Leave the Game Better


Last night as I was winding down for the evening I ended up getting pulled into a discussion about positivity and the Warcraft community. ¬†I’ve long been a proponent of doing whatever I can to try and make MMO gaming environments better for other players. ¬†I am what I would ¬†call a “world tank” meaning that I permanently run around in tanky stance while questing and often times go out of my way to “tank” things that don’t even matter to me. ¬†If I am riding through a zone and I see a squishy player fighting a boss mob… then nine times out of ten I am going to hop off my mount and charge over to help out. ¬†I don’t even care about factional boundaries here, and I am one of those players that is just as likely to help out the Horde as I am the Alliance when it comes to taking the threat onto myself and letting people kill their monsters in peace. ¬†I’ve been graced with a class that simply cannot die under most circumstances… and I sort of feel like it is my duty to help other people out whenever I can. ¬†I cannot count the number of times I have been doing a quest and had someone roll up late… ¬†and then continued to pull packs of elites just to make sure they finished their quest. ¬†They always seem sorta surprised when I send them a tell asking them “how many more” they need for the quest. ¬†Growing up I was in scouting, and even managed to get my Eagle… and there was a rule of camping that went a little something like “leave the campsite in as good of condition if not better”. ¬†I sort of have this same view towards MMOs or the world in general honestly… ¬†if I can improve the world by my presence I am going to shoot for that.


Prior to the launch of Legion, I had gotten used to some of the cultural norms in Final Fantasy XIV. ¬†Namely people talk during dungeon runs… at least enough to give a friendly introduction at the beginning and at the end. In part this is because there is a system in place over there that allows you to give a single commendation each run, to whatever player for whatever criteria you feel fit the situation. ¬†I give them out for all sorts of reasons… ¬†glorious outfits, extremely competent dps, or just someone being jovial and friendly. ¬†In part this friendly atmosphere exists… because they reward you being nice to other players, and will straight up ban you for talking about damage meters in game. ¬†It creates this weird bubble where things don’t work there the way they work in any other MMO community. ¬†Knowing this… with the launch of Legion and as we started queuing up for content… I started trying to apply the same logic the World of Warcraft and shockingly more often than not it worked. ¬†Just breaking the ice at the beginning of a run with a “Hey Folks!” seemed to go an awfully long way in improving the experience as a whole. ¬†I noticed my usual silent runs become perforated with discussion, as it was like one person saying something broke down whatever dam was there preventing conversation.

Another thing I have done this expansion cycle that seems to have helped my own attitude is that I am just not dissecting the game and tearing it apart like I used to. ¬†I am trying really hard to just take things at face value, and more often than not completely ignore the patch note cycle until I am ready for something. ¬†Sure this means I have not exactly been on top of the ball on a lot of things… ¬†like Broken Shore, and have been doing things in a grossly inefficient manner. ¬†However it also means that I am not exposing myself to a lot of external stimuli¬†until I am actually ready to consume it. ¬†More than this however… ¬†I just haven’t shared my doubts publicly because I haven’t felt the need to. ¬†A few weeks into the Nighthold raid cycle I disappeared from the game, and faded away quietly. ¬†I just felt like I wasn’t enjoying myself nearly as much as I was when doing other things. ¬†So I simply walked away and did other things for awhile. ¬†There was a moment where I could make a clean break, and my raid had a tank to step in and take over for me. ¬†In the past I would have felt the need to explain to my readers why I did this. ¬†Instead I just left and eventually put some thoughts together in my big “regularly playing” post, but even that probably wasn’t needed other than I was catching up my sidebar… ¬†which is already completely out of date again. ¬†However because I didn’t really make a big deal about it… it was so much easier to just slide back into the game a few months later when the mood hit me again.

While it might sound odd, I think for me not writing about World of Warcraft and its failings… ¬†helped me to feel better about the game for the long term. ¬†It also kept some negative vibes out of the community. ¬†Sure I currently have a laundry list of things that bug me about the game, but I have come to a point of acceptance that World of Warcraft will never actually be the “one true game” for me. ¬†I know that I will keep venturing off to play other games because it is in my nature, and that it will still feel enjoyable to keep coming back and revisiting all of my friends in the WoW. ¬†In part this is why I am so excited that Destiny 2 is now going to be entering this same realm. ¬†For well over a decade I have cultivated a community in the Blizzard games, and it seems like it is going to be awesome to be able to take all of these people with me into another love of mine when it launches on the PC. ¬†While I would love to see Blizzard as a company make an attempt to instill a positive attitude in its players by introducing systems that reward the good apples… ¬†more than systems that punish the bad, I largely accept that it is going to be up to me and players like me to be the agent of change in the world. ¬†I know we all keep returning to the MMO space to decompress from our days out in the real world… but there is nothing keeping us from being a little nicer to one another in our adopted second home. ¬†Games tend to develop a culture of support or toxicity… and maybe I am naive but I feel like a game can change. ¬†I feel like we can slowly erase the toxic nature that has developed over the years and put back in its place one that is largely supporting of others. ¬†Now this doesn’t just apply to WoW, but is I think an admirable goal in any game you play.

