vs Blue narrative.  However based on blog posts I returned to World of Warcraft around 7/30/2018 and was dinking around on alts like my High Mountain Tauren Monk just prior to the launch.  I did very little in the way of prep, but was pleasantly surprised at how engaging the story was.  The first strike against the expansion was how generally awful Protection Warrior felt, which lead me to refocus around my Demon Hunter as a viable tanking option…  but also made it feel like I lost the first week and same change of progress…  and was effectively permanently behind the curve.  Finally upon cresting the 340 gear mark… it just felt like I didn’t have much opportunity for improvement other than raiding, and with the switch to Horde as main…  my raiding options were limited to the Sunday night outing which was bad for me timing wise.  The systems in Battle for Azeroth just feel unrewarding… which has lead me to the point of the last several weeks where I have been making posts dissecting them… the first of them on 9/17/2018.

Charting the Data


Ultimately I ignored the hype cycle since it didn’t seem to make much of a different upon the longevity of my play time, and instead focused on the time from launch of an expansion to the time I first bounced.  The above is this data in bar chart form.   I am not terribly shocked that the period in which I was the most engaged was Wrath of the Lich King because for me at least this was the golden era of raiding and guild leadership.  Weirdly enough I remembered in my mind bouncing faster from Vanilla than I actually did…  but staying engaged longer in Burning Crusade.  Regardless those first three expansions were prime wow time, and had some fairly meaty engagement periods for me personally.  Cataclysm I stuck it out longer than I remembered it…  Pandaria I bounced way faster than I remembered…  and then I was completely shocked at how much time I seem to have been engaged during Warlords of Draenor.  So much so that I would have sworn I had been engaged longer with Legion, because in my memory I remember that time much more fondly.  Last we have Battle for Azeroth which as the data shows is in fact my fastest time to disengage from a World of Warcraft expansion.

So what does this data mean?  Not a whole lot given that this is my personal trend with World of Warcraft expansions.  The truth is…  it might be the lack of an active raid that caused the quick detach from Pandaria and Battle for Azeroth.  In Panda I was technically making attempts but seeing no success, and in BfA the timing has kept us from pulling anything together.  I’ve said a few times that I thought I needed a raid to anchor me in the expansion, and I will admit a lot of my engagement time in TBC and Wrath was due to the fact that I felt like I HAD to be there as Guild Leader.  Once I stopped leading guilds in World of Warcraft, I also lost a big chunk of my reason for sticking it out.  All of that said… I think the expansions themselves bear some responsibility as well.  Wrath of the Lich King as far as I am concerned is the true golden era of World of Warcraft…  not Vanilla.  The numbers seem to agree with this stance, and most of the times I remember most fondly are from this period of gaming.  I think World of Warcraft for me personally has been a series of me attempting to recapture the magic from that era and failing.  In any case I thought this might make for an interesting post.


Hunts, Singletons and Dragalias



I was all over the place this weekend as far as gaming time spent.  I would say that largely this was the weekend that I did not play World of Warcraft…  but that isn’t entirely true.  I logged in every day and did my Emissary quest, and then last night while watching Fear the Walking Dead season finale I was piddling around on my Draenei Paladin.  Past that however I didn’t end up doing much in the game I had until now been almost exclusively playing.  This weekend saw a major resurgence of Monster Hunter World, in part because they are just about to release the Wyvern Ignition blade quest to the PC crew and I want it.  In fact the Fall Festival event has a bunch of the quests all lumped together at once and I plan on trying to pick them up as well.  That means unfortunately I have to be able to get my way to High Rank, which also means I am going to need to play in a more focused manner than I am used to.