Treadblades and Grenades



A good chunk of this weekend was about me riding the high that was the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal panel. ¬†I wrote about my feelings Friday, but I am still extremely hyped. ¬†What I find interesting is that there are some hardcore Destiny players that walked away disillusioned by the announcement. ¬†For me I largely wanted them to take the same Destiny mechanics that I love and apply them to a much more open world. ¬†From the sounds of it that is precisely what we are getting. ¬†However it seems like the competitive PVP scene walked away frustrated, because they were expecting ladder brackets and things like that to support their specific play style. ¬†While I love the Crucible, I am anything but serious when I play it… ¬†and as a result I largely am okay with a more casual PVP focus. ¬†What is funny about this is that it is the same community that got super frustrated when they were only being matched against similarly skilled players, and have been the biggest proponents of moving away from skill based matchmaking. ¬†I can at least see one of their complaints, which is largely that they were expecting the game to move to a server/client structure rather than the¬†peer to peer setup that we have today. ¬†I feel like the currently crucible matchmaking algorithm does a decent job of weeding out the “redbars”, and it has been a really long time since I have been in a match with more than one of them. ¬†That could however be based on the fact that I am living in the center of the United States and have solid pings to either coast though.

What all the Destiny love created however is a strong desire to play the game I currently have my hands on. ¬†Over the weekend I spent a good deal of time upstairs playing around, and picked back up my Xbox One character since it allowed me to experience the full circuit of Destiny emotions. ¬†All of my PSN characters are comfortably at 400 light, and all I am really doing there is upgrading additional gear to that level. ¬†So there is a missing chunk of the experience… the brief joy of seeing a higher light level item that you can then use to infuse into your gear. ¬†So as a result I opted to spend most of the weekend playing my now 378 Titan. ¬†On PSN however I did spend a bit of time working on achievements, and that meant a lot of chain running of SIVA Crisis Strikes for the purpose of trying to get super kills. ¬†This also meant rocking my Bad Juju, because for me at least it seems to be a much better super energy magnet than the Zhalo Supercell. ¬†I think right now I am 5 super streaks away from finishing up one book, and then I can start in earnest on the modern Age of Triumph book. ¬†I am still a little bummed that they came out and dashed my hopes of “cross save” functionality between the various client versions. ¬†I would have happily purchased Destiny 2 for all available platforms if this actually happened.


On the World of Warcraft front, I indulged in something I had been wanting to for awhile. ¬†With the recent spike in token prices I opted to purchase one and it sold for roughly 130,000 gold. ¬†I then took that gold and purchased the Champion’s Treadblade… which I always thought was a way cooler design than the Warlord’s Deathwheel. ¬†This also jarred me off center in being less of a lazy engineer. ¬†I never actually got around to crafting the original Mekgineer’s Chopper. ¬†It was one of those things I always intended to do… but never wanted to spend the money on. ¬†functionally no matter how much faction discount you have the end result is always going to be 12,000 gold worth of parts. ¬†I used this influx of cash from the token however to serve as a reason to go ahead and finish this off. ¬†I happened to have pretty much everything else needed to craft it laying around on various alts, so it was simply a matter of flying out to Storm Peaks and buying the few vendor items.


The last major event of the weekend is that I finally decided what to use my character boost on. ¬†I have not really touched much of anything this expansion on the Horde side. ¬†My friend Grace has reverted back to her Horde ways, and as a result I figured I should probably have at least one character that I like to be able to play with her. ¬†As a result I took the Deathknight that I rolled on her server and boosted it to 100, and started leveling it last night. ¬†The thing that I didn’t realize about the 100 boost… is just how lousy the gear is that they give you. ¬†I remember I started Legion sitting in mostly 710 gear on my characters from the pre-launch invasion events. ¬†My newly boosted Unholy Deathknight was equipped in a full set of 640 gear… ¬†which if I remember correctly was the required level to queue for heroics in Warlords of Draenor. ¬†As a result this is the first character I have taken to the Broken Shores invasion scenario that I actually had trouble surviving. ¬†I died about four times during this invasion… ¬†but that also could simply be because this late in the expansion there was only one other player actually doing it. ¬†Whatever the case I clawed my way up from the frustrating gear level and am making progress in Azsuna.

Addon Trolling



I am having one of those mornings that I am simply struggling to find any inspiration to write. ¬†It’s been one of those weeks, namely because I am juggling a huge meeting load and feeling like I am accomplishing nothing in the process. ¬†When you have a few 30 minute blocks between the rest of your schedule being in meetings, it becomes really hard to make any headway in anything. ¬†However I guess that is what happens when you move up to management. ¬†The problem being that when I finally do get home I sort of revert to a gelatinous state and struggle to find any forward momentum in games either. ¬†As predicted my forward momentum in World of Warcraft has stalled quite a bit upon getting the flight unlock. ¬†I could in theory alt all the things… ¬†but instead I am largely just logging in each day and doing whatever faction based world quest there is for a shot at fury friendly legendary items.

A few days ago I had installed an addon called Leatrix Plus, which adds a bunch of quality of life improvements for World of Warcraft. ¬†Among the tweaks were a few settings that I figured were largely good ideas. ¬†The first being to accept invites to groups from the guild/friends, and the second being to accept summons from the guild/friends. ¬†Last night however I learned that maybe this is not the best idea to run with enabled. ¬†Now in my head I had completely forgotten that Wednesday was raid night. ¬†I mean it was one of those things that I was aware of, but not completely cognizant of. ¬†So I found myself after eating dinner logging in to do my daily run at legendaries, and like I often do alt tabbed to do something else while the game finished loading in. ¬†When I finally tabbed back I found myself in a raid and sitting at the Nighthold summoning stone. ¬†While afk I had apparently been invited to the raid group and summoned… and my handy little addon absolutely allowed myself to get trolled. ¬†I bowed out once I realized what had happened because honestly I am not ready for “serious mode” raiding.