Weirdly enough I have found myself lately favoring the Hammer instead of the Long Sword.  While I am still maintaining a collection of swords and effectively keeping both weapons up to date…  I am finding that there are just some monsters that become easy to farm with the hammer.  Namely Radobaan is nonsense easy with a hammer, and the stupid spin attack off of a surface is amazing in a whole lot of situations.  Right now I am largely sticking to the Iron line of hammers because it allows me to craft them fairly easily… and also sets me up for a Nergi hammer at some point.  I am up to the point in the quest chain where I need to hunt a Rathalos and a Diablos…  which will be challenging I am sure but also doable given I have beaten both of them multiple times.  Diablos should be considerably easier with a hammer than I am used to with Longsword.  The other weapon that I want to craft at some point in the switch axe, which is something I played with and enjoyed at high level but never really messed with at the lower levels.  If I am remembering correctly…  Zorah Magdaros is immediately following the quest chain I am on and then I will be moving into High Rank territory.  If I put my mind to it I should be able to wrap that up before the event starts I believe Thursday or Friday.


The other game that I have been playing a shocking amount of lately is Magic the Gathering Arena.  On September 27th they launched the Open Beta and with it in theory the last of the card resets.  Since then I have started tinkering with decks and have a few reasonable options….  but honestly mostly find myself playing Stompy Green/Steel Leaf Champion or my Mono Black Burn deck.  The first I am still tuning but the Mono Black Burn is still performing like a champ, but since it was built before the advent of Guilds of Ravnica it could probably be greatly improved with a few cards that are now available and with splashing another color.  Assassin’s Trophy is still the champion of the new expansion so far, but I am also loving a bunch of cards like the Nullhide Feerox and as far as one drops go… I love Pelt Collector that increases in potency as you start summoning bigger creatures.


They had a freebie event this weekend that allowed you to create a singleton deck and so long as you got a single win… you got an uncommon or better card.  This netted me several mythics and rares, but also served to keep me engaged and grinding.  Unfortunately they allowed Rat Colony decks…  which by rules can have any number of copies of the card rat colony…  so essentially when you get matched up with one of those you might as well concede out because there is no way your janky singleton mess can keep up with it.  I also had a large number of wins under questionable terms this weekend…  namely there were several times when I got an awful lot of damage out of Llanowar Elves.  I am not exactly proud of this moment when I enchanted one with Blanchwood Armor to ultimately win the game.  Guilds of Ravnica sealed was a heck of a lot of fun and I went 3/3 with my deck…  the prime problem being that my love of black and green keep me from drafting pretty much anything else.  It isn’t that I cannot see the good in other colors… its just that my brain values those colors over pretty much anything else.  I am in fact Golgari at heart.


In the “Game I didn’t expect to play” category… I was somehow busy enough during the tail end of the week to completely miss Dragalia Lost becoming a thing.  As such on the podcast I was introduced to the game when all of the other members of the show were talking about it…  then was super slow getting the podcast out because I kept spacing out while playing it Sunday morning.  It is an awful lot of fun, but I am struggling with the same problem I have with other mobile games in thinking “this would be so much better if it were not a mobile game”.  I think I largely just hate touch screen interfaces, and while this game is an awful lot of fun… the clunky nature of having to drag your finger around the screen makes it feel extremely awkward.  If this were on the switch I would be completely hooked, but on a phone…  you still have that barrier that I don’t like playing on my phone.  The other problem I am encountering is it completely shreds my battery, so I guess I need to tweak down the settings to try and come up with a flavor that looks less pretty but doesn’t decimate my charge.

Lastly we have the podcast itself, that I named Gacha of Mana since Dragalia Lost reminded me so much of Secret of Mana.  You have a brash guy, a blond girl, and some sort of a sprite thing that provides a lot of the comic relief.  Anyways during the show we talk about Spiderman PS4, Magic the Gathering Arena Open Beta, Celeste, Dragalia Lost… and then a conversation about how the grind in Battle for Azeroth just feels lousy.  The last part is largely why I had a weekend without much Warcrafting, as I am trying to limit my exposure to maybe extend the amount of time it takes me to angrily quit.  I need to spend some time tonight doing Mythics, but in truth I have reached a point where that doesn’t even matter that much to me given it will be a box of disappointment on Tuesday.