After doing my nightly bombing run on a legendary, I wound up logging and digging into Star Wars the Old Republic.  When I started the night I was sitting on Chapter XIII and managed to play my way through to a good ways into Chapter XVI.  The whole chapter thing feels odd considering I am functionally doing the same thing as Netflix binge watching.  Its hard for me to see where the seams normally would have been between chapters, but I guess the content is naturally released in a format that feels akin to how Final Fantasy XIV does.  Looking at the Wiki page it seems like originally the content was released roughly a chapter a month between February and August of 2016, with the initial content providing the first nine chapters at release.  The only negative about binging the content like this is that I am not really spending much time with any of my newly acquired companions, since for the most part each mission requires me to use a specific combination.  Also the reveals are probably less dramatic than they would have been if I was being drip fed the content.  Whatever the case I am still very much enjoying it, and some of the shit is getting weird.  Going to be interesting to see what it is like to roll into the Eternal Throne content.


Enjoyment and PVP



Last week there was a tweet that came across my feed that jarred something loose in my brain. ¬†I am wishing I had thought to save it because I honestly don’t know at this point who tweeted or at least on what specific day. ¬†It was one of those things that filtered into my subconscious and stuck there as it scrolled past. ¬†The general gist was asking what exactly a game would have to do to make PVP palatable for you personally. ¬†I was rushing between meetings when I checked Fenix on my phone, and never actually got around to replying. ¬†However it is something that I have been mulling over for days now. ¬†Why this was so sticky is the fact that I am a walking paradox it seems. ¬†I will claim not to like PVP at all, and will actively go out of my way to avoid it if it is happening in the world. ¬†If a game has one of those settings that prevents you from being accidentally flagged… I run with that on all of the time. ¬†If it is raid time… and one of our PVP centric members runs into the instance flagged and in doing so gets jumped by the Horde. ¬†I will sit there and watch them die, because in my mind they made a poor life choice for coming to a raid flagged in the first place.


All of that said… I also look forward to the Iron Banner in Destiny which is a monthly PVP event, and if I am bored I often times pop into the crucible which is their version of a battleground match making system. ¬†What I have never been able to reconcile is why player versus player activity in one game feels good and in others not great at all. ¬†All I have been able to sort out in my head is that in Destiny there is no negative side effect, and the rewards for participation are balanced in a way that it feels like no matter what there is a chance that I get something really cool in the process. ¬†Now Crucible hardcores in Destiny will tell you that the things that I love about it… are the things that frustrate them. ¬†Functionally loot is not tied to performance, but instead participation. ¬†Sure if you win a match you get more faction with Lord Shax the Crucible reputation vendor… ¬†but regardless of success or failure it feels like my time spent is leading towards the goal of something interesting. ¬†I am either going to get a faction package that gives me weapons or armor… ¬†or I am going to have the chance of getting interesting gear rewarded to me at random at the end of a match.


The other thing that has stuck out in my head is that in Destiny the total time of the match is relatively short ranging from 6 to 8 minutes… to at the maximum 15 minutes. ¬†Even more than that the time to engagement is also short, with the lack of long runs back to where the objective fighting is happening. ¬†I spent some time this weekend in World of Warcraft doing battlegrounds, since that system as a whole feels like a reasonable counter point to Destiny. ¬†I knew I was in for something when about 5 minutes into an Arathi basin map… ¬†I saw a pop up through DBM timers informing me that my team would win in 21 minutes. ¬†The length of that match just felt prohibitive to my enjoyment, and the risk of that time spent… ¬†had no real payoff waiting for me at the end. ¬†Sure there is the chance of random loot, but the loot seems to be based on my current PVP rank… and not relative to my gear level which is a huge positive for the way that Destiny handles things. ¬†So since I am late to the game, that means I would have to suffer through a lot of bad experiences in order to maybe have a chance of getting something that is going to be useful to me in the long run. ¬†The risk versus reward equation is just not good enough for me to keep throwing myself at the gristmill. ¬†So instead after a handful of maps I went back to grinding World Quests because they at least felt like they had tangible rewards associated with them.


Basically my take away is that in order for me to find PVP interesting… there has to be one hell of a lot of carrot waiting on me and very little stick. ¬†The truth is that PVP in general be it Crucible or Battlegrounds is the sort of thing that I might do if I have literally nothing else to do. ¬†I participate in Iron Banner so often because it is a limited time event… and it also is a loot bonanza. ¬†While I was working my way to the current 400 light cap in Destiny, a good chunk of that progress was gained through Iron Banner drops… ¬†which tend to be one every third or fourth match. ¬†In World of Warcraft I played a half dozen battlegrounds this weekend and got a single piece of gear that was 50 item levels lower than the rest of the gear that I was wearing, so another enchanting shard just doesn’t feel that exciting. ¬†I think the shortness of the match also helps my enjoyment, because even if we are losing horribly… ¬†it is a short term predicament and one that might be remedied in the next match. ¬†Additionally battlegrounds that focus on huge scale siege objectives tend to be soul sucking for me, and each time I have to mount up and run to the opposite end of the map it just feels bad. ¬†I guess I prefer quick skirmishes rather than protracted battles, especially for randomly queuing with strangers. ¬†The other huge negative about PVP in games like World of Warcraft is the fact that I am lumped into chat with a bunch of horrible people. ¬†Simply disabling the chat and making the maps clear enough not to need communication to complete objectives would greatly improve my experience. ¬†A good chunk of my joy in Destiny is the fact that no one¬†can spout off racist slurs in global chat.


Finally Flying



Last night was an interesting night filled with running a bunch of the world quests out in Broken Shore in an attempt to get the faction needed to finish getting Legionfall over the revered mark. ¬†However after doing everything that was available, and the daily goblin treasure quest… ¬†I found myself still just shy of the finish line. ¬†I needed just shy of 400 faction, and after taking a break to get some food I roamed around aimlessly trying to sort out what if anything I should be doing. ¬†It was around then that I got pinged by a friend of mine and asked if I was up for tanking some mythic dungeons. ¬†Last week was the “run 4 mythics and get a chest” quest in Dalaran, and I had not touched it myself because I didn’t think I would have any semblance of a regular group. ¬†However when one reached out to me at around 8:30 I took the opportunity.

All told we ran Mythic Halls of Valor zero to get some keystones, and it also happened to be a world quest for a significant chunk of artifact power. ¬†We then ran a Mythic Maw of Souls because it is super fast and I believe we had a 3 keystone for it. ¬†From there I pestered the group to run Cathedral of¬†Eternal Night, because I still had a quest for it and had never actually seen it. ¬†It was around this time that I shifted from tank to dps as someone who had tanked the place before took over. ¬†I am far from a reasonable dps, but I did okayish in the grand scheme of things… ¬†or at least well enough to get us through the dungeon. ¬†Finally I shifted back to tanking as we did a Mythic 3 Darkheart Thicket because it was either that… Eye of Azshara or Vault of the Wardens. ¬†We all sort of thought that Darkheart would be the fastest. ¬†We managed to three chest the dungeons, which largely meant we walked away with some extra artifact power.

After finishing the dungeon runs and turning in the quest I managed to cross the finish line with the faction I needed. ¬†So as a result I can now finally fly in the Broken Isles. ¬†The challenge now is… ¬†am I functionally done again with World of Warcraft for awhile? ¬†This was really the driving force for me returning was to finish off flight. ¬†I mean Friday was fun enough that I will try and start making that on a regular basis. ¬†However I am not sure how much I care to actually be logging in each day and doing stuff. ¬†I am sitting at 890 item level… and in truth if I am going to be dps I should get some more legendaries. ¬†The problem there is that the mathematics are stacked against me… since I have 4 tanking legendaries already. ¬†The thought of trying to get 2 more dps legendaries seems daunting. ¬†One of my legendaries is not a net dps gain… but it does at least give me some added survival because it heals me each time I spend rage. ¬†In theory I should at least keep doing the daily faction chests because I got most of my legendary drops from them.

Fel Knight



Things happened this weekend and apparently I am playing World of Warcraft again. ¬†Even though this has nothing to do with her directly… I am going to blame Grace for planting the seed in my head that the game is much better once you unlock flight. ¬†Next I am going to blame MMO Champion for having a tool at the top of their home page that showed me that I was literally only a reputation grind away from flying in Broken Isles. ¬†The power of the thing things combined seemingly turned my “someday” into “do this thing now”. ¬†There was a lot of bonus extra credit for folks like Erry and Mort telling me that they missed me, and that I should really show up on raid nights again. ¬†As a result I spent my weekend mostly playing World of Warcraft with brief flurries of Destiny and Star Wars the Old Republic. ¬†Maybe I just needed some comfort gaming, or maybe things really were the sequence of the events above. ¬†Whatever the case I largely enjoyed myself… ¬†but not in that “ahhhh… I’m Home” sort of way and more “this is perfectly okay”. ¬†I think I would enjoy myself quite a bit more on Alts since really I am too well geared to get much use out of the Broken Isles content.


Probably the highlight of the weekend was raiding with my guild again on Friday. ¬†Traditionally Wednesday night is the super serious raiding time, and Friday is the blow off “lets do farm content” night. ¬†In truth I don’t so much care about the blow off aspect, and more about the attitude of the two different outings. ¬†Raiding stopped being fun for me when everyone got really serious Wednesday nights and stopped having fun. ¬†Maybe I just hit a bad patch there, but when the tension in palpable and everyone is super concerned about squeaking that last bit of dps out of their spec… ¬†that isn’t really enjoyable for me. ¬†What is however is running around like a bunch of nubs and face-rolling content for the fun of it. ¬†That is my jam and I¬†have to admit I had an awful lot of fun Friday. ¬†I had reached this point where once again I felt like raiding probably “wasn’t for me” but if I can repeat the sort of environment again I could be down with doing this on a weekly basis. ¬†I managed to stay alive the entire night… ¬†until we got to Gul’dan. ¬†My eyes glazed over five minutes into a fifteen minute explanation of the fight and I am sure I died to something stupid and easily avoidable. ¬†Regardless I managed to exit the night with a couple of tier pieces, so life was pretty damned peachy.


The other big thing that I did this weekend was play catch up on a ton of content that I had not touched in ages. ¬†Withered training was one of those things that I just never really cared about… but I now have a quest to do X number of world quests in Suramar and as a result I am looking for quests to do that are not super annoying. ¬†The above haul involved unlocking a bunch of shit that I had never unlocked before, and in theory I will really be able to steamroll the place next time. ¬†My biggest frustration with withered training has nothing to do with the training itself… and more to do with the fact that it is still annoying to get Ancient Mana. ¬†Sure it is easy enough if you are out running around in Suramar to get it as a drip feed while you do other things… but to purposefully try and seek it out is really freaking annoying. ¬†I mean I know there is the Vineyards trick, but every time I go there the lootables seem to be farmed down pretty heavily. ¬†The real win of the weekend through is that I am roughly 1600 reputation away from being able to fly. ¬†The question is if I will actually stick around after achieving this goal.