Badluck Coins and Locks



This is going to be one of those mornings where I may or may not actually ever get around to a point.  I am feeling extremely blah about writing a post because quite frankly it feels like I don’t have an awful lot that is positive to talk about.  Right now I am in this World of Warcraft cycle, but I am not exactly feeling like I should be.  There are just a lot of aspects of Battle for Azeroth that feel bad and I am not entirely certain why.  Some of it might be of my own making, and other aspects might be that I have simply moved past this game and am unwilling to admit it.  The whole maining Horde thing has been a challenge on a whole lot of fronts, not the least of which has been that the vast majority of my contacts are still on the Alliance side.  Similarly I feel like I am starting from scratch, with a handful of characters instead of one of every class leveled to at least 100, so it feels extremely awkward.

The other challenge is I am just not a great fit for the raiding options that I have available to me.  Sunday night is a bad time for me to set aside four hours worth of time to be dedicated to raiding.  I mean I knew that going into this expansion but I thought maybe I could make it work, when really the one raid I attended felt awful from a time management standpoint.  Sunday night is the night we do all of the things that we forgot to do over the weekend, and I am simply not adult enough to make sure I have everything done that needed to be done.  Similarly my wife is in a mad scramble to print things and plan lessons and such… and if there is even the slightest technical problem my entire night is shot trying to troubleshoot why the fuck every machine but hers will print to the printer.  I fucking hate printers…  they are the worst thing ever created.  I’ve seriously done some voodoo shit when it comes to trying to make her devices recognize the printer…  things I am not proud of.  I contemplated sacrificing a chicken once…  and we don’t even have one.

The other problem I am struggling with in WoW is that so many things just feel awful.  Like for example…  I was slightly looking forward to my Mythic+ chest…  and that excitement died 5 minutes after logging in when I saw that I got a cloak significantly lower than the one I am currently wearing.  Similarly I zoomed over for a shot at loot from the Weekly World Boss…  and got a pittance of gold for my troubles.  We are in the wrong phase of the Warfront cycle so we don’t have access to push a button and get instant loot…  and I’ve already killed the Warfront Boss so that is done for the time being as well.  There is a weekly quest to grind timewalking dungeons… or a supposed box of Uldir loot…  but I am sure it will be one of the slots I already have 370 gear in and feel completely useless.

The thing is I don’t mind RNG…  because in the past I have ground my face off pushing myself to run things over and over until the item I wanted dropped.  That is a perfectly reasonable cycle that I am willing to do.  However when I am given a single chance each week at getting something interesting…  and those options wind up with an insignificant amount of gold or artifact power it feels horrible.  Sure I can buy two expensive as fuck second chance tokens that are also not guaranteed, that end up making you feel like a complete fool when that 5000 gold you just spent ended up giving you 200 artifact power.  The fact that I am not actively raiding…  leaves me in this sort of unmoored state where I have no viable means of making the number go up…  which is the point where I start to check out.

It is moments like this that I marvel at just how well the systems in Final Fantasy XIV work…  and why I cannot figure out why that game just doesn’t grab me anymore.  Were the weekly boss a Final Fantasy encounter…  you would be able to run it as many times as you liked, but only receive one piece of loot for the week.  I loved the whole concept of being locked from receiving further loot from an instance once you received a piece of gear, because it allowed you to choose when to spend your lockout.  You could run one of the 25 player semi-raid instances over and over until you got that chest piece that you really desperately needed.  It gave you some measure of control over how you geared and with what items… instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Similarly Final Fantasy XIV also has a second chance currency that you accumulate over time by doing stuff, that allows you to buy the items you are needing as well.  Gold and Artifact Power feel horrible reward wise… and there is nothing they can ever do to really fix that.  However if you downed a boss that say rewarded 10 badluck coins normally…  but if you failed to get a drop you were instead given a little gold and maybe 20 badluck coins as a consolation prize for spending your lockout…  that would feel decent.  I would know in the back of my head that maybe I lost the roll today, but in a few weeks time I will be able to save up all of those badluck coins to purchase something equivalent to the items I wanted before anyways.