Regularly Playing: May Edition


I had a realization over the weekend as I stared at my sidebar… ¬†that it has been a significant amount of time since I last did the regularly playing thing. ¬†The last one I was able to find was on October 3rd of 2016… ¬†some 210 days ago. ¬†I may or may not have completely fallen off the wagon on this concept. ¬†The original intent was to take a moment once a month to “true up” the side bar and shift out what I was no longer playing for what I was currently playing. ¬†As a result we are going to see some significant moving and shaking in the list as a result.

To Those Remaining

Final Fantasy XIV


I am still going fairly strongly in Final Fantasy XIV, and while I might not log in every night I am logging in multiple times a week. ¬†I am definitely still making the Tuesday night raid thing, and while we don’t always make progress each week we get together to do something. ¬†Thanks to the wonder of cross server grouping we have been able to pull in our friend Kelesti into some stuff as well. ¬†Largely we are all in a big holding pattern until the release of Stormblood which comes in July, and as a result I am still in the middle of my “level everything” binge. ¬†Right now my Machinist is just shy of 40, and that leaves Astrologian the only thing that has yet to be touched. ¬†The whole purpose behind all of this madness is so that I can purge my vault of anything at minimum sub 30… and the grand hope is to sort through anything sub 50 and be extremely judicious in what I choose to keep. ¬†Still having a lot of fun in Palace of the Dead, just have had other distractions of late.

To the Returning and New



This is one of those games that has not graced my sidebar in a very very long time. ¬†In July of 2015 I played quite a bit of the game around the time that it launched, and while I enjoyed it… it always felt like it was missing something. ¬†Apparently October of last year an expansion released that added in pretty much all of the features that I am finding myself enjoying now. ¬†Additionally the game just works better with a controller than it ever did with a keyboard and mouse and while I returned primarily on the PS4… I am also dipping my toes back into the PC experience as well. ¬†Both are extremely fun and I am not entirely sure how long I will be splitting time before I officially pick one platform. ¬†Whatever the case if you have ever played this game I highly suggest checking it out. ¬†It has some issues… namely you are limited to three classes at the start with no clear path to add new ones. ¬†However each of the classes is doing something somewhat unique which makes them more enjoyable than the standard Tank, Mage and Healer that they represent.

Star Wars the Old Republic


There are two things that are shocking about this game gracing my list. ¬†Firstly that apparently I never actually made a “now playing” widget for it, and secondly… that I am back playing it again. ¬†I blame a sequence of nostalgic events happening at exactly the same time… ¬†all of the hype about the next Star Wars movie, the love of Rogue One, and my deep enjoyment of Mass Effect Andromeda has lead to an upwelling of love for both Bioware and Star Wars. ¬†As a result I have returned to an old mission, which is trying to level through all of the class stories.¬†¬†I managed to finish off the Sith Sorcerer and am now through Hoth so far in the Imperial Agent. ¬†It seems as though I picked one of the best storylines for last, and even though I am not traditionally a stealthy/shooty type class… ¬†there is something extremely awesome about this one. ¬†I largely went Sniper because my Smuggler on the other side of the fence is Sawbones/Healer. ¬†I am having a blast right now, so I am going to ride the enjoyment until it lasts. ¬†The goal is to push forward into the story I have not touched on my Jedi Knight main after finishing the Agent story… ¬†which involves Shadow of Revan, Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne.

Horizon Zero Dawn


I do not normally put many single player games on the regularly playing list, but we have this sequence of amazing ones being released in short order. ¬†One of those is Horizon Zero Dawn, which is a game that I hit hard at launch… and then for whatever release lost momentum to Mass Effect Andromeda. ¬†As a result I have been slowly playing it here and there as time and desire allows. ¬†I could force myself through the story, but I want to play it when I want to play it… and that is right now involving the occasional hour long session of hunting giant robot dinosaurs rather than pushing forward the main story. ¬†I am still very much enjoying the game, but I need to find some catalyst that really gets me back into it and dying to play the next chapter. ¬†In the mean time however I am still enjoying the “bowplay” if I can coin that term.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


This is very much another “as desire hits me” sort of experience. ¬†When the game came out I picked it up on the Wii U and in the time between then and now I have managed to pick up a switch effecting starting back at square one. ¬†This stalled my progress a little bit but for the most part I have returned to where I left in the Wii U and am once again moving forward. ¬†I have designs on starting to take this to work and playing a little over lunch and on break times. ¬†While I have the switch I really have not done a lot of handheld play with it remaining largely docked upstairs so I can play it with the pro controller. ¬†It is a great game and in spite of having a lot of things that frustrate me about the game… is yet another in a long list of titles contending for my game of the year bid.

To Those Departing

World of Warcraft

While I still have an active account, I am just not really playing at all.  I logged in shortly after the last patch and got bored and logged out again.  I fell off the raiding bandwagon about halfway through Nighthold, and honestly just sort of reached the point I have in so many other expansions.  I think in theory I could come back and play casually and enjoy the experience but there are just simply too many other things I would rather be playing right now.  So as a result this is going to find its way off my side bar, but I did have the forethought to simply comment it out rather than remove it because I am sure at some point around Blizzcon time I will get hit by the bug once more.


Much like with Nightmare Tide… I just failed to gain traction with the latest expansion the Starfall Prophecy. ¬†A large part of my struggle with Rift is that I can never seem to find a warrior spec that I really like anymore. ¬†What I ultimately want is a juggernaut for doing PVE/Leveling content that can burn through the mobs with nonexistent downtime. ¬†If I ever find that spec again I will return to the game and happily finish up leveling. ¬†The other huge struggle is that the game lacks a reliable current font of knowledge. ¬†The forums in theory have a lot of the information but it is this blend of current information and ancient and no longer reliable, and I just lack the mental fortitude to sift through it. ¬†I am hoping that after writing this… Muspel or PK will come to the rescue once again with a viable Warrior build like they have in the past. ¬†The other huge challenge with Rift is the fact that none of my gaming infrastructure is playing the game, nor do any of my regular suspects have any interest in the game at this point.


It hurts more than a little bit to be adding this game to this space on my list. ¬†The truth is I am just not playing it right now and I don’t see that changing for the foreseeable future. ¬†I have too many other games fighting for my attention, and while I absolutely know I will be returning with Destiny 2… ¬†the amount of stuff that I can do solo or want to so solo is pretty limited. ¬†At this point it feels like I would be working towards something that is ultimately going to disappear. ¬†I also have a lot of questions because as it is right now… I am looking at making the leap to PC from PS4 for the second game… and I am not sure what if anything might transfer.

Guild Wars 2

Adding this one to the list really doesn’t take a lot of effort. ¬†I was only into this game so long as some of my friends were actively playing it. ¬†Once Tam and Ash and Kodra faded away… so did I. ¬†It is still not my favorite game but I have developed a certain appreciation for it. ¬†Most of what it is doing however isn’t really all that interesting to me. ¬†I largely got to play along with my friends only because I had maxed out my Warrior soloing for ages without them. ¬†He was geared and ready to go… and will still be there if it ever has a resurgence. ¬†Much like Warframe this is a game that was not ultimately for me… ¬†but somewhat enjoyable so long as I was playing with friends.





Twitter GOTY “Poll”

TheSecretWorld 2013-08-20 23-32-51-84

Last night was a bit of a rough night, because we had a massive storm blow through. ¬†A side effect of the storm was the fact that about 11:30 my wife woke up on the couch because something dripped on her foot. ¬†In the middle of our living room, dripping from one of the beams was a slow trickle of water. ¬†At that point there really isn’t much to do other than put down a towel and a bucket and hope it stops. ¬†However that sort of ruined any thoughts of a really solid nights sleep. ¬†This morning I had originally intended on writing about a rather hamfisted absurdist article that is making its way through my twitter circle, but in truth I am simply going to not deal with that today. ¬†It reminded me of conversations that myself and Tamrielo have on a regular basis… but I also wanted to approach the topic with more grace than I probably have in me right now. ¬†So instead I am going to answer a twitter poll in blog form.

While technically not a poll, it is definitely a thing that I thought looked interesting so this morning instead of tearing into discussions that I don’t really want to get into… ¬†I started thinking back upon various years and trying to determine the games that mattered the most to me during that time. ¬†Also I may or may not be applying a little “in retrospect” to a few of these choices, but that is also ultimately my prerogative. ¬†I limited myself to only picking games released during a specific calendar year, but in many cases the true impact the game had happened much later.

2012:  The Secret World

TheSecretWorld 2013-08-20 23-32-51-84

I really cannot say enough good about this game… from the perspective of someone just starting out playing it. ¬†I’ve said an awful lot about this game over the years in three pages worth of blog posts… and probably some others that I failed to categorize correctly. ¬†This often makes my “best games I am not playing” list whenever I compile one. ¬†Functionally there are two vastly different game experiences… ¬†the leveling game when you are digging through the story and trying to solve the mysteries of the world… ¬†and the end game where you lose all creative freedom that you had while leveling. ¬†The first game is phenomenal and something that I feel everyone should experience at least once. ¬†The later… ¬†is ultimately what caused us to quit and keeps me from reattaching to the game for any length of time. ¬†However that said the ride is well worth it, and the game has some of the more interesting dungeons in MMOdom… ¬†until you reach nightmare levels where everything sort of falls apart. ¬†I am really looking forward to the re-release of the game under the Secret World Legends name… and hoping beyond hope that they can give me an experience to latch onto with both hands.

2013:  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


The impact this game has had on me and my friends is immeasurable. ¬†Largely because it gave us a common ground in the form of an MMO experience that we all care about. ¬†More than anything however it knows how to tell story in and interesting and serialized fashion, where the story arc from one expansion sets up the key players for the next. ¬†This is also the only MMO that has ever sufficiently pulled off a surprise plot twist, and has done so many times…. and been willing to assault structures that I assumed were fixed and sacred to the game itself. ¬†From August onwards in 2013… ¬†my life pretty much belonged to Final Fantasy XIV until we slowly petered out when we ran out of things we were capable of doing. ¬†However we came back and had a renaissance with the game that has continued to the present times with this still being the game we can all sort of agree on.

2014: Destiny

RemotePlay 2016-05-13 06-08-29-84

This is another game that realized its ultimate impact on me long after the year it actually released in. ¬†Destiny is a really important game to me for a whole lot of reasons. ¬†Firstly it has amazing moment to moment gameplay and it is hands down the best feeling shooter I have ever played. ¬†From the moment I heard about the world and the setting I was completely sold… and in truth this is the game that pushed me to buy my way into the current console generation. ¬†I got my PS4 console the week the first PlayStation exclusive alpha was happening, and the little I played of it hooked me extremely hard on the concept. ¬†Year one had a lot of problems, and I¬†sort of picked at it like you might pick at the remains of a meal you know you are done with… ¬†but just keep nibbling on. ¬†I did return to paying regularly towards the tail end of the first year, so that I was primed and ready for the launch of The Taken King. ¬†From Year Two on however I have been a dedicated acolyte of the world, and own it for both PS4 and Xbox One… ¬†and am contemplating making the leap to PC version with the launch of Destiny 2. ¬†The game still has some narrative problems, but it does not stop me one bit from enjoying it.