Ultimately this also feeds into another discussion point from last night on the AggroChat show slack…  gear feels largely unexciting as well.  There used to be items that were worth grinding for that felt interesting and unique.  For example… I ate, breathed and slept Mechanar in Burning Crusade when I found out there was a weapon as cool as The Sun Eater in that dungeon.  With a single shot at it per day… I forced group after group to follow me in  there for yet another shot at it and it took what felt like months for it to actually drop.  When I got it… it was an amazing feeling because I could finally wield this amazing weapon that I had been fighting so hard to get.  It looked glorious but also felt like it was really viable and quite honestly held me until I got a drop from Serpentshrine Caverns some 15+ months after the release of Burning Crusade.

Now when we get gear we are getting Raid Axe #3 colored Blue, or Raid Sword #1 colored Red…  the gear lacks any sense of originality and is largely just an accumulation of stats that either are or are not whatever the hell your class optimally wants.  It feels like a handful of numbers that you punch into a calculation and not a physical tangible item that you seek after.  There are very few instances where you want an item… because it looks amazing…  because it is only place where that sort of item drops…  and because it is the going to hold you for awhile when you ultimately get it.  Now every piece of gear feels completely disposable and unworthy of the effort that it requires to get it.

Basically I am just in this cycle where a whole bunch of things that never bothered me… are now bothering me.  I want to finish the Alliance storyline on the Paladin so I have at least seen that.  However if I am not attached to a raid group in a tanking role by the time I finish that process… I am likely done with Battle for Azeroth for the time being.  It is unhealthy to get angry at a video game, and even though mine isn’t so much anger…  but more disappointment…  that also isn’t exactly healthy either.

Tam Stole My Luck



This weekend was the beginning of the 15th season in Diablo 3 and like usual Grace and myself decided to do the thing that we do roughly every three months…  and start new seasonal characters.  I went with the Demon Hunter because the Unhallowed Essence set is in theory one of the really fun ones…  pending I can actually assemble all of the parts of it.  Grace went with the Necro because I believe this time is Rathma’s which is another pretty fun set…  pending you assemble all of the pieces of it.  For most of the season she was way stronger than I was as we ran through the content, but there will be a point where that balance starts to shift the other way.  The problem is I have not hit it yet and am struggling a bit with pushing content.  I found getting the Greater Rift 20, the last thing I needed for my cosmetic items and last of the Haedrig’s Gift items…  but be extremely painful.

This season I seem to have had really bad luck, essentially having NONE of the items I need for my build apart from the Hellfire Amulet.  Legendaries seem to be extremely stingy this time around, and often times as I am leveling I start getting some of the drops needed to toss into the cube.  That didn’t happen.  In theory I am going to start grinding some T1 rifts to try and assemble the rest of the set.  I am convinced that Tam stole my luck, because I didn’t even get a single item of my class set to upgrade to Ancient.  At a bare minimum however I now have my pet and portrait frame and anything after this is gravy.


In World of Warcraft I mostly spent time this weekend over on the Alliance side leveling my Paladin.  Paladins right now seem just as overpowered as Demon Hunters and I have been breezing through content pulling tons of things in a path of destruction…  and in truth consecration ends up pulling way more than I had intended most of the time.  Originally when I took a stab at playing the Death Knight I had started Stormsong Valley and could not be bothered with that storyline of missing ships.  This time around I decided to start Drustvar and its awesome cultist nonsense… and so far I have been enjoying the storytelling way more than a tale of political intrigue.  I like big bombastic storylines, like the whole fighting old gods with ghost dinosaurs thing that is going on over on the Horde Side, so Drustvar seems more of that fit.

The only negative is it means at some point I will have to return to the more subtle political intrigue storyline and hopefully I am invested enough in my character at that point to carry me on.  I figured the Paladin gave me a lot of options for running stuff… but the truth is I will probably just tank or dps… and it is highly unlikely that I ever heal.  While I technically got the healing Artifact weapon, I am not sure if I ever had it equipped.  All in all though…  just not loving the Alliance content anywhere near as much as I did the Horde.  However I will say so far… the War Campaign stuff seems cooler on the Alliance side…  even though it feels weird to be retracing steps I know as horde quests.  I did not realize that I would be effectively sharing the same space…  like Anyport for example in my world is very much a Horde town…  but it is seemingly also open to Alliance?  Also finding it weird that I am seeing way more Orange names while I am leveling than Blue ones.  Maybe there was an initial push of alliance players…  or maybe the AIE presence on our shared shard greatly pushes the balance to Horde.