2015: Fallout 4

Fallout4 2015-11-10 18-58-40-01

I love Fallout as a franchise. ¬†I still remember saving up the cash to buy the first one when we were in college, and I was completely hooked. ¬†I am not old school enough to remember Wasteland fondly, but I have always been a fan of the whole post apocalyptic nukepunk genre. ¬†So while I am listing this as my game for 2015… ¬†it is a hype cycle that began long before and continues long after. ¬†This is still the game I boot up when I am in a specific mood. ¬†Similarly I have played Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas countless times, and Fallout 4 simply replaces those in succession. ¬†This game is proof to me at least that I care far more about systems, and gameplay… ¬†than I really do about the main narrative in a game. ¬†In fact the only reason why I probably beat this game is because we chose this as our November/December AggroChat game club game for the tail end of 2015. ¬†I would probably still be avoiding the main story… and still off on my own having adventures in my head…. ¬†which is in truth my preferred method of playing a game. ¬†Just talking about the game has given me this huge urge to boot it up… ¬†right now… ¬†which would be a horrible idea considering I have to go to work.

2016: World of Warcraft: Legion


I have to give a lot of credit here to World of Warcraft and the rebirth of the game that happened with the launch of the Legion expansion. ¬†They took a game I thought I no longer really cared about, and was legitimately done caring about…. and turned it into an experience that I rabidly played. ¬†I even managed to return to raiding and didn’t check out this time until we were a few bosses into Nighthold… ¬†which is in truth way longer than I lasted in Draenor. ¬†I’ve reached this point where I am not really playing the game or following it now… but the transformation that took place should nonetheless be honored. ¬†They tried a whole bunch of new ideas that they admittedly borrowed from other games… but wove it together in a fashion that felt new and fresh. ¬†Similarly I feel like it has to be said that they have done and continue to do a great job of managing patch cycles. ¬†They finally broke the “three and done” mold that had happened with Pandaria and Draenor and by all accounts are still releasing interesting content. ¬†I know at some point I will return and at the very least finish out the Legion flight meta achievement, but for the time being I am simply not forcing myself to play a game I am not super into. ¬†Legion however is probably going to go down in history for me as their best expansion… ¬†toppling what was previously my current favorite Wrath of the Lich King.


So now that I have given you mine… what are yours? ¬†Feel free to post them in the comments section here… or join in the twitter poll. ¬†I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.





Falling Crows and Ghost Moose



This weekend I largely set out to do one sequence of things… but instead of actually accomplishes it I spend a good chunk of the weekend piddling around in the Palace of the Dead. ¬†For those keeping score at home I am on a mission to get all of my classes to 50. ¬†Last week I pushed Summoner/Scholar and Black Mage and as a result this weekend I started in on my Dark Knight in an attempt to shift things up a bit. ¬†Originally I was not super keep in Dark Knight as a tanking class, but I have to say after having played a lot of it during this grind it is definitely growing on me. ¬†Last night while watching Talking Dead I managed to hit level 46 which means I have roughly 8 more runs of floors 51-60 before pushing this class to 50 as well. ¬†Up until around 42 I seemed to still be getting most of a level every single trip into the dungeon, but at that point it shifted to getting roughly half of a level so I guess that is something to note as you push your own characters. ¬†After the Dark Knight I am more than likely going to start up with the Ninja given that it is my next highest class sitting at 38. ¬†That will leave Monk, Astrologian and Machinist… ¬†the later two I still have yet to even accept the introductory quests. ¬†In part I am focused on the goal of 50, because up until that point the levels in PotD seem completely reasonable. ¬†The 50-60 grind however seems to take almost as much time as the 1-50 does, so in theory… ¬†when I actually pick up doing that side of the equation I will begin with my Bard who is already sitting at level 55.


In other weird weekend news… I apparently am now in the Crowfall pre-alpha? ¬†I talked a bit about it on AggroChat this week, if you are interested in more of my thoughts. ¬†Normally I would be posting a “Crowfall Impressions” post, because that seems to be the sort of thing I do when I get my hands on a new game. ¬†Unfortunately I am not really sure if I have a full post worth of feelings about the game. ¬†It is very alpha for start, so it feels like it isn’t exactly fair to really give the game anything resembling a review. ¬†That said… they are doing an alpha with zero NDA so I feel completely free to at least talk a little about the game. ¬†As I described it to my friends… ¬†Crowfall is in fact a piece of software that I installed and that offers the ability to¬†launch when I click in the patcher. ¬†Past that I am not exactly sure what is going on in the game, and I am not really sure that I felt anything close to fun during the hour and a half that I spent grinding away to make a basic set of armor and weapons. ¬†It doesn’t really feel like there is much game yet, and maybe the murder box that is the PVP servers are more enjoyable. ¬†However based on the apparently cross shard server chat, it sounds like there is just a lot of spawn camping and ganking going on there. ¬†The big challenge I had was that there was simply not much to actually fight in the PVE server, and when I did find a boar or a bizarre crystalline cat my hud would lock up on loot allowing other players to come swoop in and harvest the leather and meat on the thing I just killed. ¬†Right now the game feels less fleshed out than Landmark did when it opened its doors to early access. ¬†It feels like it is trying to do a lot of things but I am not entirely certain if those things blend all that well.