Lastly we recorded another podcast this weekend as is the usual, and this time around we talked a lot about the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest franchise…  and the fact that I think of it as Warrior is telling to the last time I actually played one.  We also had this unintended deep dive into Hollow Knight after some conversation about Hyperlight Drifter sort of jarred it loose.  We are trying really hard to bring the shows in around an hour in length and as such they sort of feel better than they used to.  We are trying to limit the number of topics… which has this side effect of causing topics to roll forward to other weeks.  The Dragon Quest topic for example had rolled twice before we finally talked about it.  I am thinking the Trello system that we are using for show notes seems to work pretty well, as we can drop things into the queue throughout the week easily.  Regardless… if you tried listening to us when we often times recorded two to three hour long shows….  you might give it a shot again.

The Grind Feels Bad



Over the last few days I have trying to sort out something about Battle for Azeroth, namely why World Quests feel so generally awful in this expansion.  What I have come up with is a few points, but they all largely center around it being a system that was developed for a different expansion cycle and then not retooled enough to make it function in the same role in this expansion.  For starters World Quests are generally an excellent source of gearing, and in this first days after dinging 120 it very much played that role, giving me access to better and better items until eventually hitting the world quest soft cap of around 330…  with dungeon quests being able to drop up to 340.  The highest actual quest drop I have seen for a green is 273, so that gives you 57 levels worth of gear before the system ultimately peters out.  Honestly that seems like a reasonable gap in itemization, and I augmented it with the occasional heroic or mythic drop to speed my process up.

I think the crux of the issue with World Quests is we are no longer chasing anything that actually matters.  In Legion we were chasing a slew of Legendary items that could drop from literally anything, and I have seen them drop from random boss based World Quests.  So for me at least it felt like every single World Quest that I completed was one additional chance that I had to get the chase items of the expansion…  a Legendary item.  Additionally Emissary quests rewarded a chest upon turn in, that often times had a piece of gear that was very useful in that gearing phase…  but most of my alts got their very first Legendary this way as well.  So again doing the Emissary each day was some thing I looked forward to, because it gave me rep, some sort of a reward, a chest that contained gear… and once again the ever important seemingly elevated chance at seeing orange text scroll across my screen.


The other thing that is missing is a grind that feels like it matters.  Artifact Power good or bad felt important for a very long time…  even towards the very end as we were unlocking those traits that just sorta made everything get better…  the effect was noticeable.  I felt like I was tangibly better after spending that point…  but also the acquisition of artifact power felt more even handed.  As it stands right now… I can clear both Zandalar and Kul’Tiras of every single available quest during an evening and I won’t have made a single dent in the amount of Artifact Power required to get one more item on the MacGuffin necklace that they gave me that I am supposed to care about.  The ramshackle manner in which we are given traits that are to be unlocked by necklace level… makes the entire system something very hard to deeply care about.  I got an item… the item is higher level…  I guess I will use it in spite of not being able to unlock any of the traits because they are arbitrarily placed through some progression system that I think at one point was supposed to be important but just now seems like numbers pulled out of the ether to keep us grinding.

Basically put… all of this feels deeply unsatisfying and makes me start questioning what exactly the point of us logging in every night to do emissary quests actually is?  The answer to that is…  faction.  Faction is the fire in which we burn.  At least in my case the faction I care the most about right now is the Honorbound because it gates my progress towards unlocking the Mag’har.  Similarly I am certain that faction will also be the thing that gates our access to the Zandalari and Kul’Tirans respectively.  In both cases if I could give Blizzard a sum of money to pay for my time spent… and either instantly gain the faction needed or just simply pay to unlock the race… I would happily do so because the grind that ultimately bars content is completely joyless.  In Legion we gained faction as a side effect of the chase for bigger and better things.  The Artifact weapons felt like a fitting reward for gaining Artifact Power…  and the Emissary chests gave us a shot at getting the real power items of the expansion the Legendaries.  It was a chase I was capable of doing and ignoring the fact that I am every so slightly moving the bar up.