Now in the “I want my Sunday back” territory… ¬†I logged in yesterday morning to work on my Archaeology questline in World of Warcraft. ¬†Of note… it has been 181 days since the launch of Legion according to the handy google “days since” query ability. ¬†The last two weeks have been the very first occasion to actually complete the Laying to Rest archaeology quest that rewards the Spirit of Echero mount. ¬†The last thing I really wanted to do was go grind arch nodes until I collected 600 moose bones… ¬†but then again I thought to myself if I ever wanted this mount I should probably do it now, since who the hell knows when it will be available again. ¬†I am not really sure how long it took in minutes… but I started watching Sword Art Online again somewhere during the first 100 bones… and I was able to watch three episodes in their entirety and started the fourth before I collected number 600. ¬†It was a slog of a grind, and while I am happy it is done… ¬†it feels like maybe a waste of time given that I am never likely going to ride the mount anyways. ¬†I chock this one up to simple and honest fear of missing out… because if I didn’t get it there might be a version of myself someday that wishes I had. ¬†Regardless it is done, but the second I turned in the quest I stuck around long enough to take the above screenshot and then bolted quickly from the game. ¬†In other happenings at some point during the grind I hit 800 Archaeology so that was at least something cool that happened as well as finishing up the Handle With Care achievement.

Box of Spoons



I feel like I was given a box full of spoons. ¬†One of my friends said that awhile back and I had no clue what it meant at the time… ¬†but after some research… yeah I totally get it. ¬†I have been largely functioning on adrenaline and fear for the last several weeks as I had this big looming deadline swinging dangerously over my head. ¬†Yesterday however was the day… and we launched… ¬†and despite having a flurry of activity and a pretty active bug tracker we largely survived. ¬†We had a happy hour yesterday where our boss picked up the tab, and I cannot fully express how awesome it was that he did that… ¬†and even more so that I work with a group of people that I enjoy working with enough to go to happy hour. ¬†This site had a heavy toll on both myself and Rae who has been the mastermind of its design. ¬†By the time we sat down at the pub… ¬†I felt like I had several weeks worth of tired crashing down upon my shoulders. ¬†Last night I flailed about a bit trying to play various games… and even succeeding in doing a few delves in Elder Scrolls Online. ¬†However before long I was back to staring blankly at my laptop and decided it was time for sleep. ¬†I slept better than I have slept in a long time… with my periods of waking up being replaced by dreams where I thought I woke up and did things. ¬†Apparently Kenzie was going nuts and it woke my wife up… but I seemingly was blissfully unaware.


We still have a hefty list of things to sort out, and bugs to fix… ¬†however they all seem so much less significant than the overarching goal of launching. ¬†The chief content provider remarked that launching a website was like giving birth, and given that she has a teenage daughter I am going to take her word for it. ¬†It is definitely like something, given that yesterday was the culmination of a few years worth of planning and a years worth of furious development and re-development and then ultimately trying to hop up and down on the trunk until the various components fit enough to close the lid. ¬†You always start out with these lofty pristine goals, and then as you start managing towards a date you have to sacrifice some of that naivety and start trying to focus on what actually works or will work well enough for the time being. ¬†I hate managing to a date… because it feels like you are doing development wrong, especially when you are doing something that you have never actually done before. ¬†I mean I have launched plenty of sites… ¬†but we essentially threw away most of our comfortable tools this time and launched out into a brand new direction that if we managed to pull it off was going to be amazing. ¬†What is also the hard part is this is the first time I was the one actually managing the timeline and making sure things were getting done. ¬†I would have been so screwed if like I said before… I didn’t have a really amazing group of people to work with.


The images you are seeing are not from my random screenshot tool, but I would forgive you if you thought that given that up until this point in today’s post I have not actually talked about gaming. ¬†Instead these are sort of post cards from the gaming that I did while in this state. ¬†I have been playing quite a bit of Elder Scrolls Online, because of the segmented nature of its questing allows me to get in… turn a single symbol on my map from black to white… and feel like I have accomplished something. ¬†I am still slowly pushing my way through Malabal Tor, but if I get a full day of questing this weekend I might be able to get through it. ¬†Last weekend during the AggroChat podcast I started working on my Warlock in World of Warcraft, and was shocked that it pretty much took the entire podcast to get through the intro scenario, artifact weapon, and class order hall quests. ¬†I really should have done what so many of my guildies did and chain ran all of my characters up to the point where they choose the first zone in Legion. ¬†In that intro scenario there were two of us… ¬†which made it take significantly longer than it was intended. ¬†As a result they maybe need to scale that back given that we are reaching a point where no one is running it. ¬†Finally at some point over the last week I participated in all four turns of the third section of Alexander and man… ¬†is that a thing. ¬†I greatly enjoyed the fights so much more than I did the middle section of Alexander, because Voltron sorta broke me. ¬†The final boss was sufficiently epic, and both 9 and 12 required a bunch of attempts to finally push through it. ¬†I rolled lucky and managed to get two helm tokens and two of the four needed pants tokens… so I guess I will be wanting to run more of this? ¬†It was a lot of fun, but was sort of dulled by the stupored state of being in constant stress mode. ¬†I am looking forward to feeling like I can actually enjoy the world once more.