Effectively in order for a grind to feel good… you have to have enough things distracting you from the fact that you are grinding.  Every 10 to 20 minutes there needs to be enough of an endorphin hit to make you feel like you just accomplished something, and Battle for Azeroth seems to lack this when it comes to what I would refer to as the maintenance grind.  Sure Warfronts were fun because they gave me a shiny purple item every 15 to 20 minutes…  but World Questing, the thing that should be there as a daily pursuit is just a bunch of stuff that I will throw into the grinder or an insignificant amount of gold or artifact power to make up for my time spent.  115 gold for example… the highest paying World Quest that I have available to me on the above map is a completely meaningless and insignificant sum of money.  In order for gold to be a reward from doing a world quest I feel like it at bare minimum needs to be a range that goes from roughly 500 to 2500.  Similarly Artifact power at this point already requires 2500 or more in a single hit to make the bar noticeably move.

Ultimately what happened last night is I logged in… did my Emissary quest…  felt horrible about the rewards…  then logged over to the other faction in an attempt to play an Alliance character.  Which again I bounced out of pretty early on because in the back of my head was a little voice asking me… do I really want to do this grind all over again on another character on another faction?  The grind is just not fun, and I hope they do something to make it feel better in the next patch.  In the meantime I logged over to Destiny 2 which has its own grind problems and found myself having a good deal more fun because…  once again every 10-20 minutes I got the little hit of endorphin from something interesting dropping on the ground.

Warning Signs



Last night was the first night since the launch of Battle for Azeroth where I didn’t feel like I had a purpose in playing.  What I mean by that in large part is there was nothing readily achievable that I could be doing that would further the state of my gear.  This is a thing I go through with MMORPGs is that so long as I am making the numbers go higher I feel happy and filled with purpose, but once that elevator reaches the top floor I start flailing listlessly.  Having gone through this so many times in the past, this is the beginning warning sign of me starting the check out process.  Effectively at this point I need to find something to anchor me to the game and rapidly or I will drift away into the ether with the first shiny bauble that crosses my path.

Last week I was anchored with a constant feeling that I needed to be getting Mythics done so I could chase a fabled piece of 370 gear.  Before that on an almost daily basis I was swapping things out for items of better quality, which felt interesting and exciting.  As it stands now I have a few options each week to help me move that needle forward… and it feels horrible when they reward gold or artifact power instead of a piece of loot.  I’ve not done LFR for the week but thanks to Warfronts and the cavalcade of guaranteed loot every twenty minutes…  they have no shine this expansion because I have already upgraded every slot above the bare minimum level that drops there.

I got double artifact power off of the Warfronts world boss in Arathi basin, and gold off the World boss that opened up with the reset yesterday.  I am basically left with two options… find a time when I can raid, or dig in harder with alts.  We are trying to make Wednesday nights at 7 pm CST until 10-11 CST work but we are probably still short a handful of people in necessary roles.  Ashgar my traditional co-tank is still very much in the leveling process because his attention is split between lots of different games right now.  We could do higher and higher mythics to try and get gear but pulling those together has been a challenge.  I should have spent my time last night running Mythics to help gear up Morgull, but instead I sorta did a lot of nothing.

As far as alting goes….  I really want to unlock the Mag’har because I want to start a red shaman.  The only problem there is the faction grind feels horrible…  with no real way of making daily progress other than doing literally every single quest available on Kul’Tiras.  I did that last night, and was bored out of my mind the entire time because at this point…  I have done this several times without it feeling like I am making forward momentum at all.  The grind doesn’t feel good this expansion, and quite honestly….  the only time faction grinding DID feel good was during the era of faction based tabards that you could wear and gain faction for doing other activities.  At a minimum I could equip a tabard and queue for heroic after heroic giving me a constant drip of faction and a bunch of loot to show for it.

Ultimately I think I will pour more of my attention into the Warlock and see if I can stave off the desire to bounce until we can manage to pull together a raid group.